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Dogecoin EUR (DOGE-EUR)

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0.212555-0.012302 (-5.47%)
As of 1:45PM BST. Market open.
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  • A
    Doge consolidated at .05 for four months before its run up to .70. It has been mid .20's for about four months. Time for a run up. Also, Doge will be high on the list of Crypto's gifted this Holiday Season. Prediction - a run up to 1 - 1.25 before settling back down around the .75 range.....
  • R
    My new iPhone 13 is now completely paid for. Thank you Doge for this gift today. Can’t be more happy!
  • R
    Large whale buyers. It's recently that large eth and doge has been purchased around 4 am pacific standard time. Price of eth rose 100$ in under 2 minutes and doge jumped to almost 28 cents.
  • B
    This going to 3 dollars soon..Elon constantly working with Doge developers from 1 week
  • H
    Personally I don’t see how technical analysis and charting can work for a hype coin but many analysts the last few days did say it’s going to test 24 if it stays above 24 it will go to 26 and after that into the 40s. Again the technicals are hardly traceable, I would think, but it is doing what they said, which was stay above 24 for a while, and in Doge hours that’s a long time.
  • N
    If you’re new to Bitcoin, heed this warning:

    - Bitcoin going up is fun
    - There will be price crashes
    - There can be nasty crashes
    - Sometimes 30% in days
    - Buy what you’re ok losing
    - Hold through the volatility
    - Don’t try day trading
    - Be patient & breathe
  • A
    According to the charts

    $0.42 next !!!
  • B
    You must learn quickly that the DOGE is considered by most to be the future digital quarter. You accumulate under .25 cents and you sell over .25 cents. ITS THAT EASY. LOVE IT
  • M
    Honest question. Why isn’t Bitcoin sold out at 60 grand a share? Who are these investors? Yet Doge can’t stay above 25 cents
  • C
    Dogecoin will soon make a run just like Ethereum and bitcoin. Hold on to what you’ve got.
  • N
    No Short
    Check the doge Chart
  • R
    Observation - For some time now the 24 hour dollar volume has been in the $5-600,000 range. Now, it’s almost $1,800,000.
  • j
    Whatever crypto you're currently holding, with BTC ETF coming up next week you will make some money. This might be a great time to get in before the big institutions come pile in. Here's a promo code to get started on the Voyager App. JON63A4C7 get $25 of BTC.
  • J
    392,000 coins and holding to $2.56..why? Cause that’s when it’s worth a million :)
  • S
    0.30 coming ...
  • S
    Guys... be patient! This is a marathon not a sprint. Developers are in the works to greatly improve Doge and it will launch into space early next year. Go long here and you will most definitely be rewarded. We are still in the beginnings of this Crypto phenomenon👍✌
  • D
    Look at the weekly chart. You see consistent Higher Highs and Higher Lows. We are surely o our way.
  • K
    Don’t listen to bashers ! Top 10 crypto! 30 billion dollar market cap !
  • B
    Just the beginning
  • R
    The Bitcoin ETF is coming Monday! This could catapult crypto next week.