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Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (COPL.L)

LSE - LSE Delayed price. Currency in GBp (0.01 GBP)
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15.75-0.20 (-1.25%)
At close: 06:21PM BST

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  • J
    where is this s/p heading?
  • J
    President and CEO just bought 1 million shares.
  • C
    Has this stopped trading. 
  • M
    God this company and management team are a total bunch of jack a's. This stock just seems to go in one direction. Don't they need to start producing some value for their shareholders instead of just losing them money all the time.
  • s
    No overseas, no Canadian, just overpaid under performance.
  • C
    Who is still bag holding this.
  • C
    What happened to copl in uk index. It’s not listed anymore.
  • N
    So-I checked with TD Ameritrade because I am showing a daily gain of $1800 .Trouble is it has been stuck there at $1800 for days. On ZERO volume. They told me it hasnt traded since July 29. Confusing.
  • J
    you're all welcome, I sold on Monday for a loss so naturally it went up 36% since
  • f
    frank wood
    "I am making this statement to the markets as I am aware that we have a large number of
    private shareholders who may be influenced by certain groups or individuals with an agenda
    propagated by social media or other platforms to benefit themselves. I do though understand
    the disclosure with respect to financial accounts can be difficult to understand to some, but I
    am also well aware these disclosures can be easily manipulated by those who understand the
    inherent weaknesses of others in the market. I hope our clarification aids those stakeholders
    that have concerns resulting from the views and discussions on social media and internet chat
    forums. All stakeholders should know we have an experienced managerial, financial and
    technical team, and such the Company is more than confident in reiterating that we delivered
    on our 2021 objectives, and are well positioned to achieve our forthcoming plan in 2022. In
    addition, you should not discount our recent deep oil discovery which COPL will fully capitalize
    on as we are confident in our assessments. Again, 2021 has been a transformative year for
    the Company and we look to the future with renewed confidence. You will never hear this
    from "snake oil salesmen" dressed up as experts, commentors or prophets on our Company's
    business on social media or internet chat platforms due to their sole focus for their own
    nefarious personal gain."
  • S
    GOLDMAN: we expect the biggest jump in oil demand ever — a 5.2 mb/d rise over the next 6m, 50% larger than the next largest increase over that time frame since 2000 .. we see commodities rallying another 13.5% .., with oil reaching $80/bbl .. with risks to the upside.”
  •  ALI
    I reached out to COPL’s PR team to understand why they were not using this platform for news releases as i believe COPL is at a huge disadvantage on the CSE with no releases on YF... YF has 75mill active users monthly and surely some press releases on here could help bring some additional notice to the company.... anyways following was her response...

    I will check with my staff to see if Yahoo Finance is a possible platform for COPL and get back to you. Indeed YF is a well known and well used tool for investors. Thank you for your email.
    Kind Regards,
  • M
    Questrade charges an exorbitant amount of commission to buy this stock. Are there any suggestions of others with substantially less fee’s for trading here in Canada?
  • R
    Let me get this straight. This stock hasnt traded above 1c since 2018 and I bought shares 2 days ago... Talk about timing!!!!
  • J
    The inabilivty to file shows a weakness in this area. This, however doesn't translate into a weakness where the potential of the company operations are concerned. But it is an area of concern. I remain bullish as I think tha Atomic acquisition will prove profitable.
  • k
    A company with so much potential in current oil market yet doing so badly. Management?
  • m
    I tried figuring this out - but just can't seem to wrap my head around it - and yes - I obviously know nothing about the stock market - but maybe someone here might be so kind as to try to help me understand this?
    XOP.CN - at 0.015 CAD
    VELXF - at 0.0164 ( approx - 0.0206 CAD )
    COPL.L - at 0.38 GBX ( although it says BGp on the chart ? ) @ close on march 14 ( approx 0.006 CAD ) then jumped to 0.805 on March 29 ( approx - 0.0132 CAD ) and then halted trading for the financials to be completed - today the chart is back up and the price is 0.004 GBX ( approx 0.000066 CAD )
    I realize that COPL.L stock price is not accurate due to the halt and the current price is not accurate.
    My question is - if these three stock tickers are the same company - will buying or selling on one market affect the other 2 - and if so - how quickly would one expect to see the effect?
    Go ahead and bash the dummy asking the question - I don't care - but it would be nice if someone could answer the question for me. Thanks in advance