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CureVac N.V. (CVAC)

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  • M
    This month second gen vaccine awesome results and probably phase 1 starts!
  • N
    Very complementary article in financial times today regarding curevac.
  • K
    GREAT TO HEAR - the Novartis CFO Harry Kirsch confirmed in ydays teleconference that NVS has starte to produce CVAC
    doses and plans to deliver 50 Mill. this year. No mention was made, however, if they expected approval!
  • V
    #Biontech looking good to hit $300-$350

    US government bought another 200M doses today plus data from Canada, US and UK shows Biontech/Pfizer more effective against Delta than any other vaccine. GL

  • G
    it sounds perverse, but covid stocks are going up because they are NOT working as well as we thought. The need for new/updated booster shots is all but guaranteed and a steady flow of revenue from vaccines at post-pandemic prices seems to be bedding into the SP of those stocks with approval.
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    I think now or soon might be a good time to jump back in. The Israeli PM says they simply don't know what the efficacy is of the BNTX vaccine against the delta variant, aside from it being significantly less. Today Robert W Malone on Twitter: "Key points - 1) the CureVac SARS-CoV-2 vaccine data included data from those infected by the Delta variant. It was deemed a fail at around 50% protection from death/disease. 2) Pfizer data from Israel now suggests about 50% protection from delta-induced death/Dis. Difference?"
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    Hi Curevac how are you doing….we believe in you and still waiting for a miracle. Come on German made ! Look at your German buddy BTNX how succes full…come on you can do it!
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    Insider sold shares why?
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    "In addition, according to Business Insider information, the delivery contract worth more than two billion euros between Curevac and the European Commission can be unilaterally terminated by the EU. Because the deadline by which Curevac should have received approval from the EMA according to the contract, has now expired, according to information from a person involved in the negotiations. This means that the exit clause takes effect, the EU can now exit completely, extend the deadline or renegotiate with the company."
    Die Aktien-Verkäufe wurden nur einige Tage nach den ersten schlechten Curevac-Studienergebnissen der US-Börsenaufsicht gemeldet.
    Die Aktien-Verkäufe wurden nur einige Tage nach den ersten schlechten Curevac-Studienergebnissen der US-Börsenaufsicht gemeldet.
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    Finally good news: german health minister announced today that up to 3 mRNA companies will be funded to produce vaccine in germany for the next 8 years. Deadline of the application process is already 8th august 2021 - and now hold on: EMA approval is not needed!
    So you can count your fingers WHICH mRNA company will get the funding besides BioNTech and Moderna.
    This is great news!!
    When politicians own shares .. they will pave the street.
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    Curevac vaccine will have approval soon. South American countries wants curevac vaccine with 100 % efficacy against death. Here is the link:
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    Some positive in this article… We are not dead yet… and Mr Covid will be around for a while…. Positive about Curevac 2.0…
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    What do you guys think this stock price will be if EU reject their first vaccine?
  • K
    It takes only a crisis to see the true colours of the mgmt team. Where is the governance?
  • m
    The company does much more than covid vaccinations. Remember a month ago, this traded in the 100s. I bought the dip and plan to hold!
  • S
    Silver Scrotum
    This is going down to $45, possibly lower..
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    According to the rise of short interest in june, it was the shorts ripping off the managers.
    Everybody should hold and wait. The company belongs to Dietmar Hopp by 45%, 15% to germany and 8% to GSK. There is enough money to continue the development and the mRNA-technology will of course have a bright future. It's not like they were completely wrong. They have won Bayer, Wacker and GSK for clinical studies and production, the vaccine was suboptimal but the technology was no total fail.
    With the first positive press release there could be a quick rise, and maybe followed by a short squeeze.
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    This is why the data from CVAC is good. In Israel the efficacy of prevention of infection with the delta variant has dropped to 64% from over 90% fo the alpha variant. This is why you cannot compare PFE efficacy data to CVAC data. As the Delta strain spreads throughout Israel, the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines in preventing infection has dropped considerably and now stands at 64% down from 94%, according to data presented to Health Ministry officials late Sunday.
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    CVAC was at $84 BEFORE the COVID-19 Vaccine effort started, meaning that it is currently more than 40% UNDERVALUED.
    Check your info and be a better trader/investor.
    $78 just 2 weeks ago.