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DraftKings Inc. (DKNG)

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  • R
    The Price Action is being obliterated by short term traders who have little understanding of this proposed merger. Entain is a profitable enterprise and a big player in Europe. It makes positive EBITDA of around 630 million . It generates 2 million sports bets per has debt of only 2,37 million agains a predeal market cap of Billion 15.808 Billion. the deal proposal has been offered of $ 22billion.Considering there is base line profitability stand alone. On a combined operating base with DKNG growing pre deal at400+% per year it generates enthusiasm for lowering the cost per new customer as it is an operating cost currently and a very high cost at that. The opportunityfor leverage on growth is enormous with or without the merger is excellent. It will be easier and generate faster moves to profitability with it in my opinion. There are still many states pending. MGM will miss the opportunity if DKNG suceeds in the merger. If it does not organic growth is substantial in anycase but this deal will accelerate it. If it doesnt go through the stock goes up because of no advancement of debt. If it goes up the stock will advance rapidly. This is a well managed strategic marketing enterprise. It focuses on customer care and entertainment.
  • E
    Thinking of purchasing, but what would be reasonable price entry???
  • A
    Just when I thought the bottom was in at $53 and bought 130 shares! 🤦‍♂️🤬
  • K
    Sell off unwarranted. Great Buy and Hold opportunity as the false narrative shakes out. Eventually going much higher
  • t
    Wait and see the deal will never get done,what will happen is a shake out institutions getting cheap shares.IN October you have several large states opening up to online betting.
  • k
    What's going on here?
  • R
    Massive dumping premarket. I am holding my shares. Look at the year chart we've been here multiple times and lower.
  • A
    THINK…..long term….where will DKNG be by 2025….stock price will be $300 minimum….any other targets out there?
  • D
    Look. We weathered a short report and two lawsuits to get where we are today. And while it going down is disappointing, just know it’s manipulation just like what we have dealt with. If the King doubles in size from this acquisition, it may be painful in the short term but long term the market won’t care because of the numbers they’re generating. And maybe just maybe we will get some of the new company’s mgt to tell Jason how to be profitable. I’m not selling.
  • P
    Cathie Wood jus picked up 750k shares, beautiful
  • E
    Did we get our double bottom for the day…or do we sell off like yesterday??
  • m
    Dkng playing 4d chess, Mgm playing checkers. Dkng will get the the intl business Mgm will get their remaining half of betMgm. Dkng will make Mgm over bid for their remaining share using up any remaining cash for the deal. Dkng will add 3b extra on revenue and be available in over 20 countries, global powerhouse
  • s
    I am holding, no more adding though...I am tired of looking at it...SET IT AND FORGET IT...
    No margin straight cash....
  • J
    Wow. Cathie Wood just bought another 857,112 shares of DKNG today. She knows.
  • R
    Wake me up when september ends
  • M
    what’s up with all the form 8s ? Am I reading this right. That Barclays is loading up on nearterm calls? and writing puts for late in the year and early next year??
  • J
    Its not share dilution. People saying that are not accurate. Share dilution is a company issuing shares to raise cash to maintain current operations that does not help grow revenue or assets on the balance sheet. If you are a 20B company and issue 20B in new shares to buy a 20B asset, you now have 40B in assets so the pie just got bigger and each share is still worth the same. Add to the fact you buy an asset that have positive cash flow and revenues then you actually made the pie bigger and each share more valuable as the overall combined company will higher revenue, EPS, and growth rates then the stand alone company and achieve total profitability sooner.
  • H
    Harry O
    Sounds like DKNG will sweetened their bid a bit and then simultaneously enter into an agreement to sell the other 50% of Bet to MGM (that they don't already own) to avoid regulatory issues and raise capital. MGM would pay DKNG a fair price for Bet and DKNG would be left with Entain's customer base abroad and more importantly their tech stack/platforms...

    Anyone agree? When do we let the HOUNDS loose? Please advise....
  • S
    BUYING TODAY ..OVER SOLD ..$60 in no time
  • R
    The king is #1