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As of 05:54PM UTC. Market open.
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    (Bitcoin will definitely go higher than expected and the best thing to do is to invest now with any amount of capital)
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    Hello friends please what is the best way to get started with Bitcoin investment or forex trade cos I have been making my personal research for a while now....
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    A good investor won't wait till he gets all the money in the world a investor always start investing no matter how little the money is.
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    Top Bullish Charts | May 2022 💰💵📈
  • C
    Tempting to take the 40% loss. At this rate it will be down 90% in a few months like most tech stocks.
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  • b
    cant wait for merge, ETH is going to all time highs once it does.
  • T
    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than ETH-USD
  • j
    Not a single meaningful conversation here from real investors in crypto

    Scammer ruined this board and yahoo doing absolutely nothing about it

    These vultures should be blocked and reported
  • C
    Do people actually still expect crypto like ETH to go anywhere? I've had 5000 sitting in this for ages and it only seems to go down and stay down. Doesn't fill me with hope for the future that's for sure...
  • R
    Love seeing this. The markets and crypto are disconnected. Let's hope that lasts. Invest in something real. Not one of the 20 thousand different pretend currencies.
  • m
    When will this be at $200?
  • N
    I’ve never posted anything on the eth forum and I’m like everybody else, I have no clue what’s in store for any cryptocurrency, I do hope it skyrockets.. I do know 1 thing for certain though..that vitalik butternut fella has the most perfect shaped applehead as I’ve ever seen🍎
  • v
    How do you guys think the Eth 2.0 update will affect the price
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    $212 Billion 'market cap' for what ? A pipedream of utilitarianism for a digital ponzi ?
    Sell now, to buy blue chip value stocks!
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    Can't find the right stocks to trade? I have the fix for free (
  • S
    the crypto is the biggest joke in our history .