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Deutsche Post AG (DPW.F)

Frankfurt - Frankfurt Delayed price. Currency in EUR
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30.08-0.10 (-0.33%)
At close: 09:29PM CEST

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    The beatdown is undeserved, the numbers for Q3 are going to be within expectations or potentially even better than expected due to consumer demand in Germany not cratering in e-commerce and the supply chain issues actually easing off. Fuel prices were on average not as high in Q3 as in Q2, freight costs came down as well, this should boster profits because DHL is reliant to a large extent on external freight providers. The acquisition of Hillebrand Group will also increase revenues and profit, because it was already paid for in full during Q1. Debt to asset ratio is healthy and the group can secure financing at attractive rates even in a higher rate environment. Post and Parcel i Germany itself is only 20% of the portfolio, letter demand is not going down drastically even in the current recession, in fact there is a worker shortage in the p&p business right now. All in all, the second half of 2022 will be within the realm of expectations and the dividend of 1.80 (perhaps even an increase, but I would not expect it under current macro-conditions) is secure for the current fiscal year. Again, this is selling at sub 36, a real bargain.
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    I am pretty certain that the Earnings Report will be another strong signal for the resilience and adaptability, even in these trying times. That might send it over 40 per share.
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    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than DPW.DE
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    I dont really get why nobody is interested in this company, even now it is very cheap, it deploys capital quite well and they grow and buy other companies every year. Obviously not a growth stock by any means, but at these prices the downside risks are negligible and the upside is at least 15-25% all while you can get it with a 4-5% divvy. Top tier company and logistics isnt going away, no matter what the political pundits would have you believe.
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    I saw that they specialize in shipping pharmaceuticals worldwide. I assume that would include the Covid vaccine? If so wouldn’t this be a good time to invest in the company?
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    Accumulating here, absolute steal below 50 Billion market cap. Why ?- Growing revenue, free cash flow & dividend on yearly basis.- Can easily acquire smaller european logistics companies (example: BPOST or PostNL).- Will always be in business as E-Commerce & Cargo won't go away.- Trades at a low 10 PE which is cheap compared to UPS's 15 PE ratio.- Also backed by government, is actively buying back shares and has a reasonable debt ratio.PT: #$%$50+ at least
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    DHL is a partner with Xi’an international which moves rail freight from China to Hamburg in 12 days. How valuable is this going to be considering the problems in Suez?
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    60s coming
    Record in revenue coming
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    Election would not affect DHL so much.
    This is only related to Europe, so it is safe.
    The most dangerous time is Germany announced to close the door because of Wuhan Virus.
    The lowest bottom is $44.
    If the line not broken, DHL is on the rally path.
    The price is fair or under estimated, comparing with Fedex.
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    Nice I bought 46 shares yesterday 😃
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    This is a really solid company, seems weird to me that there isnt more interest in it. 4.5 % yield on such a solid foundation of a company with the German state basically upholding your core business moat. A value play if Ive ever seen one.
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    DHL is the best shares in the end of 2020.
    The volume is low. This is underestimate.
    The lower this time, the more shares to buy.
    My target is $80-100 in Dec 2020.
    DHL is better than Fedex. Fedex is too expansive.
    DHL has transportation skill for vaccine. After election, DHL starts to go rally.
    Buy Buy Buy now!!!
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    Hello, I would like to know the differences between Dpstf et Dpsgy . Is there any taxation that I have to take in consideration in my TSFA or my RRSP (I am Canadian). Thank you very much for your reply.
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    $59 $59 $59
    Earning Date is today after the market closed.
    The Estimated price of DHL is $59.
    Today the highest price is 51.3(according to Germany market, but it was delated.)

    So this is very good discount.
    Buy it immediately below $48.3.
    This is Sale for DPSGY
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    DHL will start high rally for two news in Nov. Watching:
    1. Germany government takes action to improve the economy.
    2. The peak of Wuhan Viruses is the end of Oct, so when the door opened again in the end of Nov.
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    $59. Next Tuesday, after the earning date.
    I guest $51 today, but if is still below $50.
    How cheap DHL now?
    Buy Buy Buy.
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    I’ve got nothing but time….
    One of these days I’m going to get into the ‘Good Ol’ Boyz Club!’
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    I'd like to get in at $49, pre pandemic the chart for this company isn't appealing but maybe its a staple for dividend income?