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Ethereum AUD (ETH-AUD)

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2,809.17-208.95 (-6.92%)
As of 10:11PM UTC. Market open.
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  • W
    Please guys be careful looks like ETH-USD is going to be dropping off deep. I think am just gonna mine for trading. Holding coin is not just worth it, especially for short periods of time.
  • T
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  • a
    ETH-USD looks like it is about to drop. Be careful guys. I have been reading ( and their stocks have been doing way better.
  • W
    They just featured ETH-USD on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • D
    It cracks me up to read articles with made up terminology when it comes to cryptocurrency. Death spiral and the charts. The bottom line is this is a currency of the future. All that matters is who buys and who doesn’t. It will keep going up forever.
  • R
    Real Carlos
    Crypto was suppose to be a bet against the dollar (main purpose). As the value of a dollar drops, so does what's the point?
  • R
    My Lord, the amount of spam these yahoo Yahoo moderators let through is almost enough to cause me to quit this bullsiht message board.
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  • C
    Experts warn that Ethereum could contract by 80%!of it current value ! Brining it back down to the $600 level USD due to an Evil Genius and Federal tax hikes targeting crypto !
  • T
    I stopped Holding my coin the very first day I found out about Fred Wilson’s crypto program which has helped double my bitcoin as well as ETH. i even lost more while i was still holding,🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅼 :@official_wilson5
  • J
    Million dollar question but how low do you think ETH will go before it goes back up?
    Also whats the main catalyst for this dip?
  • a
    You can tell it’s one entity (probably hedge fund) doing this by the identical pattern from the last 3 times they’ve done it so far this year (they sell around 3% per 4-5days). You’re being played & manipulated to panic sell so they can buy in lower. I really hope you’ve grown thick skin against this crypto volatility. I want to buy coins any one dm
  • E
    You have to ask yourself, are things getting better? It seems like there's no end in sight. There has to be true signs that inflation has peaked. People are terrified to by crypto right now. I can't see any catalyst lifting this right now. You'll see head fakes but in the end it will be lower. I sold yesterday but should have sold months ago. I kept telling myself this has to be it.
  • E
    May-July 2021 was brutal. It felt just like today. You’ll get an opportunity to make gains in the future. Not sure when but it will happen. Just have to remember to sell next time. It will always drop back down to these levels until higher highs higher lows.
  • J
    I mean who honestly knows but I am hoping this rebounds nicely and sling shots back when Ethereum 2.0 comes around. I shorted it and got back in with slightly more Ethereum
  • C
    I am so tired of ETH-USD doing nothing all day. Can you move??? I have been reading ( for a month now and the stocks there actually go!
  • P
    thumbs up if you think this will go back to 4k in next 1-2 years, thumbs down if you don't think so
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    Jilani W
    This from Tim Beiko:

    “While everyone is excited to see Ethereum transition to Proof-of–Stake, this is not the time to cut corners,” Beiko said. “Ensuring a safe and seamless transition for Ethereum users and the rich ecosystem built on the network is our #1 priority. We’re almost there!”

    Notice "almost there". What does it mean? Is almost there this quarter or next quarter. The consensus is Q3, so we may have to wait a bit longer. I like that Ethereum is not rushing the transition.