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Galapagos NV (GLPG)

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  • D
    With 5 B $ in cash and 400-465 M burning each year not taking into account the rise in sales (nice surprises coming)
    GLPG could easily spend 1-2 B to buy small companies without impairing their balance sheet.
    Sweet spot
  • D
    Very good 1st quarter.
    Sales of filgotinib in Europe are gaining traction
    Good execution.
    GLPG is back from the dead but market conditions are so bad that investors stay on the sides
  • F
    Frank B
    Capital increases its holdings over the 5% threshold. Filed.
  • T
    I’m wondering about the disparity in price movement between GLPG and GILD. If Filgotnib is the reason to be bullish, wouldn’t you expect them to move somewhat in tandem? Perhaps Toledo is the real story. Anyone know when we might expect an update on Toledo?
  • B
    Thomas -

    Filgotnib means a lot more to GLPG than GILD that is so much bigger

    Think Toledo is in pretty early stages but GLPG sounded pretty upbeat about it. I’m beginning to wonder if acquisition by GILD is even that desirable. New GILD CEO is talking about ‘small, bolt-on’ early stage acquisitions that frankly is not what a company GILD’s size needs. They need something big to be meaningful.
  • m
    Enough cash on hand, so no need for a new offering. Successful investor meetings result in funds wanting a piece. Only current way funds are getting in is via the open market. When funds stop buying price will drop again a bit, but that is just a rimple in the way ahead.

    discl: was, am and will be long.
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    Alberta’s -

    You’re about the only one worth reading on this board. GLPG seems excited about its ‘Toledo’ platform that’s only in about phase 1. They own it 100%. Any thoughts? I’m beginning to think the more GILD waits, the more they’ll end up having to pay.
  • B
    Afraid filgotinib is in the stock price. It’s relative failure in that stomach colitis trial doesn’t auger well for Chrone’s disease that may start bringing analysts thee billion projections down (with only RA looking good). Great pipeline, but nothing imminent as an additional catalyst. Good company longer term, but probably dead money for now.
  • M
    I think this is a very positive sign for crypto market. I think articulated the advantages and need for crypto and hopefully if the government collaborate to them to create clearer regulation and better customer protection I'm going to be a net win for everybody
  • K
    $SRPT conversation
    from Andrew Dunn:
    Top takeout targets, per new Credit Suisse investor survey:
    1. $CLVS
    2. $SRPT
    3. $ALDR
    4. $INCY
    5. $BMRN
    6. $GLPG
    7. $ALXN
    8. $IMMU
    9. $ICPT
    10. $VKTX
  • 1
    CEO O'Day: $GILD has sense of "urgency" for M&A, seeking “transformative" deals a la $GLPG, as well as small- to medium-sized bolt-on takeouts. Co also working “night and day” to ramp up manufacturing for #2019nCoV therapy via @BioCentury's @LaboratoryLiz
  • D
    Quite the day. If anyone wonders what a real institution (Blackrock) selling looks like, this was it. Hard to be positive about it, but at least buyers started stepping up at 74 usd, I took the chance to add some as well. Glad the 2017 support levels are holding for now.
    Now, when it comes to the ER.. I don't think the financials need much of an explanation, the small "profit" was mainly due to the Fidelta sale and EUR/USD exchange literally hitting its low at the end of March. Sales and royalty income was rather low, and today during the presentation they said France would also need Manta results before allowing Filgo for men. Management doesn't worry about the outcome of the study, but it doesn't really reinstate the confidence from the investors. Hopefully, Manta will be just fine and sales will follow slowly but surely (obviously they still need to fix reimbursements, but investors are impatient).
    Dropping the trash/filler from their pipeline is a good move in my opinion, but it's easy to see all the things dropped as a waste of money and just another failure. But focusing on just a couple of areas, where they should have plenty of expertise, will be beneficial in the long run. They dropped '1205 in IPF because they felt it was a molecule that would be suited for combination with another drug, not as a "stand-alone", while the chitinase inhibitor showed more promise. Metabolic diseases were dropped because of the "difficulty level", I think it would take too many resources that are better spent in their core area.
    As I mentioned here yesterday, the potential for SIK inhibitors (Toledo) is huge.. But being first means it's also risky and difficult. For the people who like to read, there is some studies to be found online. The analyst from Jefferies stated that a succesful Toledo molecule would reach peak sales of 3b, which is obviously a bit random, since it's so early and PoC studies are still underway with first results only expected this summer..
    Anyway, during the webcast there was another confirmation that they are looking to "fill the gap" between Filgo and the existing pipeline. Both acquiring a late-stage ph2 molecule (together with Gilead?) and getting the commercial rights for the European sales of a product are being looked at. Getting in some revenue instead of sitting on all that cash would be a good move, as long as they are patient while looking for a target and don't overpay or rush things.
    There is some things to look forward to, but all in all I expect a calm year. Hopefully when it comes to share price, we will also find a bottom soon, although cheap shares are also an interesting prospect.
    Personal: Obviously I'm long this stock. In an overpriced market I thought this was an interesting target, because of the cash, the potential and the belief that this is way oversold because it did not live up to the hype. Also, got a biochemistry background which helps. Pretty active here because I'm still building a position since, you know, the catching a falling knife thing. Now, I do not set price targets, because I intend to let this compound for the rest of my life (I'm in my twenties).
    Sorry for the novel, but this board really needs some positives. (I understand the pain if you are sitting on 100+ euro shares..)
  • j
    5 board-members just bought today an amount of 25.000 shares total to show they have still faith in the company. For what it’s worth
  • B
    Is anybody oft on this board? GLPG making highs almost daily. Anybody know why?
  • T
    Somebody knows something. This doesn’t look like a short squeeze to me. Should be a very interesting weekend.
  • J
    Julius Caesar - Renaissance
    There are some technical indicators crosses that could push for a major sell off in this stock.
    On another side those who like high risk - medium reward a swing from 61-63 to high 68 could be made.
    Know: it is high risk, because certain lines are crossed that could cause a major sell off.
  • T
    Looks to me like a great deal for both companies. GLPG Gets to keep their independence and with over 4 BL in cash there is no need to dilute for a long time to come. GILD gets a big boost to their pipeline. Where’s the downside to this deal?
  • A
    Looks just like Array when that got bought out
  • B
    Stock moving up on good volume. Speculation, probably, of Filgotbib maybe getting okay with no black box warning. If it happens, we should see 200 as they will sweep the RA market.
  • M
    Positive results of Filgotnib for UC for the 200mg dose! The 100mg strength would perhaps make a nice maintenance dose.