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    $FSR conversation
    Henrik Fisker
    A long exciting day! I talked to the chairman of Foxconn today; we agreed: Foxconn’s announcement today about its new EV manufacturing plant in Ohio could mean an earlier launch of the PEAR. #Fisker #Love #EVs #ESG #EarlyBiz
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    $PLTR conversation
    Join #Palantir's Samantha Batey and Daniel Wheller at
    's DataVision 2021 Virtual Conference tomorrow October 5 to discuss #data's role in #ESG decision-making.
  • ẞeyhmus
    $XOM conversation
    The math is simple folks

    Demand down 2% vs pre Covid for #oil, up 2-3% for #natgas globally — both going up

    Capex down 20% for upstream vs 2019

    Wall St is the problem, pushed by ecosystem/politicians and #ESG fluff— all with wishful thinking

    No complaints on my side
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    Durbin: We Must Protect Communities From "Forever Chemicals" ContaminationBipartisan Infrastructure Deal Includes Funding For PFAS Cleanup And Prevention Measures, Historic Investments In Clean Water 08/03/21WASHINGTON ? U.S. Senate Majority Whip #$%$ Durbin (D-IL) today spoke on the Senate floor about a recent story in the Chicago Sun-Times that revealed the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) ? also known as ?forever chemicals? ? in water systems in Chicago, Lake Forest, Waukegan, and South Elgin. Durbin called on the Senate to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which includes $10 billion to address PFAS and other emerging contaminants in drinking water and wastewater, with $4 billion specifically for addressing PFAS in drinking water.?Forever chemicals. It?s a phrase that sounds both ambiguous and ominous,? Durbin said. ?The Environmental Working Group has identified more than 1,700 potential sources in my state, from sewage treatment facilities to landfills. The culprit could be anyone or a combination. As of now there is no definitive answer. In other words, the analogy is an arsonist still running through the forest, and the only signs are the trees he leaves burning.?Durbin continued, ?When it comes to protecting our children's health and well-being, solutions cannot wait and states like Illinois cannot address this threat on their own. Pending before the United States Senate at this moment is the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. This deal is good for us, good for America, and starts to address this problem. This historic bipartisan plan will make our nation's largest ever investment in clean water. That investment includes $10 billion for addressing the ?forever chemical? challenge and other emerging contaminants from drinking water and wastewater systems throughout America. That's a big deal.?The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-build our nation?s roads, railways, transit, and bridges; to make high-speed internet and clean water a reality for every household in America; and to create millions of good-paying, family-supporting union jobs across the country. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is currently being debated on the Senate floor.The $10 billion in PFAS funding includes:$4 billion to address PFAS in drinking water through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund;$5 billion for small and disadvantaged communities to address emerging contaminants, including PFAS and;$1 billion to address emerging contaminants, including PFAS, in wastewater through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.**OP**BioLargo?s AEC is there to help clean up the PFAS mess.Advantages over other technologies: ? More energy-efficient ? More affordable on per-gallon basis ? Much less PFAS-laden waste produced ? Less activated carbon required in PFAS life cycle ? Higher purity of final water ? Compact; small footprintDo your own DD and invest accordingly.Recommended AEC Post from **OP**:[**AEC advancing - BioLargo top Clean Tech investing choice**]( #Cleanwater #bipartisan #foreverchemicals #water #esg #cleantech
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    $HYZN conversation
    Melius Research Report on Hyzon - Buy rated Target Price $30

    From LinkedIn
    Melius Research

    There is a growing urgency on energy transition and the #hydrogen need is real. Rob Wertheimer has initiated on Hyzon Motors, the current technology leader in hydrogen fuel cells for heavy mobile/freight applications. Please reach out to read the full report!
    #esg #climatechange #sustainability
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    $FNI.CN conversation
    Small update from my favorite nickel explorer – Fathom Nickel (FNI.C). In North America it is critically important that your miner has fantastic relationships with First Nations, otherwise, oftentimes, there are many hoops to jump through. FNI has proven to have fantastic relationships with FN people. This is apparent in their investor presentation, as well as in today’s news where they contracted CanNorth who advise and support in their #ESG initiatives as they explore their Saskatchewan project. This is very important from a public interest standpoint, so i'm glad they are taking the appropriate and methodical steps to be successful - important for me as a shareholder to see this!
    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - August 12, 2021) - Fathom Nickel Inc. (CSE:FNI) (FSE: 6Q5) (the "Company" or "Fathom"), is pleased to announce that it has engaged Canada North Environmental Services (CanNorth) to advise and support its environmen
    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - August 12, 2021) - Fathom Nickel Inc. (CSE:FNI) (FSE: 6Q5) (the "Company" or "Fathom"), is pleased to announce that it has engaged Canada North Environmental Services (CanNorth) to advise and support its environmen
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    $BLGO conversation
    $BLGO Must read From BioResearch Alert's Seeking Alpha blog:

    BioLargo has relentlessly performed extensive Research and Development over more than 10 years and is now shifting gears to commercialization of its core technologies for PFAS removal and for broad spectrum water treatment. The company is also well-known for its unrivaled odor control Cupridyne Clean that is steadily being adopted into the large Waste Handling Industry.

    With unmet demand exceeding many billion dollars for its unrivaled products that BioLargo is now beginning to offer in the markets, it seems likely that this could be the beginning of an era for BioLargo shareholders who may soon be able to say, “I invested in this company when nobody knew about it, just like Amazon in 1995 or APPLE in 1995 when nobody gave them a second thought.”

    J.J.: am sharing todays BioResearch Alert's Seeking Alpha blog Post because I honestly believe there is no better way to place the money than putting it into a purposeful company that will have a positive impact on the world, will „Make Life Better“, and also looks like a certain multi bagger.

    IMHO BioLargo is one of the best investing opportunities out there - the perfect combination - investing in the “clean” future while going for the big bucks.

    #Cleantech #PFAS #cleanwater #ESG #green #OTC #OTCPICK #Pennystocks #invest
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    There’s no top in that chart over $2
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    $BLGO Incase you missed it - it is the perfect introduction to Biolargo.
    A 25min speed date that might make you join the ESG 20X plus opportunity
    The Recording from last weeks Investors Summit is online- Below is a link to watch it (free registration).
    When we will confirm our lab results that we do have the best low cost PFAS collecting technology- commercial units are about 60-90 days away- with scheduled trials at some of the worlds biggest water systems- this will multiply quickly.
    IMHO Biolargo is a clean tech monster in the making and it is just a matter of time when this will het discovered.
    Perfect introduction!

    Link is in replies- if it sticks
    And on Reddit and Stocktwits.
    #cleanwater #Green #PFAS #INVEST #OTC #AOS #AEC #Biolargo
    #Pennystocks #DD #ESG
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    $BLGO conversation
    Mark your calendars- Two BioLargo presentations coming up. We usually see a big uptake in price around the shareholder meeting and this seems the perfect time to discover BLGO.
    Event: BioLargo Presentation at the LD Micro Invitational XI
    Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
    Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
    Event: BioLargo 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders
    Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021
    Time: 10:00 AM PT

    Do you think we will see .20s, 30s or even higher this summer?

    "We got ahead of the curve by developing and commercializing an affordable and environmentally conscious technology that removes these toxic chemicals," said Mr. Calvert. "The BioLargo AEC represents the most practical solution for this serious global problem. Watch our presentation to learn more about it and about our other emerging cleantech solutions."

    Do your own DD.

    #LDMicro #PFAS #BioLarrtgo #water #cleantech #ESG #OTCPICK
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    Fisker Inc.
    Announcing next earnings date tomorrow morning!! Covid had zero impact on our business plan! We r full speed ahead! On time, on target!! #Fisker #Love #EVs #ESG #ClimateAction #sustainability #success
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    Fisker Inc.
    Henrik Fisker



    Jun 4

    Monday! It’s big! In my opinion... #Fisker #Love #EVs #ESG #innovation #news #ClimateCrisis
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    Lightning Strikes
    $FSR conversation
    Surprise early Ocean delivery date!?!?!? This morning Henrik Fisker put out three (3) tweets that he later deleted. The most critical stated…

    “Fisker Ocean will start deliveries in November next year, in both US & Europe ! Matte blue will be a launch color! .#Fisker #love #EVs #ESG #blue #screen” I did get a screen shot of this tweet.

    I do not know if he deleted the tweet because it was an early delivery secrete he was not supposed to release, or if it had an impossible timeline, considering the public announcement thus far is that assembly would start on Nov. 17, 2022. For deliveries to be occurring in the US on even the last day of November 2022, the 30th, that would mean that manufacturing would have to begin, at minimum, a month earlier, Oct. 17, 2022 than publicly announced. It will take at least a month to; build the cars, test them, get them to port (Trieste, Italy is closest), get them on a boat, 14 day Atlantic float, clear customs, distribute them by rail or semi from port.

    In the two other separate tweets today, Henrik tweeted that the Ocean will come with a 17” screen and standard 20” rims, with a 22” rim option.
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    $BLGO conversation
    "NY, Michigan, and New Hampshire, have enacted or proposed restrictions on PFAS in air emissions, a trend which is likely to continue at both the state and federal levels..."

    BioLargo's PFAS treatment solution has better air quality outcomes!

    #cleantech #PFAS #Invest #Cleanwater #cleanair #esg #OTCPICK #OTC #Pennystocks
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    From Argo on being included in green fund. Should be a or about this. @ArgoBlockchain's Green credentials are getting noticed! Looks like they are being included in a @landg_group #ESG Indices from May 7th! @PeterGWall nicely done Captain!
    'Solactive L&G Enhanced ESG UK Index'
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    $FSR conversation

    from Henrik New #tech! This week I met with the Manhatten Beach/CA police Chief! A visionary and excited to talk about new tech! We got a few things that will make the perfect police cruiser! A big market! #Fisker #Love #EVs #Police #ClimateActionNow #ESG #cleanenergy
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    Wow. Thanks @elonmusk , what do I owe u for TOTALLY validating the $clsk business model? #cleanspark #Bitcoin  #ESG @CathieDWood #95%carbonfree
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    Green Thumb Industries Inc.
    I like this company and their stakeholder approach to business. They invest in the welfare of the cannabis community. It's ethical, and it's good business. #ESG #Benioff
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ESG reached a new 52 Week High at 69.87
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    $FSR conversation
    “I just informed my executive team to accelerate the expansion of the project PEAR team! This is a revolution! It’s going to shock the automotive market!!! I’m especially excited about the concept model I’m working on right now! #Fisker #Love #EVs #PEAR #ClimateAction #ESG,” Fisker wrote.

    Fisker also tweeted out the price of the vehicle, which comes in at a major discount to the Model 3 made by competitor Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA).

    “Below $30,000 for a premium EV with features NEVER seen before! Working with #Foxconn, I’m super excited! Include the US federal tax incentive, below $22,500! Ok, we need to keep this under wraps until 2023! Too cool! #Fisker #Love #EVs #ESG #innovation #crazy #New #ev #cool.”