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Carnival plc (CUK)

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  • R
    Can someone help me understand. Im pretty new to stocks so please be understanding. I bought CCL stocks after covid. It says dividend per share is $0.50 and dividend frequency is quarterly. Does that mean every 3 months it pays $.50 per share. Also it says its dividends were suspended due to the pandemic, so im guessing when things get more solid itll start back up. Could someone explain this a little more to me. Id greatly appreciate it.
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    Leaving on a cruise Saturday
  • L
    i dont know if it will go bankrupt, but i do know it will be next to mission impossible to pay its debt without some method to dilute shares, a lot of them.

    it could happen now, or IF the share price climb again with a rally for no actual reason. this will be painful, and with the current market condition that will either be high oil price OR recession, which are both really bad for ccl, i dont see how this could be a good bet, even with the current price, or even lower.

    IF this somehow got to 4 or 5 usd, i will spend 5 percent at most of my padfolio to GAMBLE for a rally of some sort, but i will know well that it will be a GAMBLE

    airlines are much safer bet if one wants to gamble on recovery theme, the dropped much less than cruises for a reason, they actually COULD payback debts with some luck.
  • j
    Pete Najarian (cnbc) announced he bought NCLH and CCL today.
  • S
    CCL is lifting covid testing requirements on some cruises. Hopefully in a short period of time, they will lift all covid testing and pick up all those sidelined customers who didn't or wouldn't get jabbed.
  • Z
    Same debt news over again over again. It must be a top pick for Morgan.
  • V
    We are not falling today! Cheers!
  • M
    I like this tidbit from the CCL press release for 2nd quarter earnings.

    Booking volumes for all future sailings during the second quarter of 2022 were nearly double the booking volumes during the first quarter of 2022;

    Oh big ouch. So the booking volumes, FOR ALL FUTURE SAILINGS, were only nearly double the bookings during the first quarter. So the paltry $1.4Billion in bookings FOR ALL FUTURE SAILINGS, isn't just for the 3 quarter as typical, but it includes the 4th quarter and 2023. These sneaky dishonest people changed the way they word their bookings. Oh man are they going to miss big time on their 3rd quarter revenues and lose a ton of money. I'm thinking Chapter 11 is coming late August when it is obvious they can't make their debt payment and they violate their revolving credit line covenant.
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    3 comments I have heard that are unbelievable.

    1. This is easily a 30 dollar stock.
    2. Cruise companies are cash machines
    that why lenders will refinance any debt.
    3.Everybody knows all the cruises are fully booked full.

    I reconfirm my end of 3q price target of 3.90.
  • C
    Covid is over
  • s
    From Clearbridge Investments:
    "What gave us confidence in purchasing Carnival was the actions the company took to extend out their balance sheets until travel resumed. Both should benefit as a broader vaccination rollout prompts cruise lines to resume operations and consumers to start traveling again and are positioned to deliver better margins and gain pricing power as the economy normalizes due to the cost controls implemented during the downturn.”
  • L
    This is easily a $30 stock... if squeezed, then can go upto 90 - 100. Cruise companies will always make money.
  • J
    The lowest analyst estimate for revenue vs 1yr ago is a 7-fold increase!!! They are FAR from circling the drain. Travel restrictions are easing. Fears were overblown. Debt holders will of course renegotiate the debt as long as revenue is recovering...vs taking a total loss. CCL has made a double-bottom and can easily double from this price level within a short period of time.
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    Chart Master
    Bankruptcy will happen within a few months or right before the new year for liquidation
  • V
    Local carnival office haha
  • T
    The Boss of Bosses
    Chapter 11 here soon imo. No one wants covid cruises nowadays, that's so 2020. Worldwide recession with sky rocketing oil prices, along with 'local vacations the new in-thing', see you at 25 cents and bk soon.

  • D
    Next week is going to be fun!
  • Z
    It will surge after this quarter earning release. Invest with confidence. Whatever it goes down it will eventually spike up. :)
  • J
    Comments on this board are hilarious. Many say bankruptcy in the future. Don't forget the Saudi's are a big investors with money to burn but they didn't make their money by making bad decisions either and they are still buying. I see 6 more months of hard times then back to over $25. Be patient. That's why it's called investing.