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Celsius Holdings, Inc. (CELH)

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71.38-1.91 (-2.61%)
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70.12 -1.26 (-1.77%)
After hours: 04:26PM EST
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  • P
    I find it funny how when CELH has bullish momentum yahoo finance decides to post stock upgrades. But when it gets beaten down they forget to update them. Kind of weird. 11/10/21 Argus raises target price to $101.00. and on 11/12/21 LTAM J Cohen reiterates buy with a price target of $113.50.
    Pull backs are healthy and good opportunity to add to your position if you missed the last run. At this point there sales growth rate hasn't slowed, they faced a quarter with added costs beyond their control with added can costs and supply disruptions which are already fading. Read the reports.
  • C
    Yeah people stop drinking energy drinks when there’s a new variant 😂 People are funny.
  • J
    I asked regional manager of VitaminShop how are the sales of Celsius drink compare to other drinks. He said " its become one of the most selling drinks they carry". I think the year over year growth shows that. It's at an downtrend at the moment but I'm adding my position and getting far dated option calls.

    Good luck everyone
  • m
    Celsius is now in Meijers (a Michigan high growth major store) in a stand-alone rack
  • P
    LTAM J Cohen after quarterly report issues buy rating with $110 price target.
    these were short term added costs this quarter with revenues still exploding. if you don't think this stocks market cap can get to MNST then you haven't been following CELHs revenues
  • j
    Hate to be greedy, but just a dollar or two more down and loading up more shares. Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings us. Get the can supply normalized and production right and margins will improve greatly and growth remains strong. Then acquisitions or additional product development.
  • N
    It looks like CELH has had its run and it's time to buy ZVIA instead. They have the big soda manufacturers over a barrel. The other manufacturers continue to put aspartame in the diet sodas, despite it becoming a widely held belief by the general public that it causes cancer, brain damage, headaches, and everything else that is bad. Whether or not these claims are true is another story, but if the general public believes it then these companies need to adapt. Whenever I drink something with aspartame, I do notice that I'm not as mentally sharp and I get a headache. If the big companies remove aspartame, then it is an admission of guilt--which makes removing the aspartame even harder. They have let Zevia gain market share for the past 10 years, while their own sales of diet drinks have either remained stagnant or declined altogether. Gee, I wonder why. 🙄
    People are really tired of being poisoned and at the same time being told that they aren't being poisoned.

    Both right-wing and left-wing people will buy Zevia. Right-wing people believe that the soda manufacturers are run by Satanists that are deliberately trying to harm people and dumb down the population. Left-wing people--like the ones in Silicon Valley that think they are better than everyone else--are more into health than right-wing people. They likely view Zevia as a "woke" beverage and a healthier alternative. For the longest time, everyone has wanted a company like Zevia to come along.

    Even though a can of Zevia costs two to three times more than diet sodas with aspartame, people are willing to pay the extra money. A can of Zevia is still only half or a third the price of an energy drink. So, if one looks at it in that regard, they actually aren't that expensive. In addition, a 10 pack of Zevia cans is equivalent to the price of a smoothie at a Smoothie chain store. The other day, I bought a 24 oz smoothie and paid 10 dollars. I was thinking to myself, "I should have bought a 10 pack of Zevia cream soda instead."

    Sodas are extremely important and something that people are willing to spend money on. I typically spend between 50 to 100 dollars a week on Zevia drinks. I'm the type of guy that can go through four or five ten packs in a few days. I drink Zevia sodas the way heavy beer drinkers drink beer. My favorite drinks are the two different kinds of root beers; the cream soda; and the grape flavor.

    It's true that carbonated water drinks are very good but they aren't as good as carbonated sodas. Zevia makes it so I can basically drink something that tastes like regular A&W root beer without consuming any calories or damaging my brain. If I were to drink a regular A&W root beer, I would only be able to drink 1 or 2 and I would still blow up like a balloon. In contrast, I can drink an endless amount of Zevias without consuming any calories.

    So, look at the money that Zevia is getting from me every year. Do you think that some nonsense cloud computing company, Robinhood, or Duolingo are ever going to get this kind of money from me? No, they aren't and neither is any other company.

    Anyway, at 7.5 dollars a share, Zevia has a market cap of only 280 million dollars. They just made 40 million dollars in revenue in the last quarter and are growing between 20 and 30 percent a year. Within a year or two, I expect Zevia to have a market cap of between 5 to 10 billion, the same as CELH. This would put the stock around $100 a share.
  • D
    This is Wally manipulation. Either sell and take profits or ride it down buy more…nothing more then a opportunity for big boys to load up and then we climb back over next couple months
  • r
    Have we reached bottom? May double my position.
  • S
    I may add 1,000 shares to my portfolio... its a screaming buy at $77.76.
  • R
    CELH is a explosive growth stock and will rebound. CELH needs to hit on top and bottom or the stock gets hit. Hope a full recover back to highs before next earnings report. They are capturing market share and their distribution may differentiate them from the big guys.
  • m
    CELH up 46% from last quarter to this quarter suggests we are still in a very high growth pattern.
  • H
    The cost of rev is high for me but the key metric that matters, for me at least, is that huge increase in revenue. It tells me people like the product
  • U
    Unsophisticated Investor
    Seen this show before…. Everyone holds their breath into earnings hoping the huge climb wasn’t unwarranted. Once everything comes out half decent it will start climbing again, although I’m not sure how much higher than the 105-110 range this will go before the next ER.
  • A
    Buying opportunity. Company and products are solid.
  • M
    Celsius Holdings initiated with Buy, $95 target at Stifel
  • I
    Icky thumb
    this will at least double from here in the next 3 months
  • J
    JOHN D.
    Stock down in up market today. Everyone is waiting for earnings report and guidance. Maybe going to $200 in 2022.
  • D
    Looks like big boys will push this down for buy opportunity then big break out to $130 ..just enjoy the ride down then up
  • S
    typical manipulating day.... it was strange that this one didn't tank 10% yesterday with Earing and shorts out... now it tanks 10%.. everytime when it went up, something pushed the price down... The business is good and I am not worried... sure they miss the margin, but the growth is there...added a few at $87.5 and will buy more if it dropped to $78