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3,031.46-277.40 (-8.38%)
As of 05:24PM UTC. Market open.
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  • V
    Let the charts play out. Consolidating is a good sign for further progress, it just cannot go up straight line. Be thankful for this reset because just a matter of before it moves with authority again.
  • T
    My < faith was utterly shaken (not) when October's prediction fell $1500 short of $59K. I am expecting $65K towards the end of November and hoping to sell a little of the Canadian BTC spot ETF in my US IRA near that level for some expenses I have in early 2022. trading. Rather than buying the dip and waiting for a pump, I just get to trade my assets with insight and signal provision from Matthew Scott. I have made over 14 btc in October alone. I shall hodl onto my real BTC though. With the new development of blockchain technology at large the sky is the limit for all of us.
  • D
    Good I buy more . Why? A growing pocket of analysts are predicting Ethereum to eventually surpass Bitcoin as the world’s largest cryptocurrency. definitely think there’s a really good chance for Ether to surpass Bitcoin. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened within the cycle,” Rahul Rai, the co-head of market neutral at BlockTower Capital, told Insider.

    “Very tough to predict when this cycle will end. My take is mid-next year.”

    He added: “Ethereum is trying to power the rails of all of global finance in the future, and that is a much bigger market, if it does succeed.

    “If it does succeed, and if the thesis plays out, then the market value is going to capture trillions of dollars in global activity
  • z
    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise
    For real it's very profitable
  • R
    ETH dollar trading volume is almost TWICE that of BTC!! Boy, did I picked the right horse!
  • W
    I've been poor and I've been rich. I have to say I like being rich much better.

    That is all. Thank you for listening.
  • E
    Oof. Testing the support established 5 days ago at around $4330. Next support after that is around $4100.
  • e
    Twitter is reportedly working on implementing Ethereum payments to its platform following yesterday’s surprise resignation of CEO Jack Dorsey.
  • O
    Higher lows
  • b
    I'm believing what the analysts are saying about Ethereum that it will push to 8000 to 9000 a coin
  • S
    Will ETH hit $5.k - absolutely. Will it hit $6.k - darn right. It will just take time. All the folks saying $8-10k by end of year, was pie in the sky, dreamers. Nothing wrong with dreaming, but not always reality. This is an investment, not an overnight windfall. Relax, it will get there eventually.
  • К
    Since regardless of the securities exchange crash one need to have distinctive portfolio, I previously put resources into bitcoin
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ETH-USD is down 8.98% to 4106.05
  • E
    If you look at the six month chart this looks the same as the beginning of the October run.
  • M
    Ethereum top trend . 52 % investors buying ETH , 48 % BTC . I waiting for big dip and add more ETH .
  • E
    Good thing I sold a PS5 so I can "buy the dip".
  • S
    Ten ETH burned for every one issued this month----Plus Vitalik has a plan to lower fees near term---This has never looked better----------
  • L
    One thing is certain here, it's been hanging between $4,400 to $4,600 for some time. $5,000 soon!