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    Are you aware of this mainstream coin DOGE? Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, announced that Dogecoin is now accepted as payment for Tesla vehicles. Cryptocurrency like Dogecoin seems to be popular nowadays! Furthermore, these other companies were said to have claimed that Nevada could become a hub for manufacturing energy storage, clean energy, and greener transportation. Do you think this could become as important as Silicon? See this sponsored post. Check the disclaimer on the landing page.
    The Green Revolution Could Fuel A Potential $129.3 Billion Lithium Market by 2027. Obtain The List Of Companies That Could Help Meet The Explosive Demand
    The Green Revolution Could Fuel A Potential $129.3 Billion Lithium Market by 2027. Obtain The List Of Companies That Could Help Meet The Explosive Demand
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    I have some news in 6-8 weeks Coinbase will start trading dogecoin.
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    Probably not enough volume to push the price higher, and since everyday has new supply of Doges. I think only after Doges being uploaded at Coinbase and Elon officially confirmed announcement then the price would go higher. Average peoples used most portions of savings that they can afford during 20/4 and SNL,...more demand is required to push the price higher.
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    Kevin O’Leary – aka Mr. Wonderful on the television program “Shark Tank” – has commented that he will not be buying any more bitcoin mined in China. In a recent interview, he likened the asset to “blood money,” and stated that he will only be garnering bitcoin sourced from hydroelectricity and other clean methods.
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    This was in response to another DOGE fan, @itsALLrisky, who asserted that the Tesla CEO supports the meme-inspired altcoin because it is better than Bitcoin “in many fundamental ways.” Musk responded by tweeting:
    “Ideally, Doge speeds up block time 10X, increases block size 10X & drops fee 100X. Then it wins hands down.”
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    its 50 cents, just buy 200 shares. it is going to go up. there are so many things that are big that are awaiting this crypto, like companies accepting it, and coinbase trading it. Once those things happen your 100 dollars will be turned into 800 dollars or 2 thousand dollars.
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    who is holding long and who has a short term exit strategy? comment below
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    With coinbase institutional investors will be able to invest in dogecoin, not just retail investor will be added.
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    hold your bag tight. Elon said dont panic. you can't win hedge funds in short term. they use super computer to buy the dip when you sell to buy in lower. You'll just end up losing your coin so just hold.
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    Time for rotation into crypto and into Doge coin...The people's Cryptocurrency👍👍👍
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    And AABB STOCK UP 3 % to 16 % Today....GOLD-backed Ethereum blockchain tech Cryptocurrency.
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    We are all part of the 1st big rotation in crypto, from Btc to Doge. Stay tuned and Do not miss it!!!👍
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    Bought another 10k coins to hold long term
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    Elon said on Twitter 4 hrs ago ,to clarify Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin. So what’s causing the drop? Speculation or the volume?
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    Mark 1010
    Someone tried to suggest that Elon should create another crypto. Elon's response was "Only if Doge can’t do it. Big pain in the neck to create another one."
    They don't understand that with Doge, framework's already in place. Just improve it. #Doge uses Scrypt as opposed to #Bitcoin 's SHA-256 & it's 10x less difficult, faster & more energy efficient. If Elon wants he can also put a Quantum computer at Dojo and with Qubits validate/mine blocks real fast but then it's centralized. Elon is 100% behind Doge now. ZERO DOUBT. We are literally going to the moon or even Mars.
  • V
    No stopping headed to $10 when coinbase opens dogecoin trading
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    Elon Musk: tweeted
    Ideally, Doge speeds up block time 10x, increases size 10x & drops fee 100x. Then it wins hands down.
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    Do any of you know what alt coin season is? Look it up. Profits rotate out of Bitcoin for several months and those coins rise while Bitcoin falls. I’m sure Bitcoin owners who want to blame Elon didn’t know that.
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    Come join the AMC Movement! The APE STRONG MOVEMENT is going to Squeeze the Hedgies! AMCtotheMoon!
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    Going to be my retirement fund