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    $SNDL conversation
    $DB.V This company has been turnaround. No debt and starting to make profits.
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    Christian Sewing comes from a Credit and Audit background, which to me makes DE an attractive buy opportunity over the next 10 years. A wise man once said; "If a bank has an effective credit & risk culture, the worst your financial performance can be is AVERAGE." It appears Sewing is well-above average when it comes to long-term profitability and growth at DE. I will remain long until he proves otherwise.
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    Rates will not remain negative forever, with all the trillion handouts, inflation will show up soon.
    DB after the successful turnaround is well positioned to ride the next wave up.
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    $DB.V conversation
    Price Target Analysis - $DB = $0.97 - $1.34

    Q4 2020 results of $11.4MM revenue and $1.1MM EBITDA. $11.4MM revenue was split between three categories ($3.2 million flower, $4.5MM extracts i.e. vapes and concentrates, and $3.6 million from their retail stores. The Q4 2020 revenue numbers were a result of a market share numbers = 7.5% of premium flower, 8.6% concentrates, and 4.0% of vape pens (vape pens and concentrates both making up the $4.5MM).

    For Q1 2021 (being released this Thursday May 27), market share numbers reported by the Company increased significantly to 8.5% premium flower, 21.9% of concentrates, and 10.0% of vape pens. Given both concentrates and vape pens both more than doubled we can assume $9MM+ revenue for this category for Q1. Flower gained 1% market share with no additional capacity online - revenue should be ~$3.5 million). Assume retail revenue is flat at $3.6 million as no new stores opened.

    Therefore, total estimated Q1 revenue of $15MM+ ($4MM Q of Q increase) at ~25% EBITDA margin = $1MM incremental EBITDA or ~$2.1MM EBITDA total Q1 est. EBITDA (100% increase Q o Q). In addition, Premium indoor flower capacity has been increased ~4x (fully licensed in Q1) and will be realized over the next few quarters (fully realized by end of 2021). With Q1 2021 estimated quarterly flower revenue of $3.5 million + 4x capacity ($14 million) = $17.5 million additional flower revenue per quarter coming fully online by end of year = $70 million revenue at a ~30% EBITDA margin = ~$21MM EBITDA end of year run-rate flower from existing capacity.

    In addition, $DB is launching 30 more extract products in the next 12 months. Hard to estimate revenue and EBITDA without more info at this point - likely see extract revenue increase by a multiplier (conservatively 2x) = $9 million Q1 est. X 4 = $36 million full year X 2.0 multiplier = $72 million at ~30% EBITDA margin = $21.5MM EBITDA full year

    GRAND TOTAL - Adding it all up - 2021 EBITDA run-rate estimate of ~$42.5MM EBITDA.

    Using a range of EV/EBITDA multiple of 8.0x - 12.0x (well less than current comps) = $340MM - $510MM Enterprise Value - less ~$40MM debt = $300MM - $470MM Market Cap divided by ~350 million shares outstanding

    CURRENT PRICE TARGET = $0.97 - $1.34

    *Not financial advice. Perform your own due diligence and invest at your own risk*
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    Finally some respect from investors!
    DB finances are stable, it is profitable and have no major issues outstanding.
    Next move is consolidation and maybe a small dividend.
    Should get to $17 short term.
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    Devon Bird
    every time I grab an option from db it falls faster than the gravity of a 🕳.
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    nice IMO we can easy see 20-25 EOY
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    Deutsche Bank 1MDB Probe Dropped by U.S. Justice Department
    By Steven Arons and Elffie Chew
    May 10, 2021, 12:04 PM EDT Updated on May 10, 2021, 1:17 PM EDT
    The U.S. Department of Justice has dropped a probe into Deutsche Bank AG’s role in the 1MDB scandal, removing a potential legal headache as Malaysia steps up its demands for compensation.

    The DOJ sent a letter to notify the German bank that the investigation had been closed, people familiar with the matter said, without specifying the date of the correspondence. The people asked not to be identified discussing the private information.

    Representatives for Deutsche Bank declined to comment. A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment.

    The move by the DOJ provides relief as Deutsche Bank was named on Monday as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by 1MDB seeking $1.1 billion in payments from the German lender, Bloomberg reported earlier. Deutsche Bank said it hasn’t been served any papers on 1MDB and that it isn’t aware of any basis for a legitimate claim.

    The DOJ opened a probe in 2019 assessing whether Deutsche Bank’s role in helping 1MDB raise $1.2 billion five years earlier might have violated foreign-corruption or anti-money-laundering laws, Bloomberg has reported. At the time the investigation was opened, Deutsche Bank pointed to asset-forfeiture documents previously filed by the Justice Department indicating 1MDB misled Deutsche Bank during transactions.

    — With assistance by Tom Schoenberg

    (Updates with Justice Department comment in third paragraph)
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    I bought a bunch of useful stocks in the scheme of the world. Shorts get scared sell at mini dips and gives longs bigger gains. Just going to sit on this for a long time then check in months or years.
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    Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft is breaking out.
    DB to test the January 2018 high around $20.
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    Media Release April 30, 2021
    People's Bank of China approves Deutsche Bank China as qualified primary dealer in open market business
    First Eurozone bank to qualify

    Deutsche Bank (China) Co., Ltd. (Deutsche Bank China) today announced that it has received approval by the People's Bank of China (PBOC) to act as a qualified primary dealer for domestic open market businesses.

    As the first Eurozone bank to obtain this qualification, Deutsche Bank China and PBOC will carry out open market business such as the repurchase of treasury bonds, policy financial bonds, spot bond transactions, central bank bill issuance and other trading instruments.

    Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank in China, Rose Zhu said: “We are honored to be the first Eurozone bank appointed primary dealer in China’s open market business. This PBOC appointment recognises the strength of Deutsche Bank’s capital markets franchise, and reflects China’s determination to continue opening up its capital markets. The rapid development of the China market provides broad opportunities for global participants and Deutsche Bank will continue to deepen the China market, leverage its global network, and exercise best practice risk management to support the country’s continuous capital markets opening and development."

    Deutsche Bank is one of the most active foreign banks in China's inter-bank market. It already acts as market maker in the inter-bank bond market, bond settlement agent, and Bond Connect market maker. It is also one of two foreign banks that have qualifications as a Type-A lead underwriter for non-financial corporate debt financing instruments. The bank’s full set of businesses are at the forefront of onshore foreign capital management.

    Head of Global Markets for Deutsche Bank China, Jason Shi added: “As a leading European bank active in the domestic market and as one of the world’s major RMB banks, obtaining this qualification means that Deutsche Bank has the expertise and interbank license to fully serve RMB customers. By further strengthening the level of RMB-related liquidity risk management, Deutsche Bank can effectively interpret monetary policy guidance for domestic and overseas customers and partners, support the development of the domestic capital market and accelerate the internationalization of the RMB."

    In global markets, Deutsche Bank's fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives businesses are world leading. It provides a full set of RMB bond investment services for a wide range of central banks and sovereign institutions, commercial banks, fund companies and insurance companies. At the same time, the Hong Kong branch is the RMB centre, linking all branches around the world to provide RMB spot and foreign exchange derivatives business. Asia Risk awarded Deutsche Bank the title "Renminbi Bank of the Year” twice - in 2016 and 2019.

    For further information please contact:
    Deutsche Bank AG
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    Golden Dragon
    Can this giant bank back to $35 within this year? The book value. I don't think so, but $20 is very likely.
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    DB has many bad credits on its book. We can expect a short term correction downwards.
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    Malaysia Development Berhad scandal
    Looking into this on wiki it seems this is and in house scandal back in 2015 and DB part should be minimal if anything.
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    ** Shares in Germany's biggest lender Deutsche Bank are up 6.4% after Q1 results, and are set for the best day in 7 months

    ** The bank swings to better-than-expected net profit as strength at the investment bank helped offset the headwinds of an ongoing restructuring programme and the coronavirus pandemic

    ** It sees 2021 revenues to be "essentially flat", compared with a previous estimate of "marginally lower"

    ** Q1 net profit of 908 million euros ($1.1 billion) is the highest quarterly profit since Q1 2014

    ** "A very good set of results," Citi says

    ** JP Morgan says it welcomes the improved and ambitious guidance and targets for 2021

    ** "DB has reported not only better-than-expected results in all divisions, but also the cleanest set of results of any global investment banks in our coverage so far," the broker adds

    ** Morgan Stanley notes strong start to the year, with key numbers significantly ahead of consensus
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    $^FTSE conversation
    INFLATION IS SKYROCKETING as the FED continues to PUMP the Price of everything, stocks, oil, gold, home, land, commodities, utilities, food prices and everything!
    The World Economy is Collapsing, people are starving, but the US Market Makers are too busy in printing money and PUMPING the Stock prices Artificially to make insiders trillionaire without working!
    Enjoy Free Capital Gains in the US Stock Market while the Corporate Revenues are tanking and the Economy is Collapsing! US Stock Market is a “GET QUICK RICH” Scheme!
    Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) was 17,000 in 2016, with better economic fundamentals and higher corporate earnings. However, thanks to the Collapsing Economy, Coronavirus Pandemic, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, Skyrocketing unemployment, Trade Wars, Record INFLATION levels, and Heavy Stock Dilutions, Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) BUBBLE has almost Doubled!
    S&P 500 (^GSPC) was at 1600.00 with better fundamentals and higher corporate earnings in 2016. Now it is sitting at ABSURD 3700.00 with TERRIBLE Fundamentals, Collapsing Economy, HEAVIER Corporate and National Debt and way lower corporate revenues and earnings!
    The World Countries are refusing to accept the US Dollar as international reserve currency due to the HEAVY Dollar PRINTING!
    US Stocks are INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stock Market is a MEGA BUBBLE right now!!!
    The US Government is PUMPING Oil Prices artificially, DESPITE Shrinking Demand and Exponentially rising supply! Oil price went up from $1.00 to $60.00 in no time FOR NO REASON, thanks to FED. Soon, Oil will be USELESS and WORTHLESS, but the US Market Makers are seeing commodities as PUMP and DUMP Schemes!!!

    The debt crisis in the US is similar to global warming — it is an incremental but enormous phenomenon that could trigger disaster at any given point.
    The debt crisis in the US is similar to global warming — it is an incremental but enormous phenomenon that could trigger disaster at any given point.
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    This is the moment. Congrats to Sewing. You did it, 2 year turnaround. This is the day a long term uptrend starts until the next recession. Some investments are obvious and easy, after 8 years of bad management and down trend. Now in good hands with Sewing.
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    Boy im worn out deleting all these spam post. time to go up.
  • g
    Looks that DB has found its footing, time for acquisitions and a small dividend.
    $17 here we come!
  • j
    How many times is BAC bigger than DB ? Market cap of bac 358.B to DB 29 B.
    So should it be 13 times greater.. Db double 28.$ is still under 60 B.
    My opinion by the end of the year or sooner it will trade in the 20s