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As of 3:50PM BST. Market open.
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  • J
    Trading crypto now will be very wise! but trading without a professional is never a good idea
  • P
    Pauly G.
    Bought 80% of my coins at $0.67. Got my average down to $0.46. At this point I'm HODL. My wife won't let me add anymore.
  • M
    I had no choice but to buy Shib with the Dogecoin I have because I don't want to miss my second chance of buying cheap and getting massive gains once it hits Robinhood. dejaVu
  • J
    Why in the world did Yahoo delete my post?! I Thought it was nothing but past, present, and future thinking..weird censorship
  • J
    Whale bought $1.2 Billion at .27, this is going to .50 very soon and $1.00 by years end.
  • S
    We are expected to hit 1OO,K by the end of the year, so it's wise to keep some NFTs and keep some ETH in reserve, thanks to M'R "Eisenbergtrade," and I'm still open to any potential innovation.
  • G
    Greenidge Investor
    Soon a dogecoin backed digital currency with infinite supply will be introduced. Dogecoin will then be capped and function as a store of value. Anywhere between $5-10 is possible but this ultimately depends on widespread adoption.
  • S
    So much false hope on here. Most of you already missed the train and are clinging on to something that doesn't exist. Doge isn't meant to be over a quarter, and more coins are purposely put into circulation. I honestly cant think of any reason to invest in this.. Oh wait, because elon musk did 🤦🏻‍♂️ I'm speaking now to the smarter ones on here.. You have a chance to invest in something before the train leaves the station.. A chance to invest in Doge before it was “Doge”... It's called SHIBA INU... Don't let pride and attachment prevent you from making a good decision. Cheers
  • T
    I am thinking about dumping doge for shiba inu coin. This “consolidating” is boring. Good idea or nah ?
  • J
    Forming multiple higher lows over the past days. Higher peeks as well in the making. .30 maybe today, maybe's coming
  • R
    This current Doge chart is looking very much like the Shib chart from yesterday before the huge run up. Let’s make this happen please!
  • D
    Get it now before .005
  • G
    Greenidge Investor
    DOGE is going to be the people’s currency and I think we’ll see $1-2 in 2022. So that’s a $120-260B market cap which isn’t unreasonable. You could potentially 10x your initial investment in the best case scenario.

    If dogecoin supply is eventually capped then I wouldn’t rule out $4-5. By then it will be acting as a store of value!
  • T
    Time to pop again !
  • H
    I've got 15,324 Doge coins. How about everyone else?
  • H
    I sold my coins today thinking the price would drop because of Elon’s tweet, but it’s rising! What the hey. Of course I’m going to buy back in because Doge is the king. There’s just some weird stuff going on right now.
  • j
    hi I live in NY,Is it true I can't buy shib tokens.i tried every where to buy. If anybody is from New York and and they're buying SHIB tokens Can you please tell me who you're using.. Thank you in advance
  • H
    I sold at a modest gain, with intention to put it all right back in once the doge community at large has fully digested what elon musk said about jerad birchall and the dogecoin foundation.
  • L
    Cryptocurrency /forex trading is a big chance to make money nowadays, if you can't see that at this point is time you learn more about it
  • H
    I'll never listen to "experts" again about crypto/stocks