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Comcast Corporation (CMCSA)

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42.13-0.71 (-1.66%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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After hours: 07:53PM EDT
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    Just saw CMCSA published on the daily alert watchlist at (
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    Why doesn't Comcast tell CNBC to restrict Cramer's appearances to just Mad Money and cancel his new investment club? The more Cramer talks and makes buy recommendations, the more retail investors lose money. If Cramer says BUY a stock, then you should sell if you own it, keep your cash, or buy puts.
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    Cramer just said on Squawk on the Street that "most stocks I follow have been cut in half." Cramer is wrong more often than not, and has cost a lot of the retail investors who follow him a ton of money. Whether he's talking about stocks, what to do about COVID, why we need more income redistribution by the government, or how to end the war in Ukraine....he's been wrong.
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    This is about to get news 🔮
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    New trader watchlist was published by these guys and it featured CMCSA. (
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    "Popular Mechanics
    A Missile Attack Sunk a Prized Russian Cruiser. So Are Surface Warships Obsolete Now?
    Kyle Mizokami
    Mon, May 9, 2022, 12:57 PM"

    IMO, the sinking of the "Moskva" was due to:

    -lack of honest info on what Russian sailors were sent for/opposing friends, relatives,....

    -poor morale, due to the just mentioned, poor supply,...

    -poor training

    -poor maintenance as found with Russian vehicles and aircraft

    -likely lack of "watch" stationed to look out for attacks


    There will always be losses of large ships as during WWII, but their are many new defences, radar, and other versions of, quickly scrambled aircraft with faster speed, more diverse armament, screening vessels with many of what I mentioned....
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    "Fox News
    Russia has signaled intent to end 'current phase' of invasion, cut losses with Kherson referendum: expert
    Peter Aitken
    Wed, May 11, 2022, 2:08 PM"

    I have a very minimal hope this is truthful, but have an extreme distrust of what putin puts out through his "gov't". Until he states and puts this on paper in another country where he is ready to allow himself to submit to the Hague's Court... Afterall, the "gov't" is just a mouthpiece for the autocrat/dictator, putin.
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    Russia says it will evacuate wounded Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal"

    The word evacuate is a Russian propaganda word. In saying they are "evacuating the wounded" to a Russian controlled area, they are likely going to do as with the agreed upon evacucation corridors and shoot the Ukrainian wounded on sight. Going to a Russian controlled area is not evacuation, it is surrender. I do agree their lives are important, but I doubt there is much medical care waiting from such a non-humanitarian Dictatorship.
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    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while CMCSA barley does anything at all.
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    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while CMCSA barley does anything at all.
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    Yahoo! has been so bad lately - especially the CMCSA board. I like using ( now instead for my daily research.
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    With CMCSA wireless up 32% YOY. Could this be viewed as a phone disrupter and the reason VZ and T are having so many problems?
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    "The Daily Beast
    Tucker Carlson After Mass Shooter Targets Black People: ‘All Lives Matter’
    William Vaillancourt
    Mon, May 16, 2022, 9:13 PM"

    I don't get "Replacement theory" as everyone but Indigenous people in the US have ancestors that were immigrants. So, carlson is saying we are replacing ourselves, inclusive of the latest citizens of the US? Isn't that what make the US great, a melting pot that actually learns from all immigrants and finds new foods (that are old to the new citizens), new workers, many doing work older US citizens don't want......
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    Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows
    “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” Justice Alito writes in an initial majority draft circulated inside the court.


    05/02/2022 08:32 PM EDT

    Updated: 05/03/2022 02:14 PM EDT"

    "General Welfare The concern of the government for the health, peace, morality, and safety of its citizens. Providing for the welfare of the general public is a basic goal of government. The preamble to the U.S. Constitution cites promotion of the general welfare as a primary reason for the creation of the Constitution."

    Too much literal interpretation is used to judge what the constitution means. The language itself has changed drastically since the writing. There needs to be use of the present meaning of word found in the constitution. After all: "
    What Was Healthcare Like in the 1800s?

    by Elaine G. Breslaw
    Elaine G. Breslaw is a visiting scholar at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and author of "Lotions, Potions, Pills, and Magic: Health Care in Early America."

    Nineteenth-century British depiction of a cholera outbreak. Credit: University of St. Andrews.
    Because it appeared in the midst of the ongoing debate over the workings of the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare,” my latest book, Lotions, Potions, Pills, and Magic: Health Care in Early America, received some surprising attention from the public. That curiosity is focused on connecting early health care with current issues. As all medical historians recognize, the differences in both treatments and delivery of heath care are a stark contrast with contemporary methods. But there are a few carry-overs in the ideas and behaviors of both medical personnel and the public toward health care. The continuity has some lessons to teach about the pitfalls of the American system.

    Before modern medicine, the understanding of disease and other bodily afflictions was based on ideas that were at least 2,000 years old but lacked any scientific basis. All people in the Western world, and not just medical personnel, assumed that disease was caused by an imbalance or disturbance within the body. A miasma (a foul odor in the air), or an evil spirit, or a contagious disease, or any number of outside influences could bring on that imbalance. The cure lay in eliminating those elements called humors by removing the offending substance through some bodily orifice -- the mouth, nose, rectum, or the skin -- using various drugs or by removing blood. Such were the major therapies that had prevailed in both orthodox medicine and folk practices for centuries. There was no understanding of germs invading the body or of mosquito vectors, or of fleas causing disease.

    During the colonial era, most American doctors were trained in Europe or had been apprenticed to those who had. They followed procedures that were universally acceptable and fairly moderate. Letting nature heal and the amelioration of symptoms had become hallmarks of the best trained. Most were educated men with elite status who could convey a sense of authority and competence because of their social class. Nonetheless, most people did not consult doctors, who charged high fees, relying mostly on home remedies, midwives, local folk healers, or in the case of African Americans, the obeah or conjurer. Such healers charged less and offered remedies that mimicked the orthodox. But all admired and respected the physician in the years before the Revolution."

    SCOTUS, literally using the State of Health Care (and overturning established SCOTUS decisions/Steris Decisis/....) from when the constitution was written (with no idea of what progress/innovations/discoveries/... would be made in the furture) is reprehensible if one reads the last quote above.

    "ABC News
    Senator brings up family's abortion story, as future of Roe v. Wade in jeopardy
    Wed, May 4, 2022, 5:37 PM
    Sen. Gary Peters was one of the first sitting U.S. senators to share a personal family abortion story and, with the future of Roe v. Wade in doubt, he told his story to ABC News Live to underscore how devastating the loss of legal abortion will be for the country.

    In the late 1980s, Peters' first wife, Heidi, had to undergo an abortion procedure after her water broke during her second trimester. Peters warned that if Roe v. Wade is overturned, following reports on a leaked Supreme Court draft ruling, it will have a devastating effect on women and families who go through similar life-and-death situations."
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    As I have stated. The majority of their customers would rather go hungry than lose cable/internet. Also the number 1 provider of fiber optics lit services in USA. that dividend also keeps coming.
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    "The Daily Beast
    Kremlin Tells Russians: Don’t Worry, This War Will ‘Make Your Lives Better’
    Allison Quinn
    Tue, May 17, 2022, 6:53 AM"

    He's right you know, many Russians will likely be dead from putins war and not be able to worry about anything anymore.
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    avg joe
    Dumped my comcast after 26 years...last month they raised my bill by $52 from $240 to $292. When I asked why they said some of my promotional pricing expired. 26 year customer...

    If that is how they treat their long term customers then they deserve to lose business.

    It is a shame too because they have the best products.
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    Comcast should go buy AMC Networks. It’s trading at 3.2 times earnings. Cash flow will pay for itself. Great bolt on and catalyst for the stock.
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    From Marketwatch: "‘People who appreciate and value their freedom do not stay quiet.’ Observing the war from afar, Ukrainians and Russians here in the U.S. recall life under Soviet rule
    Published: May 18, 2022 at 5:02 a.m. ET
    By Abdi Mohamed"