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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCAN.MX)

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  • j
    Jeep Grand Cherokee....
    A few years ago, i picked up a nice 2000 with 105k miles for 5500 bucks, knowing nothing about them. It's a rare one with 2 & 4 wheel dr. and the wife drives it.
    94k miles later, it still runs SWEET with maybe 500 bucks worth of parts used.
    Couldn't sleep the other night, so around 3 a:m i looked on Craigs List for another one.
    The FIRST page had a 2002 BEAUTY with the same 105k miles (NO LIE) and the same 4.7 amazing engine for 3750 bucks. i called the guy around 8 and he returned the call about 1:pm. He said he had numerous calls, but mine was the first. i drove over to west Seattle and picked it up an hour later. The interior and paint are hard to believe. When we went on a test drive, i had 4 grand in my pocket and offered it to him, but he declined. i couldn't believe the car, so when we got back, he signed the title and gave it to me. Before he left, i stuck the other 250 bucks in his pocket. He told me over the phone that it was a 4 wheel dr. and on the way home i looked down and it was a 2 AND 4 wheel drive!! i couldn't believe it. i'm giving the older one to my Son.
    Strange things can happen on the Road to Life....oh yea....
  • J
    Zacks has published two articles today on FCAU, really favorable. I do still not understand why the stock is not on fire? Also:
    Stellantis' common shares will begin trading on the Euronext in Paris and on Mercato Telematico Azionario in Milan on Monday, January 18, 2021, and on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.
    Does anyone have any comments as to why the general public is not all in, and why this stock has not moved?
  • L
    Loan Producer
    Monday, Jan 18th - Today the shares climbed as much as 7.7% in Milan, where the ticker STLA replaced Fiat Chrysler’s symbol. NV, the carmaker formed from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and PSA Group, gained in its first day of trading after completing a more than two-year effort to form one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers.

    The shares climbed as much as 7.7% in Milan, where the ticker STLA replaced Fiat Chrysler’s symbol.
  • B
    Dont sell. Fcau will access Peugeot network in europe and the joining of e.v. tech between the 2 companies is a great catalyst. Peugeot is a super popular brand in europe , particularly u.k. where they have pledged to phase out all gasoline/ dieselcars by 2030. Forget tesla. Its the fcau turn
  • C
    Clay Ryan
    The price correction is a great opportunity to add to an existing position, and it gives new investors an opportunity to start one.

    The merger is the right move for Fiat. Sit back and relax. We’ll be back on track in a couple days.
  • J
    I bought this pre-split Ferrari and it was probably one of the best moves I've made investing. Not only did the share price recover from the split (dropped from around $16 - $8) but I got 40 shares of Ferrari @$42 for basically free which are now trading $200+. I will likely hold on through this next merger as well although I will say it's getting tempting at these prices to cash out and just keep my Ferrari stock.
  • K
    Real gem 💎. Special dividend is coming and many others will arrive. Enjoy who sell now will profoundly regret later. This is a 40$ stock. All Italian top quality brands.
  • G
    Chrysler Pacifica and Ram 1500 are adding to their long-running streaks of Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Awards, with Pacifica taking home honors in the Minivan category for the fifth consecutive year, while Ram 1500 extended its dominance in the Large Pickup segment with a 13th consecutive award. For the year 2021 Fiat will have 60% of it’s cars electric.
  • P
    Papa Le
    Reasons purchase FCA:

    1. Currently trading at .9 x book value compared to its peer GM trading at 1.3 x's book value
    2. Showing high growth rates in new releases - 2019 RAM, JEEP (new luxury Jeeps coming in 2020)
    3. Strategic decisions to cut production of unprofitable cars were made years ago, before Ford and GM, proving effective leadership
    4. Alfa Romeo is making a comeback in the US. Highly profitable luxury vehicles stamped with the "made in Italy" stigma should sell effectively
    5. Target price is at $25 (and was trading at $24 at a time), proving the potential. Currently undervalued, should easily hit the $20's midway through 2019.
  • d
    Chaz, you didn't read the details. It is cut to 2.9 billion. FCAU shareholders will also get stock in a company called Faurecia. It is an auto parts manufacturer based in France. Also, early next year another payout totaling 500million will be paid out to FCAU shareholders.
  • G
    The share price will go to $20 in a short time cause investors now see the dividend and the rich premium the new company Stellaris is going to pay. Once the new company is formed and the electric cars start rolling it will catapult to $80/150.
  • s
    The market got this one wrong. FCA sell-off is overdone. There was a lot to like in the earnings, forecast, and conf call. Record profit in 2018. More profit coming in 2019 and beyond. Best balance sheet and least debt in the industry. Special dividend and recurring dividend to be announced in April. FCA sales in US are growing (especially Ram & Jeep), while Ford and GM have been declining. On Feb 7th (after the supposedly "bad" earnings), S&P reiterated BUY, RAISED target price to $24, and said FCAU is "top pick" in the auto industry.
  • S
    My FCAU stock at Schwab shows symbol 1902758 and seems frozen. Should I be worried?
  • r
    Here's How Much Investing $100 In Fiat Chrysler's Initial NYSE Listing In 2014 Would Be Worth Today
    1/10/20, 4:36 PM
    January 10, 2020 04:33 PM ET (BZ Newswire) -- Education
    Investors who owned stocks in the 2010s generally experienced some big gains. In fact, the SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) total return for the decade was 250.5%. But there’s no question some big-name stocks did much better than others along the way.

    Fiat Chrysler’s Big Decade

    One market leader, of the second half of the decade at least, was auto giant Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (NYSE:FCAU).
    At the start of the 2010s, Chrysler was in bankruptcy proceedings, but Fiat took over full ownership of New Chrysler in early 2014. Fiat shares were previously listed in Milan, but the new Fiat Chrysler shares began trading on the NYSE in October 2014.
    Fiat Chrysler shares opened their first day at $8.98. In less than six months, they had doubled, climbing as high as $17.08 in early 2015. The stock hit its decade low of just $5.45 in mid-2016, but most of that decline came after the company spun off its ownership of Ferrari NV (NYSE:RACE) via an IPO.
    Fiat Chrysler shareholders received one share of Ferrari stock for every 10 shares of Fiat Chrysler stock they owned, essentially granting investors roughly $4.80 in Ferrari equity per share.
    From that point forward, Fiat Chrysler stock took off, surging to reach its decade high of $24.95 in early 2018.
    See Also: Here's How Much Investing $100 In Ford Stock Back In 2010 Would Be Worth Today

    Fiat Chrysler In 2020 And Beyond

    Fiat Chrysler shares have cooled in the past two years, trading in a wide range between around $12 and $17 throughout most of 2019.
    But even after the sluggish close to the decade, Fiat Chrysler remains one of the top investments of the past five years. Fiat Chrysler has generated a 182.6% total return for investors since it began trading on the NYSE in 2014, more than doubling the 87.1% gain by the SPY ETF in that time. In addition,
    Ferrari shares have more than tripled since the spin-off, so Fiat Chrysler investors that held onto their shares have gained an additional 215.9%.
    Crunching the numbers, $100 in Fiat Chrysler stock bought on its first trading day in 2014 would now be worth $282.60. 
    Looking ahead, analysts expect big things out of Fiat Chrysler in 2020. The average price target among the 18 analysts covering the stock is $18.48, suggesting 27.1% upside from current levels.
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  • d
    Dow Jones news service just put out a story that the merger will happen in mid January perhaps the 15th.
  • W
    Wally Sparks
    Trading below Book Value with no debt, and a sale of $6Billion in assets pending; and with a $25 price target by Fidelity!
  • d
    I ask everyone who owns stock in fcau to take a good look at Peugeot's 2020 models. If you go to Google and type Peugeot 2020 models than click on images you will see very sporty looking models. We all need to think from the mind set that this will be one company in a matter of months. Peugeot is bringing alot to the table. Peugeot will be selling models in the USA after the merger. They will be sold at the Chrysler dealerships nationwide.
  • R
    RicK X
    Ex dividend day today 1/14 is that the reason? readjust?
  • m
    I am new to stock trading. I bought FCAU back about a month ago. When the merger happens does FCAU change to STLA?
  • d
    FCAU came out this morning with good 4th quarter earnings. The sales were up and the net profit was also up. The stock sold off anyway. I will never understand Wall Street.