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    One day closer to June 17
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    32% day spread spikes from $1.91 low to $2.52. Some trying to shake the tree to get your peaches.
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    ALS results can be dropped any time now.
    They will be very impactive in either direction.
    Long odds for win but they lay-off is huge.
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    $IBRX conversation
    $IBRX has 74 open jobs right now. 25 job postings in the past 10 days.

    The last job posted was yesterday for a Senior Analyst in Supplier Quality Management. 6 days ago, postings for Senior Manager, Planning & ERP Management, Senior Production Planner & Senior Material Planner. Seems things are moving along at a brisk pace.

    The $18 share price is a gift. What did Warren Buffet say about buying when people are fearful?

    You should ONLY be kicking yourself if you're a swing trader and haven't taken advantage of the price movement. If you're in this for the long haul and are blessed to have funds t o average up / down, now's your chance.

    The stock price heads down but the job postings shows the true direction this company is going. For those that are holding, enjoy your capital gains taxes instead of the higher short term rates :)

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    Soon file for ALDOX approval yet?
    Will it be 2023?
    Would like to see ibrx crash to single digits
    Maybe then he will file for ALDOX approval to generate revenues.
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    ALS will be a failure
    A terrible terrible diagnosis
    An nothing helps slow the progression
    If it did help slow the progress
    That would be something
    And I could care less of making some money
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    Something good must be happening
    First time a complete,honest annual report
  • X
    Any reasons why we are down this much? Appreciated thx!!@
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    Nine weeks to fda approval.
    It will be a good day
    Will the stock be suspended that day?
    It should be.
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    8,000 volume. Joke
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    "we're at the 10 yard line", meanwile at cytr we are dying because of a drug that has nothing to do with cytr. So tired of this garb...
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    ALS P3 initial trial design had an interim look.
    Anyone know why this was latter dropped?
    I know that interim looks make it more difficult to the end point p value.
    Not sure why
    It’s a statistics thing.
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    Getting a brand name is wonderful news.

    CytRx Highlights Orphazyme’s Momentum Ahead of
    Potential Regulatory Approval of Arimoclomol for
    Niemann-Pick Disease Type C
    Orphazyme Announces the Global Brand Name for Arimoclomol – MIPLYFFA – Ahead of
    Prospective FDA and EMA Approvals
    Expanded its Early Access Program for NPC in the U.S. and Europe as Well as Expectation of
    European Regulatory Decision by Q4 2021
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    Soon will only file fda approval for aldox along with his BS cocktail.
    Nothing this year is my guess.
  • Q
    A friend mentioned cytr and i did a little research; Aldoxorubicin would upset these drugs: doxorubicin, Adriamycin, Lipodox, Lipodox 50, Doxil, Caelyx, Mycocet and these derivatives are manufactured and sold by these pharmaceutical companies - so direct impact would be felt on their sales revenue if Aldoxorubicin is approved: Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) [Ben Venue manufacturer], Boehringer Ingelheim, SunPharma Global FZE (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries), Glaxo Smith Kline, Baxter, Pfizer, Teva, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals.

    If anyone can fact check this list or add to it I would appreciate it.

    As it stands now, the market cap for CYTR is $122 million, but if Aldoxorubicin cuts into the sales of the above named drugs $122 million is about $1.5 billion shy of where the market capitalization should be given approval of Aldoxorubicin. Understand it might be more because of the Orphan Drug 7 years exclusivity so these generics listed above, and their manufacturers would be prohibited, prevented from making any generic derivative form of Aldoxorubicin.

    The Prescription Drug User Fee Act target action date for Arimoclomol was March 17, 2021, moved to June 2021; however action could be taken by the FDA based on the original filing date.

    This stock is way under the radar, and should be $10 to $20 based on the upcoming PDUFA date, as well as the trial involvement. And I read some of the notes here and yes Aldoxorubicin was added to a new trial they filed with the FDA for Anktiva + Aldoxorubicin - so be aware there is some confusion about the bladdder cancer trial but they added and were approved by the FDA for a phase I Anktiva + Aldoxorubicin regimen to increase the remission rate beyond > 73% with Aldoxorubicin added, and the outcome will be sometime in the future for the combo trial.

    Very undervalued considering Dr. Pat had Abraxane approved through the same pathway.
  • Q
    Here is the information you requested page 217 (216 - 217) filed in DEFM14A on 02/02/2021
    Anktiva in Combination Therapy [abbreviated from DEFM14A]

    Aldoxorubicin is an albumin-linked formulation of doxorubicin with reduced cardiotoxicity, while maintaining clinical activity. In a previously completed Phase III trial by our licensor CytRx Corporation (“CytRx”), aldoxorubicin showed lower cardiotoxicity compared to five other drugs, one of which was doxorubicin, chosen by the investigators.

    We anticipate presenting CytRx’s Phase II and Phase III data, in combination with the results of our ongoing trials as described below, in our discussions with the FDA regarding regulatory approval.

    By combining Anktiva (modality 1) with aldoxorubicin (modality 2), we are exploring a comprehensive, combination immunotherapy in the three Phase II trials below. These trials evaluate multiple agents and are designed to assess the additive and individual contributions from Anktiva and aldoxorubicin.

    Anktiva (N-803) in Combination with Aldoxorubicin
    see chart page 217 filing
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    Three months to fda approval of orpha
    Als before then
    Sitting and waiting
    Adding under 3 if it’s drops
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    $GBIM conversation
    Just want to remind everyone that nothing has fundamentally changed with this gem. People in $NK, $NH and of course $CYTR should read the DD report I wrote on $GBIM to see where the value lies. More will be revealed in the future. Not by me, but by the only one that really matters here, Dr. PSS.

    Items covered include company background, active pipeline description and market opportunity, patents, recent agreements between GBIM and IB that detail financial milestone payments, and more. All source links are included to verify the information.
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    Positive ALS results will mess with Soon’s plan to get cytr cheap.