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  • P
    Ford pros: hit new products with high reservations and orders, higher new and used vehicle prices, EV spending expansion, Rivian investment (IPO set for September at $70B), restructuring and closing unprofitable operations, future buying chips direct, joint battery factory.
    Cons: chip shortage which is transitory, higher material and shipping costs which could be mostly transitory.
  • Y
    I love to see Tesla up days. It reaffirms WallStreet’s ‘commitment’ that they support a 600B+ market cap potential for EV. It’s then just a matter of determining who will deliver EV to the masses in volume in the most important truck, SUV and commercial EV high volume sectors.
  • S
    FORD: 4 billion total shares
    Revenue: 130b. $32.5 per share
    .48 x revenue = $15.65 share price

    GM: 1.5 billion total shares
    Revenue: 122b $81.33 per share
    .79 x revenue = $64.00 share price

    If Ford was trading @ GM multiple of .79 times revenue it would be trading @$25.75
    Last earning report clearly revealed the turnaround is working and Fords profits are growing fast. We are headed to 26$ soon.
  • M
    Just reading... Based on the last 5 "Morningstar" ratings of Ford (time interval: May 19 through June 16), the rating for F has been a "Buy". Since early June, the target price is $17.00. Before that, the target price was $15. So, there is plenty of upside.

    When the bottleneck for chips is cleared, I believe that F will be upgraded with a higher target price. My evaluation of Ford? Solid. The numbers look good with great expectations of meeting pent-up demand for great American-made products. Based on what I have read from a diverse number of sources, we have now achieved price parity in making comparisons of overall consumer cost and value between traditional and EV vehicles. When considering societal benefits ("externalities" like reduced pollution, reduced maintenance, and reduced reliance on petroleum), EVs are a slam dunk.
  • p
    Bought yesterday now holding 500 shares , this morning I saw the electric Mustang on the Road and earlier this week the New Bronco, factor in the new electric F-150 is sold out and I’m adding another 500 shares
  • S
    FORD HAS A TRUE VALUE: and the stock price over time is always attracted to and moves in that direction. Revenue/future revenue estimates and profit multiples + assets vs debt are the best way to calculate a true value at any point in time. In Fords case right now that share value is $22.80. As we move towards that number we will get earnings releases that will certainly change that number. My calculations put an 85% probability that the true value will rise over each of the next 4 quarters.
  • O
    When the Maverick hit's the streets this stock is going to blow up, hybrid truck for under $20k I'm all in!
  • D
    Da Kid
    I love the technical analysis on F stock at the moment. Beautiful consolidation bounce off the 21 day moving average, it’s almost certain now to set a new five year high at some point in the near future.
  • k
    kevin o
    Glad I didn’t take profits. Have a feeling this is going much higher. Nothing but positive news lately.
  • B
    WSJ article today discussing possible Comcast acquisition of Roku who's mcap is the same as Ford. If that's the case Ford is on sale huge for Tesla to acquire the competition and create greater value in many valuable segments they lack while cash generating to expand en masse
  • j
    Ford gets contract to supply engines and transmissions for postal vehicles .. 6 billion dollars worth. Not bad Ford!
  • S
    THE STREET: June 17, 2021 : Ford Leaps After Carmaker Sees 'Significantly Better' Second-Quarter Earnings.
  • S
    It’s about to be Ford truck month every month for the next three years as soon as these chips get shipped out
  • m
    I not really a diehard Ford fan, but I do own 10,000 shares at $5 average from 2020 drop.
    I am very excited with the prospect of the new F150. The F150 top truck sales for years and now the EV (Lightning) looks awesome!!!! Much cheaper EV truck than the twitter king's proposed Telsa truck.
    Ford Bronco looks like a serious contender to the poor quality JEEP brand, and this new Ford Maverick will be a big seller for a niche market of small truck owners. Maybe the old Subaru brat?
    I believe once the chips start flowing, Ford sales will take off.
  • D
    Da Kid
    Short term, Mid-term, and Long term. All trends are pointing up!
  • J
    Diamond Hands

    Don't Sell

    17.89 on deck.

    More Chips coming to market will raise sales and Net Income 2022-2023 Boom times !!!

    Love you guys !
  • F
    these markets are rigged.
    Ford forward PE 15
    Tesla forward PE 800.
    Totally illogical...Someone (a bunch of traders) is making a ton of money by manipulating prices...
  • S
    FORD is a solid VALUE / GROWTH company moving into EV’s while still producing ICE vehicles making them perfectly positioned for any market mix demand of vehicles.
    In addition Ford has been successful in its turnaround moves putting them squarely on a growth trajectory.
  • V
    I work for Ford in Canada and I’ve never been more confident in the company as I am right now. Top tier products coming to market over the next 2 years with Bronco, Maverick, and F-150 Lightning.

    Super excited to start receiving these products at our store in Toronto!
  • E
    Funny how FORD drops on GREEN DAYS. Flight to quality perhaps for FORD investors?