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    Wondering why Credit Suisse is still dead in the water? Let me help you out. The management has recently made a number of recent announcements about adding "risk management divisions" in order to cut down the screwups and improve their public image. This is B.S. They already had at least 3 risk management committees that all okayed the raping of XIV shareholders by: 1. flooding the market with more XIV shares than CS could safely hedge overnight without destabilizing the VIX futures, 2. front run the stock manipulation of the VIX futures index in after hours, by buying appropriate investment vehicles to make money as XIV collapsed (proves premeditation, aka scienter), and then 3. bring about the XIV collapse in just the first 15 minutes of after hours trading, of the XIV underlying indicator in order to trigger the 80% collapse threshold so that Credit Suisse could close down the $1.6 B XIV etn as planned, and not have to pay out all that money to shareholders, as they did with all of the other etn's in that same volatility family when they were closed down. But now, the supposedly honorable new Credit Suisse management, refuses to settle the XIV class action and pay back that $1.6 B to the XIV shareholders that they stole it from. So, CS is essentially talking out of both sides of their mouth at this point.
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    Got to love their 3rd qt earnings presentations. Everything is listed, "excluding significant items".
    Ha ha, this is equivalent to the "*" records at MLB.

    Why further confuse your delusional investors?
    Why didn't I select UBS instead of this rattle snake, six months ago?
    They have about 5 ongoing scandal's at any given time spanning the entire world:
    York and Archegos, Americas. Tuna Fishing: Mozambique. Greensill Capitol: UK.

    I am forgetting something else, probably something one of the new-hire wealth management team from China will deliver with vigor in the 4th quarter's earnings report.

    Oh yhea, the "pillsbury doughboy" mumbled something about dividends in 2022, post April board of director's meeting and review of 2021 financial statement. Dividends will be about 25% of the free cash flow.
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    Time for the end of year tax loss selling to cut this stock in half again. Ever since CS manipulated the VIX futures to crash their XIV etn in after hours trading on Feb. 5, 2018, CS stock has been in a free fall. Apparently, the investment community does not cow tow to blatant corruption and stock manipulation, despite the SEC not having the cahones to do anything about it.
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    CS + AABB / ALPP Top 2021 GAINERS.... Over 8K and 6K %.
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    When CS completes transformation into wealth manager (getting rid of investment and hedge fund funding part) then P/BV no longer stays in 0.5 range
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    CS is up 5.58% to 10.89
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    I am sick of all the spam on yahoo! I actually try to stay off of the CS message board now and exclusively use
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    time to buy for my opinion!
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    Is there a fundamental catalyst coming in soon, or is RS what the future holds?
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    Barclays letCredit Suisse at 'Overweight' CHF 12.50 = $ 13.60

    CS apparently shortly before US agreement in Mozambique affair

    London / Zurich (awp) - According to a media report, Credit Suisse is about to reach an agreement with the US government in the dispute over loans to the state of Mozambique. The talks between the US judiciary and the bank would include an agreement on a deferred prosecution agreement and a fine, writes "Bloomberg" on Tuesday, citing several people familiar with the matter.
    The agreement should be announced on Tuesday, it says in the article. Credit Suisse did not want to comment on the matter at the request of the AWP news agency.
    The deal would be the next chapter in a judicial marathon that has been going on for years. He would end the US criminal investigation into the role of CS in the $ 2 billion loan scandal in Mozambique.
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    So Quatar investment firm is selling 133M shares of CS?
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    Credit Suisse will thrive in 2022, see you above 20.
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    11/2: Is this is the pump before the dump? Its cool, you can tell me.
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    Of all the stock advice services I have used, I find ( to be one of the absolute best! Their advice is well researched, helpful, and up to date. I don’t know how I ever went about day trading without reading their newsletter first!
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    Credit Suisse Group AG = A Train Wreck.
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    Credit Suisse Downgrades Freeport-McMoRan to Underperform from Neutral, this #$%$ still working there
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    Do they still have a dividend? I don't keep up with this bank.
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    Mike T
    $5 target?
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    A $77 dollar stock goes to $10 ... would you trust your money to these clowns