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  • j
    eBay sales fall as GMV declines for fourth consecutive quarter
    Paul Conley | May 4, 2022 (Google this)
  • j
    Hedge Funds are dumping eBay in the after hours, this is just one trade of over 3 million shares

    16:13:04 $45.67 3,083,292
    16:12:19 $45.67 2,203
    16:12:17 $45.67 50,966
    16:12:17 $45.67 76,334
    16:12:14 $45.67 6,505
    16:12:06 $45.67 48,533
    16:12:01 $45.67 17,114
    16:12:01 $45.67 4,169
    16:11:52 $45.67 26,735
    16:11:39 $45.67 254,532
  • Z
    I received a questionnaire last week regarding my thoughts about selling on their platform.

    The questions were about many aspects of their platform. Most of them allowed manual entry space for answers as well.

    The one that I found most surprising was if I planned to list anymore items in the next 3 months.

    Since I quit listing this year when my Total Sales hit the upper $500 range, I was surprised that they were interested in my thoughts and concerns at all.
  • c
    Y’all still use eBay when u can sell on Facebook market place for FREE?
  • j
    Yahoo is either censoring posts big time or this script is not functioning properly, I go with the former, Yahoo is protecting ebay, they have shills interacting with those running this place. Jamie is paying off someone to hide the truth, Wenig did the same with Down Detector where all the posts critical of eBay were deleted.
  • S
    why you don't like PE 2 with 2+% dividends???
  • j
    eBay is done due to their own ineptitude, the company can not deliver relevant search results to buyers, this is simple fundamentals, buyers will not waste time sorting a cross section of non-relevant results, they will leave and that is exactly what they are doing. Upper management needs to be replaced, look at the numbers they have produced, 30% loss of the customer base in the last 3 quarters.
  • B
    i'm a top seller on eBay, they changed the algorithms so that 1/2 my items haven't even had a view. millions of people hopping on eBay and zero no nada views? on like a camera? toner cartridges? somethjng is way off. even though the stock is down 45%, going to buy a few puts, this could go to $20 in the next few months, impossible to have good revenues.
  • j
    McDonalds has a new program like eBay does, pay us extra and we will run you through the check out line in the drive trough window that is faster.
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    This is ebay in real time, all posts from ebay sellers.

    Something went wrong. Please try again later.
    06-24-2022 03:17 AM Can't send a simple invoice to a customer this morning.
    This isn't a platform anymore. I want my monthly fees refunded.

    06-24-2022 12:44 AM I've been making more money on Amazon and Facebook marketplace than eBay personally. Really like the fact Facebook has no fees.

    06-23-2022 11:15 PM

    It’s so bizarre! In 10 years I have never had a week of zero sales and this week has been zilch nada! I called eBay and they say it’s not them - it’s me! I don’t believe it! I normally have a sale a day. Snd over the past week to 10 days absolutely nothing! Extremely frustrating!!!!! Don’t know what to do!

    02-06-2022 02:49 PM

    I have been selling items for over 8 years now, mostly different sites. In the past 1 to 4 weeks my sales have dwindled to zero a week. This has never happened before. I talk to other Facebook Marketplace sellers, and they too, have experienced a drastic decline in sales. Is there something that happened that I am not aware of that buyers are not buying?
  • m
    Ebay could have treated their sellers better, no big surprise here.
  • B
    bought 5 more Aug puts, like I said previously easier money than selling on eBay. this stock will be $17.50 mid-Aug.
  • B
    making money buying aug puts is way easier than selling on eBay. doubled in the last week. eBay will be 17 by mid august.
  • j
    Jun 05, 2020 · eBay has never been more committed to living our purpose: enabling our diverse community of small businesses to succeed and grow.

    Cut and paste this BS PR from eBay executives for a great laugh, they are providing so much success and growth that they lost 30% of their base of customers in just the last 3 quarters, go to school to get an MBA so you can run a business like these guys do.
  • L
    “Ebay Tops BofA List of Companies with High Free Cash Flow”. Time for shorts to tap out on this one and move on.
  • j
    Thread on eBay Seller forum: VIEWS AND SALES 06-12-2022 06:02 PM

  • T
    I used to buy and sell a lot on eBay. It’s still the best interface with most reach but fees fees fees fees greed.
    It actually makes me happy to see this company failing now. Time is ripe for a better forum
  • B
    what i lose in eBay sales I'm going to make up for in eBay puts. those are gold, no way, no how they can have anything but lousy earnings. etsy, posh are all down 80%, eBay should and will be an $18 stock.
  • A
    Bad business eventually leads to collapsing stock price. Playing out in spades with eBay, with no end in sight.
  • J
    Insiders selling at the bottom....No confidence in the company