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  • M
    As a long time seller on eBay, I’m truly baffled by how this company is still operating. I have 2 seller account, one has seen it’s sales drop by 75% in the past 5 yrs and the other is basically non-existent. While my sales have doubled on other platforms. This is not a market issue, it’s an eBay issue. They have total disregard for their sellers. They keep jacking off their fees and creating additional ones when it suits them. They even charge a fee of 12.5% on sales tax they collect. This is not unique to me. I’m on several seller forums and it’s the case across the board. I just don’t buy these numbers here. $11B in revenue, $14b cash, lol. Something doesn’t smell right. I see this crashing and burning soon.
  • L
    Lori Hanning
    Hi, I have reason to believe there are no people taking care of customer service for eBay. They don't care about their users it seems. They are quick to cancel people's accounts, and offer no way to repay a balance owed for unsold items. I personally have been waiting for a half hour, while I was told my wait time would be less than a minute.
    I would post the image I took of the chat with its times and that promise of a one minute wait, but there's no method to do that here that I can find. I don't believe they're trying to keep their customers happy anymore, I had 100% positive feedback and been a member since 2005. They canceled my account over an unsold item that was still listed on auction, because they wanted the fee but never told me they were going to cancel the account. I'm selling my stocks in eBay because of completely lost faith
  • b
    So eBay's shipping software which was previously broken is now re-broken due to their latest merge of code to their production environment. Obviously their QA team dropped the ball. If there is any discrepancy make sure to constantly contact them to get it fixed. It is charging the incorrect amount of shipping you need to spend to ship versus what you get from the buyer. I had to cancel my last order (which lost ebay money) because their customer service department would help me. They even started telling me lies as to why their system was still functioning properly. But where eBay will truly get destroyed is next year when people start getting 1099K forms for trivial amounts of sales. People will stop selling by the 10,000s in 2023. Consider purchasing a very long term put to make a bunch of money.
  • D
    I too am halting selling on Ebay after 15 years. Increased fees and new 1099k form rules, along with more difficult buyers make it not worth it.
  • O
    There is a death cross on eBay chart today
  • s
    3.18%DROP yesterday, and in the red premarket. I would say $ebay $40-43 is becoming a reality soon enough.
  • H
    Reading the comments here? it seems Ebay is heading towards its end. Considering Ebay's recent sales of its ticket and classifieds businesses I can only think of one solution to all its problem. Sell the company.
  • A
    #1 Trade Idea For 2022 👀🔥📈
  • A
    I am going to sell all my 67 years of personal belongings from living 67 years, and selling all family members items from years past that got left with me. Not going to report as income once over 600 either. The irs can sit on my thumb and twist and turn. Not claiming to be a reseller. I have clothes, tools, books, and have been thinning the hoard to just clear out my house and other buildings. Always stopping before the previous limits. Does the irs even have the workforce to come for all those type of sellers.
  • s
    $ebay will keep dropping until after 1st qtr earnings, then you will see another big drop. What happened to the $100 a share cheerleaders?
  • M
    I have been a casual seller on eBay since the early 2000's. Use to be a great place to sell my used toys I have been collecting for years. I don't have a e-commerce or brick and mortal store and sell from the comfort of my home. Ebay fees have sky-rocketed, we are paying more taxes, takes longer to get paid, and the feedback system is not as friendly to the sellers any more. Now effective in Jan. 2022 I will be getting a 1099K tax form for selling $600 worth of my used toys that I already had paid taxes on when I purchased new. So effective Jan. 2022 I will stop selling on eBay and look towards other tax free used items market places. There is no doubt that other sellers will follow this trend. Sorry to say ebay will just become another big chain retailer with nothing left for the little guys like me.
  • s
    Here is my contribution since Steven thinks I need to do market research for you. Tech is being sold off, inflation is rising, money is being driven into commodities and energy. Gasoline and Oil will be the big winners. eBay is still garbage stock with terrorist management. Next week I will feature Joe Rogan on my contribution post. You’re welcome.
  • J
    One other new fee this year on ebay. An international tax on all sales to certain countries. Got surprised by that. Once my inventory is gone, I too am no longer going to sell on eBay. Thanks Democrats, RINOS, and the NWO! I wasn't even making a profit, just getting rid of my late wifes clothing, etc. I am so glad her death can fill the coffers of the international bankers. Eyes rolling.
  • B
    all these high prices to live no one has any money to buy discretionary off ebay anyway just one more nail in this coffin
  • C
    I used Ebay for years. Everything has gone downhill. Here's a recent example. I would stop using them to sell anything.

    I listed an item on EBay, it was a cell phone.

    A guy emails me and asks to sell around Ebay at a lower price than my Buy It Now. I don't bother with that junk, those people are scam artists.

    A bit later, he buys the item at Buy it Now and pays. I Fedex the item out immediately and he gets it two biz days later.

    I have FOUR witnesses that saw me pack the item. Keep in mind that I have used EBay for 21 years with no issues and have almost 1000 positive feedback.

    He opens the main box and then opens the phone box, takes the phone out, takes a picture of the empty box, and says I didn't include the phone and files with EBay. He also already had filed with his financial institution, which, I don't get to know who that is. Because of that, EBay tried to close the case within FIVE HOURS. I hadn't even been home yet to see the email.

    I replied to the original email so they started and investigation. Then there is a screen where you "fill out your details." The only details you can put is upload a picture (what do I upload a picture of?) and my RETURN ADDRESS. I'm not even allowed to describe what happened in the dispute, so I send a complaint about the transaction separately with the dispute.

    EBay says they are researching it. A person I spoke to on the phone said EBay is aware of these types of problems and working to change their policies.

    Five days later, EBAY RULES IN THE BUYERS FAVOR!!!!!! So he just stole $400 from me (or the phone, however you want to look at it). I called EBay to complain, forced my way up to a higher level agent, and they said that if you sell things on EBay, you take your chances!!!! It's not their job to deal with it!! I said, "Well this is easy, people could steal all day long." He said that really wasn't their problem and that they don't stand beside the transactions (his name was Robert, btw).

    So I'm out a phone or money, getting lawyers, and going to go after the guy. If anyone else has had the same experience, which it sounds like it happens a lot now, hit me up in private, and we can attach EBay and turn it into a class action.

    Meanwhile, do not sell through them. Period.
  • s
    The eBay stalking scandal was a campaign conducted by Devin Wenig and eBay. It has resulted in seven indictments and two arrests. The accused employees included two members of eBay’s executive leadership team.[1] As of December 2021, at least five employees had pleaded guilty to charges involving criminal conspiracies.[2] The scandal involved the aggressive stalking and harassment. The Federal case continues today. Stop supporting this criminal corporation. You could be next!!!
  • R
    Why is Ebay not on anyone's radar? I feel like it's very undervalued. What am I missing?
  • C
    LOL shills out today, trying to drive down the company. Its like saying Amazon is going under soon, please.
    Strong buy and is about at its bottom, load up folks.
  • C
    Buy more, love getting a big discount off the backs of others who panic. Heading north soon, cheers to the folks buying we will be making a nice turn around.
  • K
    I've done a fair amount of buying from ebay but no selling. I had been thinking a lot about becoming a seller but then I just heard about the new tax law taking effect Jan 1st and changed my mind. Kind of disappointed about it but I'm not paying taxes on something I already paid taxes on that I own and want to sell. I'll continue using ebay as a buyer and that is it. I really wonder how this will play out in the long run for other current sellers.