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    Welcome all of the new Doge members. There are a few long time holders that will be easy to spot. They don't gloat, they do not put down other stocks or cryptos, they are positive and welcoming.

    Doge is a movement that has gained popularity for its playfulness - and its main cause is to allow average people in a collective effort, to decide what will be for this coin. We have some great people, we have some very popular and very wealthy people who like what we stand for and the manner in which we conduct ourselves.

    The Doge motto is do good every day.

    Technically, Doge is the grandchild of BitCoin - it is a fork off of LiteCoin (that was a fork off of Bitcoin). Unlike BTC or Ether, and due to its volume of available coins, it transacts very quickly making it ideal to be used as a cash substitute.

    It is NOT an unlimited coin, it has a hard limit of 5b per year - meaning that it is deflationary (inflation goes up, static amount of coins).

    Doge started as a joke to prove that anyone could stand up/create coin quickly. It has evolved into what it is today. It is currently the 10th largest crypto coin and has been covered in Forbes, CNNMoney, SeekingAlpha, Bloomberg and any other financial rag worth its salt.

    The reason you are here is because of its staggering gains this year. The latest rise will happen in 2 days, April 20th where the (unofficial) goal is to get it to $1. Good luck to all. Have fun.
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    Lets be honest. People come here for many reasons. Many are new to this and are simply trying to find information. I see many that don't get an answer or leave with more confusion than when they arrived. Dogecoin is the people’s crypto! That is a fact! The Dogecoin followers are a very loyal community . So many new people that are getting in to this are being given a disservice because they are being told how great this is but not a lot of information. Im sure many who jumped in within the last two months never saw their $ multiply at the rate it has. Someone who bought in with $3,500 for example back in February were up to roughly $25,000 just a couple days ago and when they saw a number that amazed them start to drop back a bit they panicked and sold. The ups and downs weren’t explained to them. They came here for answers and saw lots of hype, lots of memes, tons of opinions and lies, and maybe a hint towards advice.
    So for the new people here, when you read these posts try to remember that

    1. Nobody worth listening to will tell you what to do with your money. (Buy or Sell)
    2. There is absolutely No good reason for a basher to be here other than to benefit themselves. Bashers are people who are upset that they are seeing you put your money in something that doesn’t benefit themselves. Bashers are folks that missed the boat on this, or are upset that they worked hard on another crypto or invested in another crypto and cant comprehend that this one is the one that the people chose. I guarantee that bashers are not here because they care about you. They dont know you and you would be well off to not know them. (I accomplished this by blocking). That being said posting something that doesn’t support Dogecoin and is backed by a researchable fact is not considered bashing.
    3. Being in support of Dogecoin with False information is just as bad. It doesn’t help in anyway. (I block those also).

    I saw a post where someone said that we weren’t doing our dd and 10 wallets held 41% of all the coins and that they were whales that would sell and crash dogecoin. But if that person would have not been a basher they would have told you that a single entity holds roughly 28%. They would have explained that it is possibly robinhood or a similar company. Why? Because when you buy Dogecoin through robinhood you don’t actually hold them, robinhood does. Which only makes sense that they would hold so many. So if all the users on robinhood decide not to sell then robinhood doesn’t sell. Robinhoods dogecoin customers decide the fate..... not robinhood or whichever market you get your dogecoin through.
    So, whats the limit? Where is it going? 1$, 2$, 10, ??? The community decides. Just like any company out there. Even the top company succeeds or fails dependant on the customer. Top automaker in the world can go bankrupt overnight if zero people buy their product. And even a simple thing like a shoemaker can be a household name if a famous basketball player wears them and everyone else follows that “One” person. Other companies have their famous people endorsing their product, Doge has theirs. The people decide whether or not to like the product or not.
    🤔 my opinion.............. i will go with a million followers who each have $20 before i go with ten who each have $1000. This is new territory and we all know it can go up or down. But if the masses stick together and stay loyal then the masses decide where it goes.
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    It says a lot when an Investment company sinks 60 Millions into a .30 cents stock. It speak volumes. Just could not believe it. I am thinking that many more will follow. This is going to go up huge.
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    making money out of these digital assets like BTC, ETH and others is very simple and easy thats's if you're following the right strategy and having the best tutor.. i hodl my BTC for 4 Months with no profits, but as soon as i started following the signals Mr Leo Gregory offers which are 99.9% correct i turned my 2BTC to 11.8BTC in 4weeks, you can get to Mr Leo on his Telegram @Leogregory
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    Mark 1010
    Guys, there's a bunch of major news drops coming for Doge. Not just April 20th. I am holding all the way no matter what and I have tons of it. I may buy something with Doge and spend it where they accept Doge payments and not sell it. As soon as you sell it you have to pay tax. Investors are expecting 5 Dollars by Christmas.
    April 20th DogeDay420, Conagra Brands / Slim Jim Major Doge launch and investment updates
    April 26th - Tesla Earnings and Elon's anonouncements
    Within a week or so - Coinbase, Robinhood, Webull
    Mark Cubans and other Celebrity and Sports Teams announcements
    Other Announcements - Acceptance and Investments by large institutions and corporations
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    Doge continues to dominate the news. Great exposure means more gains. Biggest problem for most is where to trade Doge:

    This week we posed the following question to Benzinga visitors on two of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies:

    Over the next year, which cryptocurrency will have the largest percentage gain?

    Here are the full results from this week’s survey:

    Bitcoin: 12.6%
    Dogecoin: 87.4%
    This sentiment study was conducted as Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) are both at or near new all-time highs.

    At the time of publication, Bitcoin was trading at around $56,000 and Dogecoin $0.33.
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    Mark King Doge
    I have been watching these post for months now and have reserved commenting— but now— It’s about time. To all my Dodge comrades— let’s go!!! 400,000 coins and buying more at the right times. Stay classy folks and let’s have fun!
  • N
    Doge coin has over 50% probability of you doubling your money in months. Can’t say the same for BTC. Buy and Hold!
  • D
    everyone go open your 1 day chart. i bet that this is the best preforming chart you have seen all day. and there is still 6 hours left today. that increase is going to keep on happening. At this rate it will be .40 by midnight. I would buy if you want to make some money.
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    A lesson to newbies: the stock market takes the money from impatient and gives it to the patient. Do your DD before you buy stocks. Paid bashers are everywhere.
  • T
    For 3 hours this seller has been selling, he probably sold about 900 million coins and it is being bought up. Next move up will be fast. We have a 3rd bottom in 3 hours, hope that it is a good sign changing course.
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    Mac Daddy
    I bought back in 2020 because I’m a fan of under dog stories. Doge coin is the under dog of the cryptos and believing in its success is just super fun
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    “Hi. My name is Bob. I can’t afford even $10 to put into Doge, and I’m jealous of all you getting rich.
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    Loving this .35 stabilization. Nice platform to launch to .50.
  • k
    Where do you buy this? (Sorry I am new to this). I can’t get it thru my bank and don’t see it on coin base ?
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    So how does it feel to the people that didn't buy when people told them to buy at .13 and .19 and .22 and .28 and .33?
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    Elon can buy 5 billion dogecoins anytime now. It would be like buying a Tesla for his wife. Won't even dent his net worth. When he does that....boom to Uranus!
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    He is my take on Coin Base accepting DOGE. They will eventually accept DOGE all because Wall Street is beating down Coinbase valuation, and unless Coinbase accepts the massive amounts of trades from doge, their IPO price would get knocked down. Vlad who owns Robinhood will not want Coin Base to take away its trades. I believe that Robinhood would suffer as a trading platform if Coin Base adds DOGE. Right now Robinhood have control of its Investors cash, and Vlad is making hundreds of millions with transactions that takes 5 days to transfer. If Coin base adds DOGE, Vlad / Robinhood would suffer in transactions money.
  • n
    Guys, Doge is GREAT right now. This thing is strong. The weak will always sell and the smart will hold for the real ride. Literally just use some patience.