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  • J
    With stalling retail sales data in Q2 and consumer confidence levels hitting all-time lows, I was expecting revenue figures for the quarter to suffer. But Deliveroo surprised me with 4% growth in its gross transactional value (GTV) for Q2 and 8% growth in H1. I’d initially though that this was the result of inflated prices, but total orders grew too!
  • J
    I was right then 😂 dropping lower than my predicted £1.7
  • J
    Deliveroo sits on a large pile of cash at £1.3bn with zero debt. It only burnt through £224m in 2021, giving it a cash runway of about 5.8 years. Given that management expects to achieve breakeven on an adjusted EBITDA margin by 2024, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, a potential recession could push its timeline backwards and sour investor sentiment even further.
  • G
    that's the uk stock market for ya 😂
  • f
    Looks like 2.83 is the bottom. They have some strong plans in the pipeline for expansion. Have a google
  • b
    I wonder how high this will go
  • f
    Several of the City of London's biggest money managers — including Aviva (AV.L), Aberdeen Standard Life (SLA.L), L&G (LGEN.L), and M&G (MNG.L) — publicly said they would not take part in Deliveroo's IPO.
  • T
    If $ROO falls under 100 £1 I'm starting a position the risk / reward upside is too compelling to ignore for a 2-5 year + Hold
  • s
    £100 invested hope I will make 100k by 4021 long wait 😂
  • D
    ROO is about to make some serious moves, make this message... technicals all aligned
  • B
    must bought in ...50 more 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
  • f
    This is doomed for several clear reasons -
    - Deliveroo is not a tech company, it should be classified as a delivery or logistics company. And, therefore does not warrant a ‘tech’ premium
    - the Competition is ruthless. Usually there are 3 big players in each market. Competition authorities would never allow a merger to occur. I get ‘freebies/discount’ vouchers every week from at least one of them on a rotating basis.
    - once fully costed with labour costs being adjusted, then it is unlikely they will ever make a profit. They are delivery companies!
    - and, there is an elephant in the room. One can just order directly from ones ‘favourite’ restaurant, and keep things local. Let your local restaurant keep the margins.
    When the dust settles on this industry, you are likely to just see valuations in the 100’s of millions, not billions.
  • S
    Don’t buy into companies like this one. They’ll never make a profit. And Uber is much better investment (it’s a bad investment but definitely better than deliberó)
  • T
    hi, have you all received your shares in your trading account yet?
  • r
    Absolute dog of an stock. Couldn’t turn a profit when people were locked in their homes. Not a tech company. Razor thin margins. Avoid
  • A
    Just tripled down on this, calling 228 the bottom. Amazon invested 575m in this two years ago when valuation was potentially higher than the market cap today, and it’s 50% down since the initial ipo valuation, you still want a better discount?
  • D
    Will Shu sells shares to pay a tax bill,but at same time receives more shares as part of incentive scheme,which amount to more shares than he used to settle his tax bill..Pure gravy train corruption,in my view...
  • B
    Big B
    Deliveroo didn’t deliver! Beaaaa haha lol
  • S
    Stock Bo
    Load the boat 🛥
  • S
    if they couldn't make a profit the past 15 months they never will