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EthereumClassic USD (ETC-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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15.01+0.34 (+2.34%)
As of 02:43PM UTC. Market open.
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    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than ETC-USD
  • O
    Successful people don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at glance-wealth, a great career,purpose-is the results of hard work and hustle over time.
  • C
    I hear the hard fork in the fall is coming. It’ll send ETC to the moon. 😂
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    What is the difference between this stock and greyscale. Ethe?
  • D
    I feel like Classic is like a coil spring about to explode to the upside. $45 soon..
  • A
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    It’s all about king dollar. King dollar will reign supreme . There won’t be enough dollars to go around. So, assets will sell of to gain liquidity.
  • J
    $1700 is bottom…won’t see it again
  • P
    Do you think there is a possibility this stuff bounces back in 10 years? No intentions of ever selling unless i actually need to, but i am curious for what the future holds...!
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    $6 in 6 months . Back to where it started. All excess liquidity will be gone . Only money left will be for people on welfare . The middle class will work to pay for high inflation and taxes to pay off the welfare victims . Who vote lefty to get their “free” stuff. Also, so the lib leaders can live like royalty
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    Why this is doing so bad?
  • T
    Buy the dip 😂
  • E
    Unfortunately, this may drop under $10
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    Rocket flying
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    All my life I heard, and believed that “ Honesty is the best policy “ , and a firm believer of integrity then, Ethereum Classic should be the #1 crypto currency by mid 2021 or, by the end of 2021! In a sense that the core fundamentals of Ethereum classic is based on its originality which is honesty, integrity, dignity! “ ETC firmly believes on “Code is the Law” policy which is unique, and other crypto currency misses after which A branch of ETC was created by the name of ETHEREUM ETH. But looking at the foundation which ETHEREUM ETC then the value of ETC should be 100 times more then the ETH itself, despite being backed by 100’s of top dogs in the market ? If people believes on the originality of a product, then ETC should be in #1 position of current crypto currency market not, any other at the current moment.

    In conclusion, I believe there millions of original people out there, who will rather pay extra for originality not duplication.
  • K
    ETC will contiune to rise to around $300, it may take a year or longer but ETC has always remained at around 10% of ETH's price.
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    Today, and this weekend ETC could hit $500 + yesterday it hit $212 Canadian as I predicted it. If experts could predict bitcoin one million; since bitcoin is build up, based on speculation, then I firmly believe that ETC which is the foundation of ETH, and believes on the integrity which =( Code Is The Law), shall be more than a million in a long run since, the fundamentals of ETC is way stronger then the Ghost Bitcoin!

    Bottom line is that, I could clearly see ETC $500 + by early Monday morning. It is time to go all in, if you have it, otherwise stay home, and enjoy popcorn 🍿;
  • D
    who else sees this moving up like ETH in the near future? Locked and Loaded at 11$ sounds expensive today, but in 6 months to a year this has potential be in the 30$+ range. Secure The Future in Cryptocurrency
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    Get Ready....
    To achieve maximum interoperability between these networks, the Ethereum London network protocol has been improved on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network via a hard fork called Mystique.

    The Mystique hard-fork will take place on the Ethereum Classic mainnet at block 14,525,000 on February 13th, 2022. It was not a disputed hard fork, but rather an improvement to the protocol.

    All of the main pools, exchanges, wallets, and other organizations are expected to be ready or actively planning for Mystique. While outreach is being conducted, service providers are urged to openly declare their preparedness to the public in whichever way makes sense for them.

    As ECIP-1104 approaches, they are contacting all node administrators and suppliers to raise awareness of the network update. According to a Medium post published on January 27th, we are just 35% of the way there. Following a period of steady and constant growth in the first few weeks, the historical adoption pattern has seen a rise in readiness for the activation block. It is not unusual for complete preparedness to be just 60–70percent by the activation block. That doesn’t matter as long as the commercially significant nodes (mainly those run by mining pools and swaps) are kept up to date. Whether other node proprietors do not upgrade, then will remain on the old chain, causing no harm to anyone except themselves. They will be back on the correct chain after they rebuild their own nodes.
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    The resistance point was 11. New resistance point is 15-16. Once this breaks, it's going to 25 where it will struggle for awhile. with a ton of crypto positive news expected in the week ahead. I think we will easily get to 25 within the next two weeks.