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  • g
    The Question is:
    Next week after earnings and projections are in and next weekend after we enter the 8:1 reverse split -
    Will that actually matter to all serious investors on the Yahoo Board.

    The negative posters treat General Electric like a Board Game on X-Box.

    If I thought there was nothing ahead for General Electric, I would sell my stock position in a click and go on to many other things....

    But I honestly think I would be making the most stupid investment decision of my entire life.

    It is so seldom you can ride a truly great stock with an amazing amount of potential from the very bottom to the very high tops coming up.

    I plan to be there and get rewarded....
    I think many others are planning to be there also - including most posters on this Board....

    + + +

    To be a "denier" I would have to say the items below do not exist.

    How does anyone deny that GE has four extremely serious divisions and any one of them can catapult the company far forward in stock share price.

    All four together would be an incredible performance.

    How can any serious investor think it all hinges on next week's results.

    Is GE going to close their 1,000 manufacturing plants in 130 counties?
    Is GE going to get rid of their 170,000 employees?
    Is GE going to go back to borrowing up again to $31 billion?
    when they have done an incredible job of reducing debt to $71 billion?
    and really could pay more down easily if that was the game plan?

    Can anyone looking at the 2019 sales and profits of Aviation?
    and not think that GE will be back there in the next 18 months?
    Does anyone think the wold is not focused on environment and that includes GE.

    Can any serious investor not see GE has reinvented itself in Wind and other Renewables?

    Is it to be ignored that GE is involved worldwide in over 50% of all electricity generating on this planet.
    And can you deny that they are also in so many other things like nuclear, military, outer space?

    Can anyone think that the management new team is far more realistic
    and focused than the Flaherty and Immelt were not earlier teams.

    Is it possible that GE could return to the greatness they had years ago.
    Could they return to a stock price of $30 or even higher?

    While most analysts will not stretch their neck out
    - it is entirely possible that GE will reach somewhere between
    $10 and $14 billion free cash flow in the next 18 months.

    That would easily translate to stock prices about $30 a share.

    Now it does not really matter how the earnings next week and the reverse stock split go.
    Perhaps Culp will want to keep a low profile and not raise expectations until all his cards are in.

    Culp is acutely aware that the pandemic is still raging worldwide.
    But it is plausible that the immunization shots by September will be mandatory to enter any business, work in any company, stay in any hotel, go on any airline, etc.

    No different that smallpox and polio vaccines have been mandatory earlier years.

    But the trajectory for GE is straight ahead and up, up, up.
    I see little competition to stop them from winning everywhere, everything....
  • j
    "Just as stock splits are a sign that a firm is thriving, reverse stock splits are an admission of a struggling firm — a huge red flag," said Robert Johnson, a chartered financial analyst and CEO at Economic Index Associates, in an email interview.

    A 2008 study that looked at reverse stock splits from 1962 to 2001 backs up Johnson’s assertion. The study, conducted on behalf of the Financial Management Association International, found a "significant downward price drift and significantly lower earnings and operating cash flows" in the three years after a company’s reverse stock split. This, the researchers said, suggests the market tends to underestimate how poorly companies will perform post-split.
  • L
    Lady D
    Hey dbltrbl : You're short and the Leasing deal just got approval for a sale. Premarket is up. So how's that short you made?
    Did you also know that most analyst are predicting a good increase in revs in the second half ?
  • A
    After the GE reverse split only investors will own the stock in determining fair value. The Noise will move on.
  • j
    GE is heading upwards to $15 atleast after there wonderful earnings report.
  • G
    My office sits about 50 feet from the parking lot of a large GE Aviation plant. Last year, empty lot, very little activity, lots of furloughs, etc. Now, 1 year later, that same parking lot is completely packed, the plant is cranking out orders and I've never seen so much activity! This is anecdotal, but sometimes the clues are right in front of you!
  • n
    GE Earnings Date
    General Electric Company is expected* to report earnings on 07/27/2021 before market open. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Jun 2021. According to Zacks Investment Research, based on 5 analysts' forecasts, the consensus EPS forecast for the quarter is $0.03.
  • d
    A little surprised there was no bullish move off the Aercap approval news. That doesn't seem very bullish at all.
  • c
    Stock prices, in the end, are all about earnings. What the 'ell does a stock split have to do with earnings? NOTHING!
  • D
    GE has moved up over $1.00 in 2 days the week before the quarterly report.
    Great news.
  • M
    Exclusive-AerCap to win unconditional EU okay for $30 billion GE deal - sources

    100% approval
  • A
    All those who posted Monday GE was headed for bankruptcy please raise your hand. You were wrong!
  • S
    Infrastructure bill will go through soon! International travel opening up as well not to far off! GE to the moon!
  • b
    GE earnings and reverse split, bullish for stock
  • M
    Why so volatile this week? I would hope to see a rise into earnings.
  • O
    GE will beats its earning estimates by 5-7 cents!!!!
  • S
    Wondering why GE has been sluggish? Reverse split concerns?
  • L
    Good Day to All GE Investors!!! :):):)
  • A
    It's 12:40 pm on Tuesday and GE is ABOVE Friday's closing price!!
  • D
    Two more trading days until we get the actual facts. Real genuine facts.