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China Evergrande Group (EGRNY)

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  • r
    Will we ever see EGRNY real numbers ??? The answer is NO .. This is a ...00001 stock ....
  • S
    Saved by grace
    Trusting in JESUS
  • J
    Over Evergrande? No. I don't think I'll ever get over Evergrande.
  • r
    Going to .00001 fast ... WATCH
  • m
    now they are in the EV business? very intresting
  • r
    EGRNF needs to go into BK ...
  • M
    Restructuring plan due by end of July.

    Where is it?
  • L
    short squeeze
  • S
    Evergrande is turning into Everlittlé
  • J
    In China they are refusing to pay their rent and mortgage’s
  • T
    When can this explode so we can work on getting things back on track…….
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    The OG Stone Bear
    It's over the presale system shouldn't have been abused like this a deposit could've been used to reserve a building (but cancellable at any time) to get the developer extra money but not simply be squandered by moving from project to project, to project whilst the original one was still unfinished.... Can't say that this isn't karma considering you can't stall forever and go from unfinished project to unfinished project.... It's all gonna collapse considering people aren't buying homes anymore, construction workers haven't gotten months worth of salaries, and people are refusing to pay off mortgages... This isn't just a normal ticking time bomb it's a thermonuclear weapon that is counting down with no way to stop it.
  • y
    Chain reaction ....
    The problem is not only the company's unbelievable debts. The "" little people "" who had painstakingly saved the money for their own apartment are now faced with a pile of "" nothing "". The money was spent, but not for YOUR apartment, but for some other project, and no one knows where these infinite sums of debt actually went. Because Evergrande can no longer pay interest.

    And as a chain reaction, in the event of Evergrande's insolvency, there is also the default in payment of all the companies that worked for Evergrande contracts in construction, planning, administration, etc. If these companies (subcontractors) also no longer receive any money for their work and orders that have already been completed, THESE ones also go bankrupt and their employees and workers no longer receive wages ....
    No wages - no food or other purchases - and that money is ultimately lacking in the entire economy.

    The iron and steel sector is already suffering from the disaster in the Chinese real estate sector. No new buildings also means no (less) demand for steel ...

    The big iron ore mining companies such as Rio Tinto from Great Britain or Fortescue Metal Group from Australia have already lost immense value on the stock exchanges in the last few days, as the iron price has only been reduced by countering the high ore prices and the problems in the construction sector by Chinese policy a few weeks, has lost more than 50%.

    Evergrande is not a bank like Lehman Brothers in the US that conjured up the financial crisis in 2008, but with a mountain of debt of 300 billion. Dollars, that cannot possibly be accomplished without major problems for the global financial markets.
    In the world of finance and on the stock exchanges, there is far too much clinging to one another - and to one another ......
  • U
    I Loaded up at the bottom ! 10x coming soon
  • C
    Chinese Golden Century
    If you're looking to invest in China Evergrande Group it's better to wait and see what happens to its debt. My expectation: sale of its assets to cover the loands from banks with zero value remaining for shareholders.
    Even if debt can be paid by selling some assets: what about the image of Evergrande?
    Potential Chinese homeowners don't even want to buy a house of a near default real estate company even if they get major discounts compared to competitors - the image imposes another risk on top of the potential default risk. Best to avoid - have a look at the major Chinese players in tech: great balance sheet, great financials and growth, yet priced near all time low valuations as well.
    Bearish on Evergrande Group (unless positive information comes out) - bullish on big Chinese tech.
  • T
    The Rainmaker
    Not sure why they allow this stock to trade any longer. For months now, the company has been defaulting on their repayments. Guaranteed bankrupt company.