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Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP.TO)

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103.73+0.69 (+0.67%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • l
    one of my best investments. bought it around 13 years ago. excluding dividends, the stock price has increased for me 7X. best run railroad in north america because of hunter harrison. may he rest in peace.
  • B
    $80.00 USD has previously been resistance for CP. Is this time different? At least a very nice start to the week, 👍.
  • D
    DB C
    We are really priced for perfection here before earnings…..
    I’m not a market timer, but I might trim a little and buy some other blue chips that are still beat down.
    I’ll probably lose money, but that’s the game. Lol.
    Anyone adding or selling today?
  • B
    There we go…🚂, the $81.00 USD Price has been pierced today! I see the uptrend continuing on here. The technical setup has played out.
  • R
    I think $99 is a New Bottom
  • J
    How we looking on earnings?
  • B
    CP’s bullish Kumo Cloud Breakout continues on this week, ✅. This could result in significant upward price movement. Price last week moved into Bullish Territory, ✅.
  • B
    For anyone wanting to purchase CP shares. The major support level has proven to be $68.00 USD. I jumped ship from UNP little over a year ago. I’ll pay the foreign tax for owning these Canadian shares. CP outperforms UNP year after year!
  • B
    A wonderful week for CP shareholders. Firstly, that dividend pymt. on Monday, 7/25/22, ✔️.
    *Now, for some technical analysis. What happened this week with CP’s price action? A “very bullish” Kumo Cloud breakout to the upside✅. The “Kumo Twist” happened on Tuesday. The 9-day moving average is moving almost too fast now! It’s Okay CP, we are patient shareholders here. The MACD indicator has been signaling “Buy” since the last week in June 2022. *The RSI indicator broke through that overbought 70 value today, Friday. That could trigger those HFT’s to sell off? I for one will not. Look at $74.50 as Support. There is no resistance ahead, breaking through the Kumo Cloud shows us that, ✅.
  • W
    $93 buy $100.70 sell lol
  • D
    What is CP going to do to alleve congestion in Metra territory around Bensenville and Franklin Park including the IM trains that back up into Schiller Park?
  • j
    Fuel looks ugly i waited because of that 100 million dollar increase from Q1 in fuel but i wanna jump in i don't own any shares
  • G
    General Aladdin
    When should we have a final answer about the merger?
  • W
    Today is red day
  • V
    One of the best buy and holds
  • B
    Oh wow, UNP recently received an analyst Downgrade. CP is again being rewarded for efficiency. We’re having a nice price action to the upside week. I also believe next week we’ll receive our dividend payment, 👍. Thank you Team CP.
  • F
    Out at 103.12
    nice 15 percent.
    thanks for the ride CP
  • D
    Just over a month ago, I posted the National Post headline:
    "Port of Vancouver ranks among the worst in the world, according to World Bank report"

    Well, here's an update. The Port of Vancouver is now running ads on BC local TV touting how great and important and efficient it is.

    And that's why Canada is what it is: economic doormat.
  • D
    Feds in Ottawa now intend to audit the safety regulations of CP Rail...the statiscally safest railway in North America. Over an accident that happened several years ago, was already investigated ad nauseum, and was shown to be human error during extreme conditions.

    a) LIberals love to find more taxpayer work for party-friendly lawyers, judges and other stooges

    b) western Canadian companies are the Trudeau family's traditional favorite cannon fodder

    c) Canada is a backwards, self-loathing joke that enjoys crucifying private sector success stories rather than support or celebrate them. "Politics is the only important industry 'round here, pal".

    d) Persecuting CP Rail provides advantage to Quebec-based, politics-respectful CN Rail

    e) Ever since Lac Megantic --- the biggest, most successul cover-up of government incompetence in Cdn history --- beating up the railways has become the most wildly popular sideshow in Canada


    f) This provides a much needed "Look! Squirrel!" narrative for a scandal-riddled, grossly incompetent government, led now by a duet of completely business-hating dolts.
  • Z
    Please take a look at ticker ILUS as well - ILUS International: EVs, UAVs, Drones, Urban Mining and patented firefighting / safety technology. ILUS has increased their year over year revenue by 482 percent. They are uplisting in 2022. They have been profitable every quarter since inception. ILUS has a profitability rate of about 20 percent. They have just increased their 2022 revenue forecast from 40 million to 140 million. Please see Yahoo Finance for more details and news regarding ILUS. They are worth a look...