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Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND)

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110.72-8.32 (-6.99%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • K
    What a relentless sell off. Today is the 5th day BYND has been in deep Red. 7.5 Million shares , 6% drop .
  • B
    Conference call was positive in my opinion, looking forward to the future with this stock.
  • K
    Short sellers in total control.
  • T
    T O
    Why didn't i sell at 190?!
  • m
    Beyond Meat® will be McDonald's preferred supplier for the patty in the McPlant®, a new plant-based burger being tested in select McDonald's markets globally.
  • f
    Looks like a failed recovery. This will move lower, unfortunately.
  • W
    White Walker
    So many comments not funded by a logical base. Ofcourse the stock is overrated based on current fundamentals. But Beyond has the early movers advantage like Tesla in it's day. on top of that, it signed partnerships with all important distributors. It is expanding strategically in Europe and Asia. And they succeeded in transformating the business from mainly food service driven into well diversified with retail. Even in during the pandemic sales growth is the case. With the potential of the fake meat market and worldwide consumers being more and more open to vegetarianism, I do not understand why people aren't piling up stock big time right now. It's what I'm doing and will be doing for the next 20 years. So long shorters. c u with your pants down in a few years.
  • X
    In reality, this is not a real vegan nutritious food. It is so overly processed with salt and other preservatives that it negates the real value of the plant product that they put in..... you might just as well buy the real burger. This is juts another hype product that nobody really likes the taste.
  • S
    My average is $145 and I'm a little reluctant to average down right now simply because the whole market is crazy and everything could keep going down. I will wait to see what happens, hopefully it will go up but if it goes down some more I will definitely buy more. I believe in this company and once the pandemic cools down their numbers will soar because they have so many huge deals. Everyone I know loves Beyond Meat and more and more people are moving away from red meat due to health and also animal cruelty. The future is vegan.
  • M
    Over a $100 a share? Who buys this product? I have never witnessed anyone near this product in our area, and the display is always full and untouched. Manipulation for sure, but congrats at this price...
  • m
    Retail sales up
  • D
    Buy today or wait?
  • G
    veggie burgers are not natural. It gives me a stomach ache. It is not natural to consume over processed anything. Stay healthy and eat vegetables in the raw form.
  • M
    You thought 117 was the dip! Then 97 is coming tmr!
  • E
    As a vegan, I don’t buy beyond products as their past innovations have been caught up by many others. In Europe, there are many other price/quality products especially from Nestle that Beyond has been unable to compete. This stock price is very unreal in market standards.
  • X
    BYND is not a good company to invest your money. Better investing to tyson, smithfield, perdue, hormel big companies with deep pockets that develops plant base food. Otherwise, a startup with a lot of competition is not a smart way to do it. To be honest, BYND is just a $50 stock
  • a
    A variety of bynd is in my grocery store. It is beautifully placed in a case next to real meat. I tried the burger. I classify this as buy once to try No way will I eat this again. It is my opinion that they need to work on their formulation. It reminds me of the dog food commercial where they say they spray the meat flavor on. However, some people love it.
  • C
    So I’m assuming the market is calling for a big miss on beyond since it dropped 12% in a week
  • F
    In January, I had sell orders for all my BYND holdings @ 221 and 205 and both orders did not fill. I held thinking it would circle back. I guess all those expansion PRs are meaningless
  • R
    Holding TTCF also. Love the financials. Beyond will be fine.