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CryptocomCoin GBP (CRO-GBP)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in GBP
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0.2906-0.0535 (-15.54%)
As of 06:31PM UTC. Market open.
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  • n
    I couldn’t be happier with the daily emails I get from They give me the best daily advice based on stock market news and help me make wiser decisions when it comes to investing. An absolute must for any investor!
  • S
    Hang tight Longs.we all are here for the samething.To become rich someday. Not now ,not tomorrow, not next year or the year after.a true long holds for 3 years or more.this only the beginning.
  • B
    Bell Boy
    CRO is holding up well compared to most!!🚀
  • J
    CRO will come around. Patience
  • G
    hold the line above 40!
  • A
    I promise you .32 is the floor. That has become clear.

    It will not go lower than .32

    It will run 200% again late this year or next year, and slide above a $1 (it’ll be a struggle judging by last few months)

    After a $1 that’s the floor. From then on you’re riding a mature coin. $3.92 is the max as of today for the industry. If the crypto market triple, I can see $11.76 as a max max scenario (5% chance).

    Plan accordingly 👍
    Have a great weekend to those I care for 🤝
  • j
    Buy as much cro coin as u can... it’s gonna fly
  • L
    next week .55 cro usd
  • J
    This is one of the crypto coins that to me has actual value as its tied to a platform that everyone knows. There's advertisement for it as well... Why is it not yet a top 5 market cap? I think it will be!
  • a
    just upgraded
  • L
    big picture we were 12 cents cad 6 months ago. we still up huge.
  • j
    Strong buy best coin best moat
  • J
    Jay (JD)
    Patience guys this will sky rocket to 1$ within this month
    Keep buying and keep holding
  • L
    at least the hack only caused a two penny drop, still on track for 1$ eventually
  • M
    This thing should be $1-$2, just seems to low....will it ever pump? What is the target price EOY
  • F
    Soon $100
  • G
    I'm new to crypto, I have all of my CRO on CoinB***. I wish I would have just started on CRO's site. It appears that if I wanted to transfer all of my CRO to CRO's site there will be a fairly steep fee. Is this true? Any suggestions. Thanks.
  • S
    Thanks vvsf.
  • S
    VVSF just saying.
  • V
    U know how to make a million with cro buy 2 million worh