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Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III (DCRCU)

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    We tend to focus on only the automotive EV market, since that is the main focus of SLDP for now. But I haven't seen anything yet that would stop the same solid state tech from being used in smart phones, 12V battery replacements, etc. Couldn't the market be much, much larger than just the auto industry? I am an engineer working on Li battery-based products, and we certainly could use solid state tech in our products.
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    Hi, guys. it is said that Solid Power to become the only pure-play solid-state battery company to trade on the public markets. but why it is only pure-play? why QS is not a pure-play? I am long, won't sell . before 25$. Thank you in advance
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    I'm having a very hard time comprehending how this SP is so low. it won't be for very long. a very solid business model to deliver solid state batteries, great leadership and solid partnerships. cheers!
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    DCRC (SLDP) Merging with Solid Power
    Merger value 1.2B

    Solid Power offer greater energy density than lithium-ion batteries with less weight, but a design that can be mass-produced at a reasonable cost

    Solid Power appears to be closer to mass production than its rivals. Most solid-state battery efforts are at least a few years away from production. QuantumScape

    unlike most competitors -- Solid Power's can be processes adapted from lithium-ion, meaning that existing battery plants can be converted to build Solid Power's cells at relatively low cost

    Both BMW and FORD early investors expect to receive batches of those 100 Ah cells for testing in their own electric vehicles next year, and assuming those tests go well, both will be early customers for the company's mass-produced cells
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    A decent summary article in Barrons "Solid Power, a Competitor to EV Battery Maker QuantumScape, Goes Public"
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    Seeking Alpha article mentioned that the market cap can reach $45.8B by 2028 based on projected 480M EBITA with average multiplier of S&P (6.6%). Making this a potential of 20X returns.
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    Oh for gods sakes, after merging Spacs usually drop because early investors who got in cheap sell off to take some profits.
    It’ll bounce back ye of little faith.
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    Not even 1 early investor stay in QS until the $130 jump, many even sold at $15-$20, this is much better and faster company with world biggest EV clients line up waiting, I would suggest everyone here what ever you sell whenever you sell keep some money in, this stock can be a goldmine in few months
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    Just a matter of time before Solid Power gets revalued in line with Quantumscape. If the market holds up expect a significant move north from 2 pm onwards.
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    Most retail buyers have never heard of DCRC or Solid Power. When words leaks faster than than a Chevy battery, this will explode faster than a Chevy Bolt
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    I just registered for the meeting tomorrow if you want to attend and register this is the link
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    Merger Vote on Tuesday, Ticker change most likely Thursday. This stock should get a lot of attention and is a winner
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    once the other platforms i.e. Schwab, TD, RBC and so forth are on board, the price will jump...
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    Ford has proven to be a very smart and diligent investor in terms of support and careful evaluation and due diligence . You can bet with their backing the underlying tech is good and had leapfrog potential
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    Remember, $20 makes Solid Power worth about 1/3 the value of Quantumscape and there is no discernable difference between the companies development timeline or technology...
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    DCRC (Solid Power) (BMW-FORD)
    1.2B Cap, 600M Cash =600M enterprise,
    Very close to mass production

    QS (Quantum Scape)
    11B Cap
    Far Away from mass productions, few years away from Solid Power
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    I read the Jim Cramer thoughts on SP( all good) but one thing caught my eye and explained something I was wondering about. It seems the tipicial SPAC IPO is loaded with Hype. This one has not been that way thus far. Cramer said that they dont hype and to me thats a good thing.... maybe it will keeps the short away at least a little, if they cant depending on hyping they will go some where else... just a thought .. I am not a pro at this.
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    Day 2 following "proof of life " vote for Solid Power yesterday, and nowhere near as great a day on all three major exchanges. Though it's not formally SLDP yet, for all intents and purposes that is what is now being traded, and still at a relatively low volume. And on day 2 we are up big again past mid session, over 5% shares and 14% warrants. No hint of no "steenking" DIP. Once the masses get wind of this shiny next new EV thing, and the institutions that were prohibited prior from buying the SPAC start trading after formal SLDP ticker change .... I would conjecture the possibility of a FOMO run is still alive and well. If it was going to dip, you'd think it would have shown signs already. LFG!!!!
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    Yo …. Yahoo, How about a conversation column for SLDP now since it’s now trading?
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    Ford F-150 Lightning reservations at 200,000. A decent start in trying to overtake Tesla.