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    How much did Exelon buy Clinton from Illinois Power for again? I thought it was some ridiculous price like $100mm, right at the start of a commodities bubble.

    If Exelon wants to give away four reactors at the beginning of what seems to be a commodities supercycle, that is their right. But I think it's an opportunity for ratepayers to lock in relatively cheap generation that will be free from carbon regulation.

    Why doesn't IL have a third, capitalist approach:

    1.) *Local* investors come in and put up $500K apiece to buy the plants
    2.) Offer the unions equity, but ask for reductions in cash wages. Let's get everyone pulling for the plant. They seem to already be offering concessions in their nuclear plan. Let them buy in at the same terms as investors. IE $500 in reduced cash wages buys them as much equity as 1/1000th as a $500K share.
    3.) Offer the exact same terms to ComEd ratepayers visavis the Illinois Commerce Commission. They will probably be too dumb to say yes. But at least we tried, and when rates shoot up to 20 cents and everyone complains, we can offer re-regulation on more favorable terms.
    4.) If Exelon balks, the state has this cool power called Eminent Domain. If someone is willing to buy and own the plants and thinks they can maintain them at a profit, it makes sense for the state to keep them open. The additional supply is good for ratepayers, the plants employ a few thousand people, and it is one tiny thing that can attract business to Illinois in the face of hundreds of billions in pension shortfall.
    5) There would be other levers to make this thing work too. Full 1990s ComEd-style re-regulation would be fine. Or the state could just own it. I don't think there would be as much pressure to hold down operating costs, though.

    If a bunch of local investors showed up and offered to buy Braidwood for $100mm and try to keep it open, I think it would be a good thing for Chicago. Number one, I think it would guarantee that the plant would stay open on some level for a few more years. Even if there was no opportunity to invest, there would be a positive benefit for everyone who does not own a natural gas electric plant. But number two, with what appears to be an engineered fossil fuel shortage (CC Exxon, Royal Dutch, IEA), the plant may turn out to be as valuable as it was back in 2005.

    Something to think about. If there's interest from other local investors, give a thumbs-up and comment.

    If the union's willing to make concessions; if ratepayers value stable prices; if we want to be able to attract power-consuming businesses to the state; there ought to be a way to make this work.

    We might be able to get some property tax breaks too, but the fair and honest way to do it is that these things go away if we start making a profit, and we repay the breaks if rates increase. The goal is not to get handouts; it's to try to manage financial risk and make things fair.
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    The Markus poised to open high and this stock isn’t moving, what is wrong with this company
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    Everyone that is complaining about this CEO does not recognize how the incentives for wind and solar combined ed with fracking dropping the cost of nat gas completely changed the playing field for nuclear. I think this CEO and his team have saved Exelon from going under. If not for the terrible weather in Texas, this would have been a good quarter and they still plan to meet guidance by year end.
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    Instead of all these charity donations , how about spreading some charity to SHAREHOLDERS !!!!!!!
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    If Exelon doesn’t get a favorable deal in Springfield blame it on their 10 year corruption!!
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    Please remember ceo crane laughing all the way to the the share holders expanse!!!
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    Seems like generation is a real liability, not sure why anybody would want to do it?
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    Blind Mellon
    I think that today we’re getting a Polar Vortex Bump. Lots of electricity being sold.
  • S
    Earnings look fine to me. The stock has a low PE compared to not a few utilities. So it is still quite attractively priced, I think so anyway!
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    How long is this CEO stuff going to cause share holders to lose money
  • F
    Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc.
    $OZSC CEO just confirm that Tesla, Con Edison, and Exelon are customers. Also, confirmed that a fortune 200 company will be announced as a partner. $TSLA $ED $EXC
  • J
    wow, EXC-ellent price movement the last couple days and week. Even @$40+, is still below historical and 5yr. blended P/E of ~14.6. Good companies always return to fair value...
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    Added more shares @41.5 this am. Div hike coming next Q, should be ~5%, to at least $1.60. That's very close to 4% fwd. yield. Still below FV... works for me %^ )
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    lordy, up nearly 40% since first bought 7 months ago, avg >30% gain for all shares bought this year, not counting divs. Not too shabby for a ute %^ )
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    Steve F
    Remember me ? I did the Duke vs Exelon vs Southern vs Wisconsin Challenge here years ago.

    For those who weren't here then, a refresher. A little less than 5 years ago, (June 2014) I owned Exelon. It had been underperforming, so I researched 3 similar stocks. Duke Energy, Wisconsin Energy, & The Southern Company. Wisconsin was the best performer over the previous 5 years, so I sold EXC, & invested the proceeds in WEC.

    The same day I made a hypothetical portfolio at yahoo. All 4 of these stocks, with a cost basis of they're closing prices that day.

    Here’s the results as of today. (I'm not sure if yahoo considers dividend reinvestment)
    Wisconsin +79.77%
    Exelon +57.33%
    Duke +24.22%
    Southern +19.31%

    Clearly a 2 dog race for the top position, while Duke & Southern show abysmal returns.
    As for Wisconsin energy, it appears the old phrase ‘the cream always rises to the top’ is accurate.
    Have a nice weekend.
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    Bought $50K of EXC earlier this week. Still going down??? This does not make a lot of sense to me because there is no heavy industry in the DC / Maryland areas. I will probably buy more next week as this low pps simply cant stay this far down long.
  • J
    added a few more, with the div yield % >4. What's great is it's only a couple days to ex-div date. Works for me, a div paycheck early retiree!
  • A
    excelon will benefit from the split of distribution and making power. it's something that will send this share price soaring
  • P
    CEO Shattuck Mayo Adams... Chairman of the Board Is getting { TOO MUCH IN STOCK GIFTS } I belive shareholders decerve at least 1/2 of what is getting .. SHAREHOLDERS NEED TO RESPOND !!!!!!!!.. NOBODY IS WORTH THAT MUCH >..... EXC Employees lost a BONUSES FEW YEARS BACK !!!!