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    Over the next week you'll hear about a major new DeFi crypto space invention, which could be a strong catalyst for explosive growth in the market. You're going to want to make sure you're in on this if you're interested in making some money.
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    $700-900 range by 2023.
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    FFIE ULTRA Luxury EV
    The NEXT $top ahead for EGLD- USD is $ 4 Billion Market Cap.?
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    it will easly be 200-230$ next month, then who knows maybe +300
  • A
    1000$ by the end of the year
  • s
    how can I buy?
  • S
    I bought egld today at $224 7 Elgd this is my first time getting into crypto. Should I have waited for a pull back?
  • k
    It is never too late to invest in such a concept.
    The future sounds good!
    Invest only as much as you can lose without risking your house, car or college money.
    Patience will be rewarded !
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    Sergiu Mare
    I expect a big rally on April and probably EGLD will climb over 200$
  • R
    River Pgl
    Go 200$+
  • j
    I only wanted to give crypto a try and here i am today a full time trader with a wallet of more than 5BTC accumulated in a years plus. Cindy is a very great lady.
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    November 500$
  • L
    What’s next for EGLD?
  • C
    Cartoon boy
    Unbelievable low volume , & it’s gone parabolic , congratulations to those flying the $egld
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    Cartoon boy
    Some people laughed when I was buying EGLD 250$ 240$ 230$ 223$
    Nothing but good news, future is bright for blockchain & crypto, the garage will be moved to the curb, the cream will rise to the top , what is the price at now,
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    Great Project!