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Polkadot GBP (DOT2-GBP)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in GBP
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22.72-2.07 (-8.35%)
As of 2:49PM GMT. Market open.
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  • m
    My wife still holds from $4.
  • D
    Load up, through polkadot staking of coins on the producers/miners of coins you can earn up to 20-30% a year from earning more DOT alone and not the price change itself. You are essentially betting that the person will do their job and stay online, it operates on risk vs reward and there are plenty of options with essentially 0 risk. Even without this aspect and if you plan to just let it sit in a storage wallet this is still a great investment. The fact on such a strong bitcoin day we BEAT it instead of people selling out and buying into BTC shows real strength.
  • D
    what is the procedure to buy polkadot? and where? Thank you.
  • j
    My reaction when my financial advisor tells me its a bad idea to pull out of all my boomer stocks and put it into crypto
  • O
    What's the difference between polkadot 1 and polkadot 2?
  • A
    DOT is one of the most promising coins out there. Better load up.
  • e
    How do people feel about the current steady decline? Hopes for the future?
  • m
    What is the difference between DOT1 and DOT2?
  • I
    Future is bright.
  • j
    Bitcoin success is correlated to this over time, no point in hoping out and selling dot for BTC just because you see it rising. The fall out will be surrounding coins will rise. the whole play of DOT is investing in the fact it wont be a 1 currency majority type of system. Theres BTC, then ETH, then the next will be DOT
  • j
    This will almost always reflect bitcoins gains or pull backs but will also gain from its own adaption and growth of people taking notice.
  • J
    Which exhange offers DOT2??
  • j
    This is going to x10 within 2-3 years, I got in on Ethereum at 14$ in 2016.
  • P
    I have dot 2 as my wallet and dot 2 shows same price, dot 1 is $2 cheaper I am not sure about the difference. This could be googl & goog may be rolled out at different times
  • D
    Hey guys,

    We just finished up the forums side of things over at

    Come claim your names, as the forum grows we're going to get into blogs, tools, and services that are all free to use.

    All future features coming are things that DO NOT exist yet for the DOT ecosystem. We're inventing them, and will be rolling them out slowly.

    If you like DOT, you will like our site. Come check it out and say hi.
    Polkacenter is the ultimate source of all Polkadot related discussion and news.
    Polkacenter is the ultimate source of all Polkadot related discussion and news.
  • R
    Relja Radojevic
    whatz the diference dot1 do2
  • K
    There are so many traders on online but the only one i can trust is Mr Solberg Jonas, he is very sincere and understands the problem every beginner face.