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DoorDash, Inc. (DASH)

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  • R
    There must be a reasonable explanation why or how is Doordash worth $12.5 Billion more than Fedex??
    Dash m. cap $73.3 billion
    Fedex m. cap $60.8 billion

    PE ratio
    Dash........funny, never ever made a profit!
    Fdx , PE 13

    Makes me want to hop on a bike and start delivering!!
  • o
    We may have picked the wrong stock to short. DASH is a CNBC Disruptor 50 stock so they are going to keep this stock propped up every chance they get. My comment gets deleted if I post the link but head over to CNBC and search for DASH and you will see the article published yesterday, Sept 23 and the comments by Cramer on Sept 21.
  • E
    We are getting close to the end of the momentum bullrun. I saw it with wayfair at 330’s and zoom and 400’s (this year). We are going to look back in 30 days and say that 220’s were the highs
  • A
    Negative earnings. Missing earnings expectations. Diluting shares every quarter. By all means, do buy more. Lol!
  • K
    The manipulation can only go on for so long. This thing isn’t even worth $100 let alone $200.
  • H
    Here's a nice little comparison. Door Dash is now valued at more then Darden restaurants AND Yum brands. These two companies are the holders of Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell for Yum Brands and Darden's is the parent company of Olive Gardens, Outback Steakhouse and numerous other restaurant chains. Isn't it just amazing how a company that has virtually no assets and even more important, no earnings can be valued at more then some of the largest restaurant companies that they are dependent on delivery orders from?
  • D
    Oh I see, now I can get my booze delivered with my pizza, so now I totally get why this at the value it is
  • E
    75b market cap lmao. Who is acc buying at these levels ?
  • K
    This is not quantum physics. A very small cadre of institutional investors control almost all of the stock. Anybody with any degree of common sense knows that this is a fundamentally doomed company—including the institutional investors.

    So, if you are an institution and you want to cash out, how do you sell 90% of the outstanding shares without driving the price down on your way out the door?

    Enter an incremental exiting strategy.

    Institutional actors limit the daily supply of shares available which, when coupled with speculative COVID-19-related retail demand, has driven the share price progressively higher.

    In a perfect world, the institutions would continue this strategy while they unload a couple million shares per day ad infinitum until they had sufficiently exited their long positions while profiting off options underwriting in the interim (that alone—if anything—should draw the scrutiny of federal regulators.)

    The only problem with this strategy is that it is time-dependent and the institutions know that DASH is likely to have burned through most of its cash by Q2 2022. Further, it is arguable that there is sufficient retail demand to absorb supply longitudinally.

    DASH’s Q3 earnings are likely to show accelerated losses and declining revenue which, when coupled with the eventual decline of speculative COVID-related demand, should create substantial downward pricing pressure.

    Nevertheless, it is likely that institutions will continue to drive DASH shares higher over the next 60 days systematically exiting long positions absorbed by unsophisticated retail investors while simultaneously profiting off of options underwriting activities.

    Of course, and as I have cautioned before, regulatory intervention could occur at any time. If it does, the potential for losses for those with long positions will know almost no limits. Conversely, potential profits for those short will also be extraordinary.
  • K
    These prices are looking too good not to short. Overvalued.
  • C
    Wal-Mart teaming up with Ford to come up with AI deliveries, Now how will that impact Dashes model since is depends on real people using their worn out vehicles to deliver for them .
  • J
    My price unchanged at $50. Hope they pump this to $255 so I will short more.
  • E
    We are starting to see cracks in the DASH armour only a matter of time before its below 200
  • A
    Ape Apesen
    I can’t wait until this earnings when once again, DASH reveals to the world they will never be profitable... model just doesn’t work as consumers only use it now cause a company is willing to deliver food to their doors at a loss!!! 😂😂
  • A
    Insiders dumping on you bulls. This gonna end well.
    Which company executives are buying and selling shares of DoorDash (NYSE:DASH) stock? View the most recent insider trading activity for DASH stock at MarketBeat.
    Which company executives are buying and selling shares of DoorDash (NYSE:DASH) stock? View the most recent insider trading activity for DASH stock at MarketBeat.
  • H
    here's a bit of information that you might find interesting. In last year's annual report over 40 pages were devoted to just explaining the potential risks the investing public needs to take into consideration. These points are very well laid out and must conclude that they are laid out for one and only one reason and that is to protect themselves from liability as there is definitely no guarantee that this company will ever be able to really be profitable. And yet here we are with a valuation of over $75 billion. Unimagineable.
  • J
    Besides the day Softbank unloaded $2b in stock, today is the first day in awhile when I see weakness in the stock despite the market jumping. Not sure it will mean anything but perhaps a sign.
  • H
    Best opportunity to short and win big
  • S
    Uber and Grubhub are not going to concede the delivery market. Could be a big price war coming!
  • J
    It's take down crime ridden stocks day. SoftBank wins the prize for best manipulated stock