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    Notice all the strong stocks on these market correction days...
    For Future reference.
    Not so many holding strong today..
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    Mr. Market
    🔴🔴🔴 Last time FSR will ever be under $8 is this week.
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    Mr. Market
    Be ready for a nice FSR reversal by end of trading day. Farewell to $8 forever 👊
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    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. startup Fisker Inc will begin selling its Ocean electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) in India next July and could begin manufacturing its cars locally within a few years, the company's chief executive officer told Reuters.
    Sales of electric cars in India will gather pace by 2025-26, Henrik Fisker said in an interview in New Delhi, adding that the company wants to secure a first-mover advantage.

    "Ultimately, India will go full electric. It may not go as fast as the U.S., China or Europe, but we want to be one of the first ones to come in here," Fisker said.
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    Pau Gasol
    39 trading days to SOP better buy up now!
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    Smart move bu Fisker to get into the Indian market. There is a growing number of millionaires and some additional billionaires but that isn't the Fisker market. They will go go the higher end companies. There is a growing market of what we would call middle class and that is their market. India will eventually transition to where China is today. Yes the major potential in India is EV's such as bikes, scooters and motorcycles. Also They should be able to get an Indian manufacturer to build their product in India. They may have to give up a little more profit but it's always better to do something off of other peoples money. The other advantages India has is a government which can also supply money for development if handled by an Indian national. Along with that India has a semiconductor wafer fab (very positive for supply). Just hope Henrik can push this along with expediency. It won't be long before the Ford's, GM's, VW's, etc jump in.
  • S
    Just noticed the new rims. Much better IMO.
  • B
    It's a shame Fisker is pre-production in this economy. It'll pop a little when it happens but if we're lucky enough to be at the start of a bull market (not likely) at the time, it'll really pop. One can only hope.
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    This weekend’s concert foreigner. Have a great weekend all.😎🏄🏼‍♂️
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    well skurf... I pulled the trigger on a starter position just now at 7.77.

    Seemed like a great number to start on.

    I still see a couple more weeks of downturn possible and it could get really ugly in the short term, but then again it may not. Nobody can predict the future.

    Also started a small SOFI position at around 5.35 along with a QQQ position at 280.

    Still trading around on SQQQ to make a little cash in the meantime while things are still ugly. I think we have to touch the June lows at least for the S&P and Naz... I actually think we could see 9500 on the naz in the next couple weeks, but then again, I cannot see the future.

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    Pau Gasol
    $FSR let’s make a list of upcoming catalysts before November 17th SOP!

    1. News from Magna visit
    2. User interface
    3. Experience centers opening
    4. Test drives
    5. October 31 final configurator is live
    6. Earnings call early November
    7. New Price target from earnings call
    8. Certification Approval for ocean
    9. 60k, 65k, 70k pre orders reached
    10. Oslo, Norway Auto Show Oct 28-30
    11. Paris, France Auto Show Oct 17-23
    12. More pop up ocean locations
    13. SOP November 17th 2022! 🎆

    Catalysts that can happen before or after:

    U.S. ocean production site
    Pear news
    Battery deal news
    Ocean 2024 production count
    Ronin manufacturing partner
    Ufo manufacturing partner
    Foxconn investment in Fisker
  • H
    Fisker/Magna have to meet their mid November start date. If that happens, one can expect the stock to approach $13-$15 range. If they push out to end of March, well they'll be stuck in a $7-$11 range for who knows how long.
  • S
    Picked some up @ 7.90😎🏄🏼‍♂️
  • B
    For all the nay sayers in this forum, particularly those that critique the company execution to date, can you tell me exactly what grave mistake has been made so far? So far I see a sold out launch, and an on time launch by a solid manufacturer. So if timing and supply aren’t an issue, demand isn’t an issue, and spending has been on plan - what exactly is the issue?
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    Pau Gasol
    $Fisker Inc fisker will benefit greatly from the strong dollar as USD:EURO vs two years ago.

    Now 25% stronger and gaining steam!

    Ocean Margins increased! Better earnings! Higher stock price!!! 📈💰
  • C
    Another video posted to Henrick’s instagram:
  • D
    @Harry - do you own FSR stock?
  • D
    Recession here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday, marking its third straight rate hike.

    It signaled more hikes ahead to tame inflation, but the move risks tipping the economy into recession.
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    Nice article on "Business" Tip Ranks - Compares Lucid, Rivian, and Fisker. Guess which company they feel will do best?