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Fossil Group, Inc. (FSL.F)

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  • z
    Very soft in Asia, supposedly due to Covid. Expecting virtually no improvement this year. Management sounded like they couldn't get the call over quickly enough, offered few specific ideas, struck me as a bunch of business students trying to run a big company and unfortunately in way over their heads. No discussion of how they're going to improve numbers, just blaming the "tough environment", and telling us things will get better eventually. I'm relatively new to this company and own only the baby bonds, and this call was not real impressive in my opinion. Very disappointing. No discussion or analysts questions about how long they company expects to be able to bleed cash.
  • k
    -0.33 per share? Does anyone else have any more notes from the earnings call.
    These news articles seem to only give half the info.
    Are we looking bad or good?
  • z
    Sad to see zero insider buying at these levels.
  • M
    Cheap valuation here . I’m buying
  • A
    Time to short this garage.
  • e
    FYI total cash is $163M not $250M and net LOSS for q1 2022 is $21.5M
  • A
    How long before this goes out of business?
  • A
    It’s $6.53 this is a really good bargain loading up and holding until Republicans take over Congress in November and the stock ends of shooting back to $20.
  • A
    Apple should buy out fosl to put it out of its misery. What it costs apple will be less than 1% rounding error on its petty cash account.
  • D
    I'm accumulating this stock as they beat it down. I have played the swings on tis stock in the past and have always made good returns. Not a buy and hold play but definately a good buy low and sell high rinse and repeat stock.
  • g
    I am staying far away from FOSL It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at (
  • A
    Yahoo finance has this rating and this is the only stock that is not overvalued. Fairly valued but with no future for sure.
  • E
    Steel Tarrifs import tarrifs on finish goods?
  • n
    "The Company is currently engaged in discussions with its lenders regarding amending certain covenants under the Term Credit Agreement."

    Not what you want to hear.
  • R
    This is bizarre and largely explained by low liquidity and narrative driven sell off...numbers were not spectacular but compared to where this company was just a couple of years ago so much progress has been made...gross margin was strong, SG&A has been cut dramatically and they are profitable again. Traditional watches have also returned to growth, digital is now 40pc of sales and they are investing in brands and products
  • B
    A few months back some people were saying GME is doomed and a couple of years till BK, now see GME performance. To me FOSL has a brand recognition so the chances of turn around is very high by introducing new product lines or partnering. All short thesis is who wears watches and those wearing it wear smart watches and Fosil can't compete with Apple etc. But, smart watches is not their main revenue generating product and they should scrap it and stick with traditional/ fashion watches and other products and introduce new stuff. So reducing cost to manage debt and getting rid off losing segments with addition of new stuff matching with their strength could turn around the company fast.
  • c
    Had a chance to go through the conference call. In my opinion:

    The Good
    1. $250M positive cashflow in 2018; at $13, it's trading under 3 x ttm cashflow;
    2. Accelerated and paid off $125M in debt in January v. refinancing it;
    3. Doing that drops interest xp to $35M/year;
    4. Given cashflow, reached $0 net debt;
    5. Already addressed the supplier issue by diversifying away from the sole source problem;
    6. Inventory is relatively lean and fresh.

    The Bad
    1. Had a supplier problem with a sole source of subassemblies that caused supply constraints;
    2. Caused a delay that won't fully work itself out until Q2;
    3. The liquidation of excess inventory of older gens boosted sales in Q4 17, Q1 18, and 2Q 18 so comps are harder this year without the excess inventory to liquidate;
    4. Europe macroeconomic environment stinks;
    5. Traditional watch sales continue to decline.

    The Ugly
    1. Smartwatch sales aren't growing rapidly even taking into consideration the supplier issue;
    2. The Q1 guidance includes a $20M gain on sale of IP to Google so it will be real bad from ops.

    The cashflow size and $0 net debt puts a floor on this one in my opinion, but there's really nothing positive to look forward to for more than six months.
  • A
    Watch sales down half a billion from 2019. Anybody really surprised?
    Company can blame Covid but not really. Fosl's downward trend in watch sales started long before with proliferation of smart phones and then the smartwatch. Company says they are moving towards the digital watch sector...opps about five years too late. Apple, Fitbit/Google, and Samsung must be shaking in their boots now that fosl finally realized this.
    Company puts out that it has 320 mil cash and equivalent and 230 mil of debt. Hmm....what about the 520mil in accts pay and accrued expenses against accts rec of 230mil.
    Sure you can build up cash if you don't pay your bills.
  • A
    This will fall just as fast as it rose. You do not want to be a bag holder on this thing.
  • R
    Stock is down on announcement that Giorgio Armani has signed new deal with Parmigiani Flaurier for a line of high end watches - Armani is about 15pc of Fossil sales so the correction would seem appropriate EXCEPT that Fossil and Armani have a license deal through 2023 for Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani (i.e. diffusion lines) and Parmigiani is extremely high end and low volume so will have no impact of Fossil - Armani relationship