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Bavarian Nordic A/S (BVNKF)

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  • M
    Now looking to offload some work to a US third party as they cannot keep up. Man, I wish I knew which company...triple digit profits when that happens.
  • G
    Job openings listed on home page
    Company is doing a lot of hiring with beginning dates in August and September.
  • m
    Paul Chaplin, President and CEO of Bavarian Nordic said: “We have been working diligently since the beginning of the monkeypox outbreak to expand our manufacturing capacity and the agreement with GRAM is an important step. With this agreement we will significantly expand our manufacturing capabilities into the United States allowing Bavarian Nordic to meet the growing worldwide demand.”
  • m
    Bavarian Nordic Expands Capacity with U.S. Contract Manufacturer for Filling of Smallpox/Monkeypox Vaccines
  • H
    Monkeypox vaccine is in huge need. Everybody is eager to be injected, while its production is very slow. Why no bigger company such PFE, or JNJ, wants to do cooperation with BVNRY to enlarge its manufacture?
  • P
    Bloomberg has a story this am: 9 months till a coproduction deal can yield vaccine. They won't let me post the text.
  • S
    Bavarian Nord have now said they cannot supply anymore Vaccines as they are shutting the plant until
    they upgrade it. So no Vaccines coming.
  • G
    Not sure why company did not report the new July 25 HHS one billion dollar deal contract.
    HHS contracted to acquire an additional billion dollars woth of Jynneos, that is beyond the $873 million order BARDA has in place
    When working with government agencies there is so much red tape? Also continues to announce other orders where the buying is from an "unnamed" country.

    Biggest question is how much Bavarian Nordic will be able to disclose at the earnings call in a few days. I get 10X more valuable info from posters that dig up this information.
  • e
    Why does this stock move like a slow turtle 🐢? It should be like a rocket 🚀 ship
    Anybody ??
  • M
    Dog infected with monkeypox prompts isolation warning
  • D
    Yes the cannot make vaccine as fast as they need them! Usa knows there not enough vaccine that why they are only using a single dose. Ceo Chaplin said that not the guildline you need the second one or it won't work. Hss and fda more or less said will give the vaccine the way we want and Chaplin said ok we won't sell to you they can't even keep up with order they have. fyi one shot is not going to work be careful
  • G
    I'm guessing Jynneos is a very effective drug at full dose. Expecting to see a bending of the curve in new cases in the most recent outbreak. Also think those 1/5 doses will be asked to return for a 2 course full strength vaccination.
    Also expect the smallpox vaccinated folks to see a recommendation for a booster shot. (Spain; 32 of the 181 patients had previously received a childhood vaccination against smallpox contracted MPX)
  • W
    The US has raised its limit on the amount of money it can spend on jynneos vaccine from 871 million to 1 billion. It has already spent 675 million. At about $10.00 per dose that means the US with about 5% of the world population is prepared to order 35 million more doses in addition to what it has on hand.If the rest of the world orders even a quarter as much based on population that could mean another 150 million doses. With either hefty operating margins or licensing agreements the profits to this 3 billion market cap in the next couple years could approach $300-400 million/year with future steady income if the virus remains endemic.
  • d
    Bvnry started to lead the move. It is interesting. The mm smell something?
  • C
    Forgot what the color green looks like
  • A
    Why the stock price is going down???
  • m
    If US govt 1 billion for tech transfer, what will be stock price?
  • a
    If they split the dose then raise the price accordingly.
  • G
    UK supplies of monkeypox vaccine in danger of running out this month
    NHS warns higher than expected demand leaves it facing acute shortages until shipments in late September

    * Demand has been far greater than expected. Bavarian Nordic needs to respond with 24/7 production so that patients can get both doses at full strength. Bizarre attitude by management to resist.
  • C
    Crazy Horse
    Other countries are going to want the monkey vaccine and this is only 1 of 3 companies that make it in the world.. That's why I bought today and went big.