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    Check out the web site> CVS just listed 3 Happy Dance / Lord Jones products.. As indicated they are rolling out in 900 of the 9000 stores.. you'll see there are no reviews yet.. available delivery and limited stores play around with LA and San Diego to see a few stores carrying now.. I get this doesn't move the needle much, but maybe some on this board could use some cbd products.
  • k
    They had some interesting insights about CRON on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    When 80% of the Yahoo news articles are law firms looking to sue CRON you know you’ve hit the big time.
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    This Afternoon received an email reply from IR, responding to an email I sent roughly 3 says prior to expected Q reporting.. here is the reply verbatim... That information will be pressed released and on our website when the date has been determined.
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    UNLUCKY ☘️
    For the record, all of you should know that these lawyers have not filed anything against the company.

    They are ‘investigating’ hoping for a lead plaintiff.
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    Altria definitely will buy remaining shares of Crono's group. MJ beverages with THC infused at shopping grocery stores will be huge market. Monster drink with THC and CBD billions in sales daily. Safe banking act just a matter of days and not if but when. Shorts will scramble on Earnings and announcement guaranteed. Buying all that I can get at this low bargain price.
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    if government passes, is Cron have permission to sell in USA????
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    Hyper Inflation
    Right after Banking Bill passes, Altria Buyout offer ✊
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    UNLUCKY ☘️
    It would be nice to have the financials published next week. I am not sure why the management team needed 30+ days to resolve the valuation.
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    Cronos is positioned with a slice of MSO action. they threw 100 mill into PharmaCann ( retail stores aka Verilife) which used the money 1 month ago to buy Livwell. follow the $. they still have ~ 1 Bill to use. Still long bought more today.. nearing book value. Gingko CBGV medicinal value add coming soon. I think the synthetic THCA will blow out everyone. You get the THC with no munchies. who knows maybe doctors will prescribe for people fighting depression and eating disorder.. Schumer and 2 analysts creating a dump and scoop.
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    CAUTION this stock was manipulated against the timing of the 2021 Banking Act. This act makes legit Cannabis companies eligible for normal relations with banks. Such a thing demonstrates how the Congress and Senate will vote for legalization and that this step was a precursor. Its very much going to happen.
    Senate voted once, bill looks like it will pass. So the big guys had to cheat and drive the prices down down down to hurt investors. Now I see why Cron has to run fast and hard, when it turns. The slow slow slow downs are in unison with short covering. Making it easy for them. Stinks, right?
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    At Ginkgo Bioworks report on 3rd quarter 2021 results they stated Cronos successfully validated full target performance for a second cannabinoid molecule, CBGV. Two of the 8 cannabinoids have now been synthesized CBG and CBGV.
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    "indefinite-lived intangible assets in the Company’s U.S. reporting unit for impairment." While there seems to be an opportunity to write down $ impairments costs (possibly covid-related like many other companies), seems strange they never set an earnings release date and Call. They never responded to emails asking for release date as well. I am long, this is my 5th time back long.. this is my largest position so I am bias but it appears MO is buying a little time. The new Chief innovation officer, formerly with Altria Israel, is all about Vaping, MO now has 4 Vape devices patented.. its quite possible MO is close to a reorg involving JUUL and CRON. MO I believe has completely written off JUUL on paper losses. A reorg could also involve PMI. With Juul and Iqos problems the Cron Brands along with MO brands ( Marloboro etc,) may take the lead utilizing all others as production and distribution networks. Thoughts on Mega-deal?
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    Hope the report on 7/12 will give the first boost for changing this stock direction up.

    This company is earning, got good technical and fundumental parameters. The CANABIS is going for sure to get better legalization. No reason not going up.
  • H
    Hyper Inflation
    Cronos will be the market leader in Cannabis business in 2022. Buy buy ! DYODD.
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    Jimmy Ning
    The point are legal company have to pay a lot taxes but those illegal don’t ? That is why the cost high profit low
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    Taking bets on a complete Altria buy-out offer coming soon...
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    With sentiment perhaps as low as it can be, we think a big M&A deal could be in the works, with Altria potentially buying the remaining shares outstanding of Cronos Group. This is an idea we have been discussing with subscribers at our 420 Investor premium service for several months now, and we think it makes a great deal of sense. Predicting the timing of such a transaction, though, is always a challenge. Before we explain why we think this could happen next week, we will discuss the history and detail our rationale for the deal.

    It was almost three years ago that Altria announced its strategic investment into Cronos Group: Altria Buys 45% of Cronos Group for C$2.4 billion with Option to Take Controlling Stake

    The deal, which closed in March of 2019, infused the company with approximately US$1.8 billion, with Altria paying C$16.25 (about US$12), a price that was characterized as a 41.5% premium to the 10-day volume-weighted average price as of November 30, 2018. Altria also acquired warrants at C$19 that would give it majority ownership if exercised. Additionally, it took control of the Board of Directors. Altria made Cronos Group its exclusive partner for pursuing cannabis opportunities globally.

    Since the deal has closed, the companies have seemingly worked very well together, though both have seen their shares decline since the announcement:

    The warrants that Altria holds are now out of the money, as Cronos Group is trading at 65% below the C$19 exercise price, and they expire in just 16 months.

    Why the Deal Makes Sense

    We believe that Cronos Group is a good strategic fit for Altria, which continues to look beyond tobacco for growth. With a quarter remaining in 2021, Altria is expected to generate revenue of $21.6 billion, up just 4% from a year ago. Analysts currently forecast little or no top-line growth for the next several years. Over the past 5 years, it has seen revenue increase just 12%, though earnings growth has been a bit higher (9% compound annualized growth over 5 years).

    Cronos Group has followed a different path than most of its peers, pursuing an "asset-light" strategy. As of Q2, its entire investment in fixed assets was $193 million, and its inventory was less than $36 million. The company didn't overbuild for the Canadian market. Its cash balance was $1.1 billion at mid-year, with no debt whatsoever. Cronos Group has pursued an investment into cannabinoids produced by yeast fermentation and has been focused on markets outside of Canada, particularly Israel and the U.S., where it has CBD operations as well as a recent investment in an option to acquire a minority stake in MSO PharmaCann. It has also pursued investment into consumption device research.

    Altria has a market cap of $83 billion. Adding in net debt, the enterprise value is $108 billion. Cronos Group is quite small relative to Altria, with a market cap of $2 billion (less than 3% of Altria) and an enterprise value of $900 million roughly (less than 1% of Altria). Our point is that even paying a 75% premium for the equity of Cronos Group ($9.25) would cost the company $2.5 billion net of cash or less than 3% of its enterprise value. This is less than a single quarter of operating income for the company. The financial impact on its own P&L and balance sheet would be minimal. Since the company owns 156.6 million shares (42%) already, the actual cost to acquire the remainder of the company would be substantially lower. In fact, the $2 billion required to buy the remaining shares of Cronos at $9.25 would be $2 billion, which is less than the cash balance at Altria as of 9/30. Of course, a deal could be at a different price and could be stock-based rather than in cash. Our point is that this is rather insignificant financially to Altria.

    Because Altria owns less than half of Cronos Group, it doesn't consolidate the results in its financials. Instead, the financials reflect only the changes in the carrying value of the investment. The fact that Altria's investment has deteriorated is already reflected in its financials.

    With the stock price low, especially in light of a still tremendous cash balance relative to the market cap, buying Cronos is less about near-term financial benefits for Altria than doubling down on its strategic vision. The companies have worked closely now for almost three years, and we believe that Cronos Group is likely much more limited than the combined company would be in pursuing more deals like the PharmaCann transaction. Altria's larger size will allow a more aggressive investment into the American cannabis industry over the next few years. The original plan to acquire control of the company by exercising warrants is now at risk with the warrants way underwater and running out of time. Altria would be prudent, in our view, to rethink its position and buy the balance of Cronos Group now.

    A Potential Clue on th
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    used 1.2 billions cash shares buy back.