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  • d
    Whether a Bull or a Bear, think we'll all agree that when it comes to this company not talking "at all", other than announcing 2 new fulfillment centers and some new hires, they've done a very bad job providing any clarity re where they're headed and not providing a real business plan yet. It's like investing in air.
    Therefore, when it comes to time, believe we'll all agree they've been given more than enough to prepare. "Time is up" on the 8th.... Time to talk.... and be transparent, as a "public" company is "required" to be.
    Enough is Enough. Agree?
  • W
    🔮 8-Ball says GME (GameStop) is the future of -all- futuristic companies 🔮

    For those of us who have been living under a rock for the last two years, GameStop has already switched to become 'The Amazon of Gaming products'. Just check their website - they have everything now, just like Amazon. And extremely fast deliveries. This successful shift to E-Commerce has not yet been priced into the stock.

    Further, they have a band of loyal believers and followers who love playing games at their retail stores, hanging out, buying pokemon products, buying gaming products, and now e-sports products.

    Now, enter NFTS. Loopring's NFT marketplace built specifically for GameStop. The Loopring CEO wrote the Loopring whitepaper with Gamestop's head of blockchain. This will be a serious success, and their market is slated to be ground-breaking in the crypto community, where exchanges have built in problems with automation and fees. Loopring is the next generation.

    GameStop's digital markets is what Ryan Cohen referred to when he said they are trying to do something that has not been done before.

    Now, enter the Metaverse. With this blockchain and marketplace backbone, built by Loopring, code leaks reveal that Gamestop is already developing its own digital world. A universe where gamers can walk around and trade products. A metaverse. Why do you think so many Amazon and Apple execs just jumped ship and joined the Gamestop leadership?

    Long-term GameStop shareholders clearly not leaving! No insider has sold in 6 months. Only one insider has sold a small amount of shares in Jan! Loopring NFT/Eth marketplace for GameStop is here. Leadership has captured 400+ Amazon, Apple, Chewy execs. 113% Short Interest. On a Metaverse powerhouse?? Paper Hands are Gone. Shorts over-extended. Big earnings announcement. NFT Dividend soon possibly????

    Can't stop. Won't stop. GameStop. I love you. You complete me.
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    3 hours ago
    Replied to a reaction
    $GME conversation
    @Shane Shane .. I'll help you a little ... right now GME makes negative earnings a year. So they need to make a change of making earnings of about $11 per share to get a PE of about 16, which is still higher than the industry average. Let us all know in your wisdom how Cohen and his lackies endeavor to make another $12 a share to justify the current $180 handle. How about $20 EPS for your $300 handle?

    In a nutshell, all you long pumpers have zero clue and just like to play pretend.
  • A
    ppl don't realize that the longs reduced the situation to investing fundamentals - buy a part of a company you like and your only enemy is bankruptcy. as more and more longs buy through DRS and direct stock purchases, the lower and lower the float gets. it's not a matter of if, not when. they don't need more longs, they just need time. paychecks continue to roll in and get turned into more shares of DRSed GME. One share at a time adds up to 73.5 million eventually.
  • M
    Midnight Insanity
    How does an individual decide that it is a smart investment to buy a stock with the ONLY merit that there ‘might’ be a squeeze?? Can’t all companies squeeze? Aren’t squeezes very-difficult to trigger? Since the last two have answers that are a hearty YES, then why not buy a successful company AND continue to hope that they squeeze??
  • S
    If you're new here, you should know a lot of the FUD and spam you see are all from the same one user using multiple accounts. We call him Charlatan and he has been doing this for almost a year now. He can't think for himself so he will steal other peoples posts, and copy paste them for months as his own words.
    He will use multiple accounts to talk to himself giving the illusion many people support the things he says, and then he will change the names on his accounts to make it seem like there are even more people with those views.
    He will also use all of those accounts to multi-report bullish comments and posts so that Yahoo auto-removes them, to try and silence anyone with the ability to think for themselves.
    Here's a list of some of the accounts he's currently using, but expect the names to change later today,

    1) The Real Charlatan Ape
    2) George
    3) Lovely Day
    4) Harold
    5) Roy
    6) Midnight Insanity
    7) Frank
    8) Jewel
    9) David

    Why would someone go through that much trouble for almost a year now to manipulate this board? It really makes you wonder doesn't it?
  • T
    I'm a long term investor into GME because of the business transformation programme led by Ryan Cohen and the brilliant team he has assembled. They have identified incredibly exciting new revenue streams which they are currently putting in place. My secondary reason is that the stock has been shorted to oblivion. Many many times the float in my opinion. This means in the future there will be buying however it comes whenever it comes. I bought in at $80 and its a long time since we have seen anywhere near that so i have absolutely no fear. In fact if it went anywhere near that again i would buy more. As i said i'm in for the very long term so 30 years isn't a problem. I think within a few years Gamestop will be in SP500 and the share price will always be over $1000. Looking at the skills they are currently hiring it will have grown into a tech company specialising in VR/AR Metaverse Crypto DeFi gaming etc. This is where the future is and people who buy in now will incredibly pleased that they did. Its not all about MOaSS that's just another reason potential added bonus.
  • B
    Did some big holder get out or reduce holding by a couple of million shares ?
  • J
    Joe Mc
    Quick question: Do brokerages do margin calls on weekends?
  • G
    $HOOD conversation
    All boards related to $AMC $GME and other shorted stocks are all scrambled. Not a coincidence! Going to be a crazy week it looks like.
  • R
    Reddit investors had The Perfect Plan: id low cost stock that’s highly shorted. Have the Army buy said stock forcing stock price up 20X. Sell that stock. Take the army, now 20X richer, to plunder the next stock. The plan would have worked FOREVER. Everyone would be rich beyond their dreams!!
    Imagine investing say, $6,000 and two months later selling at $120.000
    Repeat this feat two more times and the initial $6k would be worth $48 MILLION

    But they never sold & simply forgot their mission. They married GME & AMC and now risk watching their hard work and profits go for naught. Why did they forget the SELL component?? So sad.
  • Y
    T minus 8 day to earnings, then we see the real price
  • W
    GME: 11 Reasons why this Monday = MOONday

    1. Egregious "final attempt" of short selling occurred on black friday, to manipulate the close below $200, to prevent $200 strikes being ITM
    2. Reports are in, that retail buy orders did not go through during regular trading hours on black friday (which happened to be the worst black friday for the Dow Jones since 1931)
    3. Citadel curiously stopped after hours trading on GME at 3:37pm EST
    4. Reports that retail buy orders were delayed until monday
    5. Because of B.1.1.529 (otherwise known as the 'horrific' killer Omicron virus strain) NSCC's capital requirements for margin (due to value-at-risk and EVWMA volatility coefficients increasing) just went up twofold, while value of other collateral went down (across the board assets), thereby causing margin calls for funds holding outsized short positions on GME stock. This is verified by reports of pending short-position liquidations based on failures to satisfy these margin calls.
    6. Last time the VIX jumped to these levels was January 26th, the day before the GME squeeze
    7. Friday's close put GME at a 4 week TTM squeeze indicator on the weekly
    8. Gamestop's app (from the appstore) just jumped to top 30 from 68.
    9. Loopring's SDK complete and L2 Wallet complete. Waiting on Fiat payment processor to confirm. (liftoff imminent)
    10. GameStop's ETH address received multiple $15,000 test payments, in a test of the new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace
    11. Ramp & Flexa Network to be used for Loopring's Fiat currency processors, for Gamestop's counterfactual NFT wallet
  • J
    Joe Mc
    "Hello! Its your broker...This is awkward, but we need to talk about your margin account...."
  • S
    Do any longs actually care when we dip? Do the FUD spreaders think we haven’t seen dips before? Why is it I have to constantly remind them we crashed to $40 before, and kept holding before it climbed again. We don’t care about these weak dips. I highly doubt it’ll ever drop below $170 again, judging from the year long floor raising. Even if it did, we would just buy more and it would move back up. GME will never die. Deal with it.
  • J
    With all the negative posts; why do I have a funny feeling this is about to surge well past 200 again? these meme stocks have a mind of their own; attempting to guess anything short term is about as useful as betting red or black on the next spin on roulette.
  • H
    I will be back...
  • k
    Stevie, why would you gobble up shares at $215 when slight patience would get you $170?? Don’t despair: there will be more up days. But, the long-term, downward trend is clear
  • k
    A quick poll: will GME hit $13.44 before or after AMC hits $5.50??
  • M
    FYI, $ARRY will close their senior notes today. Green energy, long term investment. Value drives company