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Ethereum USD (ETH-USD)

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3,910.70+104.94 (+2.76%)
As of 6:49PM BST. Market open.
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  • N
    Major upgrades to the Ethereum network could help the cryptocurrency soar even higher.
  • D
    will be converting my retirement money into ETH. hopefully it will wait for me a bit. From other hand I already have investments in ETH. So... very mixed feelings :)
  • S
    Up 5K in 5 days. None of my other stocks even come close. Thinking of selling all my stock and going all in on ETH. What do you think?
  • E
    Sold a small position in Bitcoin today at it's peak and rolled it into Ether on a "dip" if you could call it that.
  • P
    I remember yesterday when 3800 was a huge success. Today, 3800 is a disappointment lol. Eth to the moon
  • J
    Ether will have amazing growth this year. A lot more potential and use cases than any other crypto on the market. Next Bitcoin!
  • D
    My average in this is 1100. But I just bought more brining my average up to 1700. Really believe in Ethereum and the technology around it.
  • F
    Just got in with 1k. It’s I can afford at the moment
  • E
    Eze Law
    ETH’s collection of $17M daily is only going to increase. The market cap jumped from $221B to $400B in the last six weeks. ETH is extremely undervalued. Buy all you can afford.
  • B
    I put 1.35k CAD in when it was at 2600cad and just made my first 1k. Definitely not as much as others may have but I'm very happy with my investment so far and not selling anytime soon! ETH TO THE MOON
  • $
    Can see lots of withdrawals from Bitcoin & stock market to invest in Ethereum 🚀🔥
    Ethereum price prediction is from $10000 - $60000 . Rate of return is way more than anything! 🚀🔥🚀🔥
  • j
    If it can push 4000 USD within two week of 3000 we are solid ! 8K by august. 10 K by December
  • A
    Guys etherium will go to 25k before end of year there is a HUGE upside potential
  • B
    Ethereum ( ETHUSD ) continues with its very strong bullish bias and price discovery action... How much higher can it go?

    Everything continues to point higher.
    More and more adoption news, events taking place.
    More companies integrating cryptocurrencies into their platforms.
    Something many believed was impossible just a few months ago.
    We held through the entire bear market.
    We continued to be positive, we fought, we cried, we lost...
    Now, we are rewarded a 100 fold.
    We trusted the market, our feelings, the charts, the signals, the vision, the dream...
    Everything that crypto was promising has become true and the market continues to evolve.

    Ethereum is showing no signs of stopping... Let's see how far up we can go.

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    he his the best . GOOD LUCK
  • h
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  • E
    Not a fan of the current crypto scene but may start a position in eth soon unlike other coins that have been pumped I actually see a use for eth
  • N
    There’s talk that soon major oil transactions will be handled with ETH, and if that indeed is the case BOOM!
  • R
    Ok I bought in ETH long term. Hope for the best. Anyone have a realistic end of year price prediction?
  • R
    Best decision I made was to make ETH my savings account —and take my money out the bank —I rather risk it here
  • C
    I’ve been watching this for the past week trying to get in on a dip and it just keep going up. I know nobody on here are advisors however in your opinions what would be a good entry price?