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Discovery, Inc. (DISCB)

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47.87-19.63 (-29.08%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
49.85 +1.98 (4.14%)
After hours: 06:58PM EDT
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  • A
    Just an FYI ..D E Shaw's avg price is about $29.45 ..Michael Burry (Scion Asset Mgmt) avg price is about $28.80
    ..Burry bought back a significant portion of the shares he sold off (before the Archegos disaster) in March
    ..the low price in March was $34.60 ..he's evidently added to his position since then ..if he thought $34.60+ was a good price to get back in, he must really view the current price as extremely undervalued your own DD
  • L
    In July 2011, Netflix was $43.26. In October 2012, it was $7.72. It is now $573.
    The DISCA 2019 pre-pandemic low was $24.095. DISCK is at a point where weak hands sell while investors who don't use leverage & who diversify their portfolio buy to hold for months or years.
  • F
    Guys? Can someone explain what's going on? I'm panicking and am close to liquidation :(
  • A
    stick with your Discovery accumulation plan, folks ...monthly
  • C
    Chun Yu
    I have also become bearish now. Not because of the fundamental but technical. All indicators pointing further downsides. I also did a quick review of the price history of this stock as someone mentioned it. In 2017, one of the greatest year in recent market history, this stock has a peak-to-trough decline from 29.9 to 19.3. In other words, once this stock falls it will fall hard. Will open more naked short calls (in addition to the covered calls I already have) at market open.
  • E
    I see many people have problem with debt in this company. Well i went to check again and what i find out in 10-Q that debt is not a problem at all. They did a nice job in Q2 paying some of it and most if it is due in 2030+ so in next 10 years,even longer some of it is in 2040 and 2050. They have 2.9B in cash right now which before they were BB shares, slowly but becouse of merger they are saving it all, plus they can borrow even morr you can find it in 10-Q and all of this is preparation for merger. So you should see huge cash pill until next year ready for merger. I expect arround 5B. Now ask yourself how this is not cheap if we are literally now spiting way above 10%+ FCF. Disca is one of the cheapest stocks in this overpriced market. If this go bellow 24 i will continue to buy. My avarage is arround 28, it is one of my biggest position. But even without merger, discovery will still be amazing deal, that why burry and others are slowly buying. Volumen is spiking, i also dont understand ehy stock is still going down but sometime market act strange and this is time to buy the dip. I have no idea how far down this can go, but i am sure thid will be 40+ dollar stock when valuation kick in,and when shorts go squeez then you will see the pain. Good luck and have fun.
  • p
    This is acting the way AMC should be acting.
  • C
    Why do the A shares and B shares trade so differently?
  • V
    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
  • j
    just bought in, Burry will probably double down this quarter on this and we’ll see a pop, this is a $50 stock don’t forget, hold til 2022
  • N
    Applying a P/E of 8.5, the new company WB Discovery should have a mkt cap of about 90B. The 29% (Discovery ownership in the new company) of 90B is 26B, so the double of the actual market cap. This analysis doesn't include the potential growth and the sinergy due to the merger.
  • G
    This is stock is at a 8.03 FWD P/E. It is now DOWN 19% YTD. And is down 25% from pre pandemic lows.
  • j
    And yes, I sold my shares today for a 50 cent loss. First and only time I will EVER again go long this bloated, debt laden dying company. My first loss in 7 tries. I only win by shorting this. More bleeding ahead tomorrow.
  • J
    This is what I found in seeking Alpha:
    While possibly dead money for a year, Discovery is my favorite media name for the next five.

    The combination of AT&T’s WarnerMedia and Discovery creates a streaming giant with more content than Netflix.

    Malone is the Warren Buffett of the media world. The next decade at Discovery could be similar to what he did with Charter Communications (stock up 4.5x in 8 years).

  • A
    this is worth about $28/share. I might buy at that price. more pain to come for longs. Either sell and buy cheaper or sell some covered calls. shorts will have fun with this one.
  • G
    Gallery Hound
    Does anyone here know if the DISCA DISCB & DISCK shares will all be reorganized into one class of shares upon completion of AT&T merger?
  • j
    My first day ever waking up as a DISC Long. 25.80 average for me on A shares. Like I said yesterday I believe she will rise today-tomorrow to mid-27s. Because retail investors think this is super cheap. Then I will sell. Godspeed. Bullish for today.
  • j
    Streaming - even if successful - is an incredibly low margin biz. DISC’s sole profit generators right now - cable advertising and telco carriage fees — are slowly dying. In the case of carriage fees, those currently account 30 percent of their operating profit w HUGE margins. Streaming has ZERO carriage fees.
  • S
    Goes up a little... Crashes double the following day.... One of the most manipulated stocks... So undervalued.... Can't believe how stocks can be controlled... I wish regulators looked into this closely...
  • L
    AT&T stock has stagnated for years because they paid big dividends instead of investing in next-generation infrastructure. They overpaid for Time Warner, then failed to realise the value of that asset. AT&T & Discovery have both dropped after the merger announcement because the market can't assess the potential value of Warner Bros Discovery. On top of this, AT&T are halving their dividend after the merger completes. Telecoms is a low margin business with huge infrastucture costs. AT&T has a P/E ratio of 18.74. Verizon has a P/E of 11.29.

    Streaming media is a high growth business. Netflix has a P/E of 62.25 & Disney has a P/E of 107.8. DISCK has a P/E of 12.38. No one knows when DISCK & AT&T will bottom, but the potential upside for Warner Bros Discovery is much better than that for AT&T.