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    Don't those airbus planes have GE engines..
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    I’m not here to defend Culp, but considering what Imelt left him, and then coming aboard and having a world wide pandemic and supply chain issues, shut downs in China where the manufacturing base is located, and now an inevitable recession if you listen to economists like Larry Summers……..
    Look, timing and fortune have a big part on what happens to the companies stock price. I think that to declare the management a failure at this point is harsh, and ignores the facts that have gotten us to this miserable place. If the economy was booming in the absence of all the factors I mentioned and GE was continuing it’s cataclysmic fall from grace, then give Culp the boot, good and hard. But in this instance, I’m giving the fella the benefit of the doubt. At least until the dark veil of all these negatives is lifted and we get to see how his plans work out. In fact, rather than get too down, if there is a recession and this stock plummets well below 50, I’m probably going to add to my position.
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    Market and GE will began a slow growth after Monday. Enormous celebration on this fourth will pound lots of positive action in people. This is America and we will react for a while at least. I've been here a long time. Forth is always great, but in this troubled world, America Strong will outrank the Normal. --- JMO
  • K
    GE had almost a 10% price erosion this week alone!
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    Many longterm shareholders will be gone by the time "Mr. Turnaround Artist" does some turnaround for GE!!
    It has been 3 years now... How long it takes to show any positive results to shareholders?
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    No engineers at GE. All MBAs. That is troubling.
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    question: if a recession hit USA, what will GE stock value will be ? Please help --
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    only until you have been at the lowest pint in your life do you see light at the end of tunnel. hang in their GE investors.
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    I am only interested in what has happened since Culp came in and not much interested in his October 2018 to January 2020 activity because he had not had a chance to make changes yet.

    You make the incredible mistake all of you hucksters on this board make of trying to compare
    the old GE pre Culp with the new GE under Culp's management.

    Any serious investor would totally disregard the period pre January 2020 as irrelevant and look
    seriously at all that has happened in the 28 months since.

    And remember there has never been in history a period like this for investing.
    We have a worldwide pandemic and a worldwide war and a totally worldwide outrageous inflation and a worldwide supply issues beyond belief along with a dozen years of almost no interest rates.

    We now have a generation that does not know this zero interest rate and 3% mortgages was abnormal.

    Yet through all of this - Culp has managed to perform and what he has done is admirable.
    I put my money on a winning horse.
    I do not bet log shots.
    Show me results and I will put my money there.

    So others can invest in crypto (speculative at the best), or Tesla who faces at least 19 other
    competitors or AMD who may get me back in a theater once again.

    But I am much more interested in a corporation with its finances under full control,
    their management serious and focused like Culp, with a future vision like the 3 way split
    which will unlock lots of value.

    I also want to be part of a company that is totally by itself in providing the most unique
    products that are in the highest demand and that company is General Electric.

    If any of you hucksters knows of anything remotely like GE as an investment - I am all ears.

    Just tell me what other company you fancy and why and I will seriously take a look.
    But keep quiet on your bashing of GE unless you have a decent investable alternative idea.

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    Siemens Healthineers has essentially the same annual income, revenue and outstanding shares as GE Healthcare. Siemens Healthineers share price is $47 GE Healthcare share price is X. Solve for X.
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    Where are the traders? Very low volume.
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    How are the big 3 doing today at 2:45 pm?
    Apple up .1%
    Microsoft down 1.0%
    GE down .2%

    Very low volume
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    Kevin Peter both muted
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    How did the big 3 do this Thursday (Warning: You may demand the CEO and BOD at Apple and Microsoft resign immediately)?
    Apple down 1.8%
    Microsoft down 1.3%
    GE no chage
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    As we approach today's market close, it appears GE will far outperform both Apple and Microsoft (again).
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    i may buy back into ge. but no disclosures lol
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    organized selling for several days at low volume. Buyers are not stepping in, Sounds suspect to me.
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    BA restarted delivery of the 787 Dreamliner.