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Ethereum Classic USD (ETC-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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22.22-1.61 (-6.75%)
As of 08:41PM UTC. Market open.
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  • D
    I feel like Classic is like a coil spring about to explode to the upside. $45 soon..
  • K
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  • C
    $6 in 6 months . Back to where it started. All excess liquidity will be gone . Only money left will be for people on welfare . The middle class will work to pay for high inflation and taxes to pay off the welfare victims . Who vote lefty to get their “free” stuff. Also, so the lib leaders can live like royalty
  • M
    Why this is doing so bad?
  • R
    Give it a time until end of the May and then come back for a 3-5X profit
  • T
    Thang Dang
    I just bought another 100 ETC at $36.61, hope that is the right decision
  • P
    Do you think there is a possibility this stuff bounces back in 10 years? No intentions of ever selling unless i actually need to, but i am curious for what the future holds...!
  • W
    Etc will next crypto champ, who sold for nothing and shorting it, will regret just like they did for etherium or bitcoin, it might not today or tomorrow but it will make you regret.
  • E
    Unfortunately, this may drop under $10
  • T
    Rocket flying
  • H
    Where is all the asic mining hashrate going after ETH ? ETC no doubt
  • R
    Etc is the future I hope you know in what you’ve invested in, if Ethereum upgrades to 2.0 which should happen anytime this year, ETC can get to $1000
  • D
    I am up $14,000 in two days with Classic. Should I take money off the table or hold
  • D
    Are crypto’s finished??
  • R
    See at $300 in a month
  • T
    Why etc is up 16% today? What’s going on?
  • c
    They had some interesting insights about ETC-USD on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
  • I
    Heading towards $100