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  • J
    they reduced the staking rewards on Sunday, May 1st. 28 days of unbonding after May 1st would be May 29th. I think there will be a lot of selling on the 29th and 30th because of this. I would think a lot of unhappy people will be moving their CRO positions out of defi on these two days. I think it will drop a couple cents when this happens. Unfortunately, I don't think end of month will be kind for CRO.
  • W
    Fortune favors the brave.... Who Bought That Line!! Matt got paid and ran!!
  • L
    kinda feel like I missed the bottom at .16 time will tell I suppose.
  • C
    Ching bing dingo ling
    Cro finally has option to set buy/sell price.
  • Y
    Blackrock and Citadel borrowed 100K BTC from Gemini (it appears in
    their loan book). They swapped 25K of that BTC into UST; this was all
    done quietly in anticipation of the attack.
    When the time was right, they called up Do Kwon at Terra
    Foundation and said they wanted to sell a lot of BTC for UST. As it
    was a large trade they told him they didn't want to move the market
    and asked if he would like to buy their large block of BC at a
    discount for UST. Do Kwan took the bait. He gave them a huge
    chunk of UST, thus lowering the UST liquidity significantly. At that
    point, Blackrock/Citadel dumped all of the BC and UST causing
    massive slippage and triggering a cascade of forced selling in both
    assets. The real problem was Blackrock/Citadel knew that Anchor,
    which holds a lot of LUNA, was a Ponzi scheme (they offer 20%
    staking APY for Christsake) and this crash would trigger more
    withdrawals than Anchor can repay. These forced withdrawals and
    selling would trigger a massive selloff in Luna, thus further breaking
    the $1 peg and wrecking the market further.
    Blackrock and Citadel can now buy the BC back cheaply to repay
    the loan and pocket the difference. Meanwhile, billions of longs and
    Bitcoin VaR were wiped out.
    This was pure market manipulation which is the more reason I prefer crypto mining to just holding or trading and mining under Mrs Cindy Patty has been so much productive
  • T
    Glad I invested at 1$ best investment ever
  • C
    Ching bing dingo ling
    I’m up 1000% on Luna but can’t cash out. Lol
  • J
    How they gonna pay for the Lakers arena deal ??? Lol
  • G
    sold 500k cro in a few transactions around 18.5 a little while ago. Kept 117k which is unbonding for another 19 days. long journey finished up about 50% overall. No trust after cro clobbered earn rates and limits, then the whole rewards fiasco. will only go back in at .12ish. Hard to trust them after the barrage on rates and rewards recently..... Good luck to all, hope it goes back up for those holders out there.... ps. To Al - we didn't always agree but appreciated your chart skills.
  • J
  • M
    Closing in on 1 million coins at this level.
  • P
    Poorchard To
    if it's break support at 0.2 . (0.15 ) is the next lowest possible point
  • N
    The entire market, crypto and stocks are in a correction phase..the cutback on card awards did have an impact…obviously but this company is too big to fail. Trust me bro 😎
  • A
    They did not think about Cashflows when they did the marketing deals. Their entire treasure chest, deepleted
  • A
    Those who follow me for advice on this coin here on Yahoo: Landscape has changed. All formulas for future pricing is out the window. SEC doubles down on regulation.
  • C
    I dont know what people are talking about every altcoin just follows bitcoin so if bitcoin is crashing its only natural CRO will follow. The story has not changed at all you are just panicking after seeing red in your account.
  • L
    Well, here it is. Living proof that crypto is not sustainable during a recession.
  • R
    I bought another 8k CRO at $0.38 CAD ($0.30 USD). I’m very confident it will bounce back at least 15% today given the revisions in rewards. The revisions were undoubtedly necessary given the current state of the market.
  • W
    Satoshi Nakamoto white paper was wrong! Bitcoin is not a hedge against the financial system as it's noted this week...
  • T
    What is the deal why is this crashing?