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Carnival Corporation (CCL)

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After hours: 07:59PM EDT

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    I think I'm blessed because if not I wouldn't have met someone who is as spectacular as expert Mrs Katarina J Maxwell.
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    Who owns CCL?
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    Seriously, shorts should cover buy before this stock goes back to 9s or 10s
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    This WILL probably be trading with a "Q" in the ticker within DAYS!
    MB's mentioning DELISTING SOON, Beginning of the probable BANKRUPTCY filing.
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    There's literally next to zero chance of this company filing bankruptcy (another pandemic, Fed rate of 12%, some other once in a lifetime event...a meteor hitting earth). The multiple personalities on this board suggesting BK are clueless. In case they missed it I will say it again: They are clueless. Of the $34B of debt $25B is unsecured. Unsecured so they have nothing but CCL's ability to repay that debt backing up $25B. As one of those multiple personalities likes to say, read the 10Q. One poster made the valid point, and I'm paraphrasing, "if you owe the bank $1,000 that's your problem. If you owe them $25B that's their problem"

    Those folks owed $25B would more than likely be wiped out in a BK. So when someone owes you $25B and can't pay what do you do? Loan them more money of course.

    They have $1B due this quarter, $2.4B due next year (they'll push some of that down the road), and pay around $1.6B in annual interest. They'll cash flow $3B+ next year and have $7B+ in liquidity today, so $10B. They have covenants so they can't use all of that cash but they'll have plenty to get over the hump.

    These posters refer to BK like it is a smooth process, but it is far from smooth. Even a pre-packaged BK is hairy, but given an almost total wipeout of 75% of the debt this would never be pre-packaged. BK puts your future in the hands of the court and the creditor committee(s). No debt holder wants that.

    Putting the "never going to happen" aside, the company is doing well. They're spinning up a large operation and need to sell tickets with very little notice. Another ship coming on line in 60 days, let's sell as many tickets as we can. So they are in short-term "fill the boat" mode as variable cost are minimal ($101.50/ALBD, in their financial release), while at the same time doing their normal "sell future cruise tickets," which they are doing at higher rates than 2019. They mention numerous times on their conference call that they are selling short-term tickets "opaquely," meaning those big discounts are probably going to their most loyal cruisers through targeted marketing and possibly through cruise specialist travel agents. They're taking care of those that will take care of them in the future, and burning through the FCCs on their books.

    They were at 84% occupancy last quarter and expect the same number of passengers this quarter. Occupancy ratio will drop because they'll have more ships online, stating they'd be at 100% of ships operational in Q4. They expect another small loss for the quarter and profits for next year look as if they could be a record.

    Their CEO was formerly their treasurer, so he knows how to manage the Balance Sheet. It would not surprise me if they did another equity raise, but that would be dependent on share price. At this point their focus is on maximizing pricing, filling the ships, and shoring up the Balance Sheet: Not on equity holders. They'll take care of the shareholders in 2024 and beyond.

    So CCL is a long-term investment, if you are a holding type investor. If you think it's at the bottom it's probably a good time to get in. If you think it could go down from here than wait for your price. If you like to time the market good luck; you did well two days ago and got slammed today. But I know those multiple personality "geniuses" are long on the up days and short on the down days. Kinda weird they're on a Yahoo board and not leading the team at their hedge fund:-)

    Take a look at the executive team and their brand leaders. All superstars. Do I think I'm making $ on CCL in 2022? Nope (do you know a sure thing for 2022...let me know). Do I think I'll make $ on CCL in 2023? Maybe, but I'm not counting on it (you know a sure thing for 2023?...the 13 year bull run, when anybody with a dart board could make $, is over folks). Do I think buying CCL today is a good long-term investment....hell yea, and I'm a long-term investor.

    Long or short, good luck to you but if you're betting this baby is going BK you'll be a loser for sure.
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    Brutal as I was born and raised in Miami and watched this company grow. Their market cap today is under $10B. They have over $35B in debt. They must sit down with their creditors and renegotiate their debt like yesterday. I think they can do it IF the creditors agree. It is way to much debt and leverage here. If that is not enough rates are going up on that debt. It is a tough call but that is soooo much debt that they have had to incur. They also issued like 1 billion shares in dilution. Great stock for gamblers. I say they somehow make it but at what cost to shareholders at the end of the day. Serious dilution...
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    Carnival has NO near-term liquidity concerns, and is a safe easy cash-generating stock at these levels. But beware, if you use it for steady call income, your shares will eventually get called away when there’s a large accelerant.

    So you have to decide: do you want to hold and wait for a big move? Or do you want to make weekly income with it but miss out on the big rise?

    Either way, downside risk is minimal. And you don’t have to pay 30% borrow fees like the shorts do.!!!
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    Price is still lower than it dropped during the pandemic crash, plenty of recovery room to book some profits
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    The Rainmaker
    9 dollars by EOW
  • K
    Well I just picked up another 5000 shares. I’m really going to be retiring when this goes up to $100! Enjoy
  • K
    5.00 before Thanksgiving or before Christmas. Place your bets.
  • H
    Riddle me this AAA plus. If I sold yesterday under your advice and Michael’s advice how much money would have lost today if I had 10,000 shares? We don’t need your advice you’ve been proven wrong today. You’re right twice a year and wrong 363 other days
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    Stock goes up occasionally, delivering false hope and broken dreams to the dwindling shareholders. They should be commended for going down with the ship. Enjoy !
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    Let?s make one thing clear shorties when hertz in 2020 had rumblings of bankruptcy in May 31st and began filling chapter 11 it shot up from .69 and shot up to $7 dollars in 2 weeks and held for 2 days and then AMC had rumblings of bankruptcy in 2021 GME same thing and now #$%$ certainly feels like a short squeeze coming. This could very easily pop regardless of any rumblings.
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    This stock is so over sold. I loaded 3000 shares at $6.95. We are the level the the risk is so low seeing this back to over $10 is matter of couple weeks.
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    Why do so many people on this board care about my money?
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    Good morning everyone. Are you enjoying today's itinerary? I know I am.
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    30 year low???
    Was the ER really that bad????
    I understand that there is concern, but c'mon people.
    I was a buyer on Friday.
  • B
    The Take-Down will be swift and SEVERE!
    Company more or less failing to even function now.
    Probable BANKRUPTCY within days!