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    Interim results of the three-cohort trials, known as QUILT
    88, show median survival rates more than doubled that of the historic rate in
    patients with advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer (for which no other FDA
    approved treatment exists).
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    Incredibly low float for a company on the cusp of collecting milestones and royalties for TWO drugs in multiple trials with HUGE potential. Aldoxorbubicin w/ImmunityBio & Arimoclomol w/Orphazyme.
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    There is an imminent embarrassment of milestone riches here controlled cleverly by CEO, SK here. Transparency and accountability of Cytrx must be required by all retail longs. SK needs to be SEC compliant and publicly disclosing with all company strategies and material matters. I trust SK will fairly consider the best interests of all stakeholders which, of course, includes himself.
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    aldoxorubicin...see my reply to your post from 10 days ago. Please address Marks response to the end point results of Aldox to make your argument complete. As I remember, the end points were not met because of issues with the study group?

    Is Aldox better than Dox? If not, is Dox really that valuable compared to other options? If so, then CYTR mismanaged the test group and the toxicity should have been the primary reason for FDA approval....not the end points between Dox and Aldox? If Aldox is better than Dox, and the other cyclene options available to patients in the market, this was whole process was unethical.
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    Is it time for Nantkwest to buy out Cytrx and save milestone payments?
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    here a quick reminder about the Arimoclomol potential:

    50k patients from the 100k sIBM/ALS pool available ( ok it is a little bit stretched as an estimation)

    $200k USD per patient per year ( also here a little bit stretched bit sill possible)

    Income: $10 billion income for Orphazyme

    Royalties: avg. 7.5% => $750 million

    Market valuation: factor 6
    => $4.5 billion

    Share price with outstanding shares 40 million

    => $112 pps

    For the pessimists here:
    50k patients too much? Take half = 25k patients
    $200k cost per year too much? Take half = $100k
    Resulting is factor 4 times less = $28 pps

    This year we will know for which indication Arimoclomol could be approved - dont forget there is not only the FDA - EMA makes also 50% of the market.

    Add on top Aldox value (+$30PPS) + LADR (+double digit pps) value - ok we will stay just with Aldox right now - LADR needs some "time"
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    Wow, was gonna sell my 18,500 shared onthe 31st as a write-off!
    Thank goodness I was too hammered to remember.
    Buy BTC w China Joe in office, could hit $100k. Hunters hand are shaking on that crack pipe!
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    not allot of sellers. stock stayed in a tight range
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    For a quick reference for new CYTRX (CYTR) investors, attached at the end of this email, are the latest presentations by CYTRX, Soon's ImmunityBio (IB), and Orphazyme (ORPH).

    CYTRX sold the rights to license Aldoxorubicin to Patrick Soon-Shiong (PSS). Aldoxorubicin is a pillar in PSS's 'Triple Offense' under his current private company, IB, and is being used in multiple trials. PSS has announced the merge between NK and IB - scheduled to take place 1H/2021. The merge announcement IMO, has been the reason for the recent share price increase. Additional details/information on Aldoxorubicin status in PSS's plans will be exposed when the newly merged company - NK + IB = IBRX commences.

    CYTRX sold Arimoclomol to Orphazyme in exchange for milestones and royalties. NDA for NPC has been filed, FDA results expected June 2021. PH3 ALS data results expected 1H/2021/ PH2/3 sIBM data expected 1H/2021.

    The Perfect Storm is brewing for CYTR with both drugs, Aldoxorubicin & Arimoclomol set to generate milestones/royalties in 2021. Potential is HUGE for both Aldoxorubicin AND Arimoclomol. And here sits little CYTRX with an incredible low float. And keep in mind, many Long investors took the leap of faith and loaded up on shares when the share price was under a buck the past couple of years knowing this day will come. With that said, millions of shares of the already low float are under lock and key by Longs.

    For all CYTR investors, 2021 is shaping up to be prosperous and rewarding for all. Below are the links:
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    Hold on to this
    She will be over $3.00
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    Good Morning Fellow CYTR/NK Shareholders. Time is up. The Time is Now. I am sharing my twitter link with you today. I am not a twit, I have never "tweeted" before. I opened an account on Yahoo and an account on Twitter when I discovered they released Aldoxorubicin from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory: the top secret ever lasting gob stopper. They only needed 1 honest person: Charlie.

    My twitter link and tweets can be found under: michael tomasi @michaeltomasi8

    I joined in December when the Immunity Bio reverse merger was revealed.

    Aldoxorubicin is dosing up to and beyond 10,000 mg/m2 with no cardiotoxicity and it will replace doxorubicin worldwide. A long overdue option for cancer patients diagnosed with little hope. God Speed
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    PPS should also reflect future
    Plus future discoveries
    Don’t understand FDA
    Delay . Pancreatic Cancer is always fatal until two prominent Americans received
    Compassion from Dr Soon
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    Never had any luck with cytr, went through 2 reverse stock splits. I have a long way to go before I break even.
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    CYTR shareholders now in disbelief, understand, why CYTR stock when listed on Nasdaq ran up to .85 cents and sold off multiple times, never making it over the $1 threshold to remain active on the Nasdaq stock exchange. CYTR shareholders and the stock were kidnapped and became hostage of a scheme to defraud shareholders, remove moral obligation to reveal data, avoid legal liability, and keep shareholders in the dark, while Aldoxorubicin was "kept under wraps for safe keeping". Complicit in the collusion was David Haen, Steven Kriegsman, Patrick Soon, John Caloz.

    "Following extensive due diligence and careful consideration, the CytRx management team and Board of Directors have elected to commence trading of our common stock on the OTCQB, a recognized U.S. securities trading platform," said John Caloz, Chief Financial Officer of CytRx.

    Yes. They did [extensive due diligence. Extensive sales projections and calculations of Abraxane and when the exclusivity would expire. And Aldoxorubicin got shelved.
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    Do you think CYTR Kreigsman and Soon Shiong knew that by doing an offering at .50 it would keep the stock sub par, and under Nasdaq listing requirements? Would they have done this intentionally to prevent the stock price from appreciating? And finagle a behind the scenes deal to save patent exclusivity on Abraxane, with the agreement to extend the Patent protection coverage on Aldoxorubicin until 2035? Did Kriegsman and Soon Shiong make a "piddly deal" like Adam Feuerstein wrote or did Kriegsman and Soon Shiong make the deal of the century with the 1st ever anthracycline that could be continuously dosed with zero cardiotoxicity for 17 different clinical indications?

    Where is Mark? Can you answer the question Mark? Was it a "piddly deal" or the deal of a century - well thought out, strategically planned and executed.

    In May 2017, CytRx closed the sale of 30 million shares of common stock in a public offering at a price of $0.50 per share, resulting in net proceeds of approximately $14.0 million after deducting placement agent's fees and other estimated offering expenses. Additionally, the Company received approximately $2.8 million from the exercise of warrants resulting in a total raise of $16.8 million in the second quarter. Subsequent to the end of the second quarter, 6.3 million warrants with a strike price of $0.70 expired on July 19, 2017.
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    CYTR: minimum stock price = $15 whether it trades up and down zig zags in .10 to .20 cent trader moves, it is going to $15 at a minimum. Aldoxorubicin will be approved and replace doxorubicin world wide. The FDA has the data, Soon Shiong and Kriegsman hid the data and delayed the 2017 NDA filing for Aldoxorubicin because it would compete against Soon's invented drug - [Protein-bound paclitaxel, also known as nanoparticle albumin–bound paclitaxel or nab-paclitaxel, is an injectable formulation of paclitaxel used to treat breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, among others.] Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong and Steven Kriegsman basically prevented Aldoxorubicin from going to market in 2017/2018 by delaying and avoiding to file the NDA they promised to by hiding it in the private shell company Immunity Bio. Now that the merger news is public, and the Celegene:Soon Shiong non compete agreement has expired - Aldoxorubicin will make its way through the FDA application and approval process and be used in all clinical indications for cancer therapies, regardless of whether it is with Soon Shiong's approval or not. The only unanswered question is: DID THEY FILE THE FDA NEW DRUG APPLICATION FOR ALDOXORUBICIN, because it is a superior, more efficacious formulation of doxorubicin, and will be used globally for ALL clinical indications of cancer, and protected under 7 years Exclusivity here in the US and 10 years in Europe, as well as with extended patent protection.
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    Here we go.....
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    Is math or english more important? Let me talk English for a second: Because Aldoxorubicin binds to Albumin - it will replace doxorubicin. Because doxorubicin is on the World Health Organizations List of Essential Medications and used on every continent around the Globe, doxorubicin and ALL of the generic derivatives of doxorubicin add up to a minimum doxorubicin projected sales of : Revenue forecast in 2024 USD $1,381.8 million; now Aldoxorubicin will also cut into Abraxane's $694 to 937 million sales. Let's round it off to $2 billion. Then you can add the milestone payments $353 + $120, and round off to $2.5 billion. Now this is real English: go look at what the market cap for CYTR is right now: 66 million - 68 million right now at 12:53 pm on Monday December 28, 2020. Now, my English is done: YOU CALCULATE THE MATH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN $2.5 BILLION AND $66 MILLION and you will see $1.86 is a jiggle of laughter, but not very funny. Pat Soon Shiong hid Aldoxorubicin for a very very strategic reason. Money. It will cut into Abraxane sales not in the millions, but hundreds of millions. And Kriegsman was complicit in this calculation, as was John Caloz. Daniel Levitt was the only one left who had a moral backbone. $1.86 is blood money for 3 years sitting on a shelf restricted to where Immunity Bio delegated Aldoxorubicin to be. And Steve Kriegsman was at home in his time machine wishing no one would find out where he was.
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    The news does correlate. You just need to understand why. It's a game of which Coconut Aldoxorubicin was under. They were playing it for 3 years - to hide Aldoxorubicin to prevent it from going to market in 2017/2018 by delaying and avoiding to file the NDA they promised - how did they do this? They created Immunity Bio, a shell company, private, and hid it there - not telling anyone Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong had a non compete agreement with Celegene for 10 years which protected his invention Abraxane, a different [albumin binding] molecule [albumin–bound paclitaxel or nab-paclitaxel] from competition with Aldoxorubicin. So Dr. Soon Shiong made a deal with Steven Kriegsman, to buy the rights to Aldoxorubicin, and "shelve" it from competing with his invention Abraxane. Because Immunity Bio was a private shell company, they did not have to release "data" to "shareholders', and this trick decieved CYTR shareholders, but relieved Steven Kriegsman of the obligation to [be honest] about anything that was going on behind the scenes. The price of CYTR stock is moving up, because it was publicly revealed which coconut Aldoxorubicin was under when they disclosed the Immunity Bio (reverse) Merger with Nantkwest. Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong had all the data, they knew it worked, and they hid it far from public view and far from scrutiny - except for disgruntled CYTR shareholders who felt like they were tricked, deceived and shuffled around with misinformation by Kriegsman (they were, and some sued and won their case.) To further hide the drug and the scrutiny - against pressure from shareholders to find the truth - Steven Kriegsman let the company and its ticker symbol CYTR drop from the Nasdaq listing and openly did not make any effort to keep CYTR listed on the Nasdaq - prompting many Institutional Investors and funds to drop their shares due to restrictions and their own rules. Being on the "pink sheets" OTC market - allowed more secrecy away from scrutiny amidst the hiding of Aldoxorubicin to protect Abraxane and the non compete agreement Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong had with Steven Kriegsman - it was a shady deal. A behind the scenes deal. Once the Merger news was announced - Aldoxorubicin found itself front and center on the Immunity Bio web site as a very important molecule, even though many shareholders knew its value in 2015/2016: one can validate this by reading the links that even Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong listed on the Immunity Bio web site from JAMA regarding Aldoxorubicin. They knew about it long before 2017. Soon Shiong stepped in and inked a shady deal with Kriegsman to keep Aldoxorubicin off the market by shelving it and re-starting it in phase I clinical trials under ImmBio: even though the FDA granted CYTRx a 505 b2 rolling drug application green light, FDA Extended Dosing, and FDA Orphan Drug Status. Aldoxorubicin will replace doxorubicin worldwide, that has not changed, the delay is Kriegsman's lack of morals making a deal with competitive Soon Shiong. Only cancer patients suffered and died during this 3 year period, and of course CYTR shareholders. The game is on. And Kriegsman and Dr. Soon will become very wealthy. But they can't spend the money in Hell.