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  • K
    Elon Musk, the dogecoin-boosting Telsa billionaire, has once again weighed in on the meme-based cryptocurrency, suggesting dogecoin fees need to fall before it can become a viable payment option. I am a proud HODler
  • J
    Just got an email to join crypto wallets from RH. So it is coming. Not sure how it's going to effect Doge. But it's coming.
  • G
    Greenidge Investor
    Why dogecoin will likely reach $1 (maybe $2) eoy or early 2022...basically 5 major catalysts!

    1. Robinhood wallets (nearly there)
    2. AMC accepting dogecoin (CEO impressed with dogecoins community)
    3. Doge-ethereum bridge (ether founder on dogecoin board)
    4. Tesla accepting bitcoin and dogecoin at the same time.
    5. Elon’s doge-1 rocket launch, lots of hype and his tweets.
  • A
    Would like to that the good folks of China for their bi weekly propaganda. You are helping build my massive Doge collection at discount prices :))))))
  • Y
    Someday you can tell your grandkids you bought dogecoin for 20 cents. They'll ask you what a dogecoin is. You'll tell them it was 'supposed' to be the cryptocurrency of the future. Then you'll give them $1 to go get a candy bar. Hopefully not your last $1.......
  • r
    In brief
    AMC is considering allowing Dogecoin payments, per a tweet from CEO Adam Aron.
    The “meme stock” movie theater firm will allow payments with Bitcoin and three other cryptocurrencies by the end of the year.
  • D
    Crypto has gotten so big that lobbyists and special interest groups like American Heritage, are paying senators in off the market crypto currency only obtainable on metamask.
  • M
    For some time now it’s been a regular bouncing around show. Investors have bounced from one alt coin to another cause run up after run up . DOT, ADA, SOL, XRP (very briefly), ect… but DOGE has been passed up each time the rotation is starting all over again and DOGE never made the cut. If that doesn’t tell you this puppy is done I don’t know what will convince you? Unlimited supply and next to no demand = price drop in every single market I’ve ever seen in the planet. Gas, food, travel, coins, nothing is exempt from this basic principle. It’s like trying to sell sand at the beach. Good luck with that
  • D
    Sorry, I got distracted and hav'nt issued a CONSTANT DOGE BUYING report lately. I have been adding a little every day and my average cost is now 0.276 (down from 0.61). I did make a mistake and sold some at 0.20 only to buy it back at 0.224. Should not happen again especially if the price is below my average. RH offered my a Wallet (2022) but I have not accepted it yet. Keeping on buying at this low price.
  • A
    Amc CEO just did a Twitter poll on if amc should accept doge as payment… go vote
  • M
    Doge coin adoption rate up 40% since January.
  • M
    In 2 years doge will be at or past 4.20 a coin mark this post.
  • C
    I'm still up for spot trading at 3.7%.
  • B
    All stocks and tokens are super down lol not just doge
  • M
    BUY BUY BUY!!! It’s falling because the Bank of China declared it’s not legal tender for transactions in China. The Bank of China is grasping at straws - basically reiterating the contention that they already profess. Crypto is the future and right now the future is cheap. BUY BUY BUY!!!!
  • C
    One day #doge will dip to 75 cents and people will say doge is dead.
  • h
    I got another $500.00 yesterday, holding for the long term.
  • c
    31 Million people are about to get Crypto Wallets…
  • c
    Dogecoin can now be spent at close to 1800 merchants and growing… impressive.
  • M
    Got this off another blog.

    It's early days! You kids are impatient, "estimated global crypto ownership rates at an average of 3.9%, with over 300 million crypto users worldwide. And over 18,000 businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments."
    so consider yourself lucky as an Early investor and wait for the floods to come (metaphor)
    If you need a get rich quick, try playing the lottery 🤞