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  • d
    FYI: Just based on market fundamentals, to justify a $350 per share valuation, Gamestop needs to improve its profit margin to 5.5% (10-yr avg from 2010-19 is 3.9% & all-time high was 4.8% in 2008) and
    grow revenue by 17% compounded annually through 2030 (above projected video game industry CAGR of 13% through 2027). This translates to GME needing to generate about $21B in revs per year with a 5.5% profit margin.
    At this time, GME generates about $6B a year on about minus 4.25% profit margin. For a company that opened its doors 36 years ago, This is 267.86% lower than that of the Consumer Cyclical sector and 201.44% lower than that of the Specialty Retail industry. The profit margin for all United States stocks is notably higher than that of this company.
    So how is today's valuation even close to being justified? Keep in mind that present fundamentals account for expected future performance over about 10 yrs and they value GME at around $35 a share today.
    And you say you're not just gambling and love the stock at these insane levels anyway?
  • B
    If I were more energetic, here's how I would exploit this belief
    that any stock with a large short interest is ripe for a short squeeze:

    1) Buy shares in a stock that looks cheap compared to its intrinsic worth.
    2) Accumulate many more shares in same stock and also accumulate an offsetting
    short position.
    3) Continue doing 2) until your stock attracts the attention of the "short squeeze" crowd.
    4) If and when it goes sky high, sell your long position for a huge profit. Then quietly
    unwind the offsetting long/short positions.

    Note: This is probably only feasible in an environment when you can borrow huge amounts
    of money at very low interest rates. Also note: there is no real risk in the offsetting long/short
  • A
    GME thoughts next week? GME back over $300???? Another game changer? Hint, this is why, do your DD:
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  • B
    Why do people think market makers and hedge funds are naked short-selling this stock?
    Could this be a myth or exaggeration concocted to make
    the short squeeze theory seem more plausible? Who would do this?
    Anybody who owns shares or call options on GME, including company
    insiders, like the exiting CEO, George Sherman. What a
    windfall compared to what seemed plausible only 12 months ago!
    Looks like he owns roughly 1.2 million shares now worth
    over 250 million dollars.
  • M
    When investing, always consider both the bull and bear thesis. U have all read the bull thesis of this epic short squeeze, yet instantly discredits the bear thesis cuz it doesn’t fit ur confirmation biases. Why would there be an epic squeeze when it’s been reported for MONTHS that the SI% reduced significantly after January run up, which indicates that a lot of shorts already got squeezed out. U say the SI% is fake, however the borrow fees also supports that there isn’t a squeeze, as it has been consistently in the 0.9-1% range, which is very low. Also common logic begs the question of why isn’t EVERYONE jumping in this if this indeed is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the biggest transfer of wealth u guys have been saying. I mean this has dragged on for close to 6 months now so it’s not like it’s a secret. Why aren’t other investment firms jumping in to pad their returns while taking out competitions?

    Just break away from the hive mind and think for yourself.
  • d
    Seems the only reason GME had a little bounce back on Friday was from the new perfectly timed "rumor" (no coincidence just one day after its 27% dive) about Gamestop's new NFT launching "game coin" July 14, although zero coins have been mined to date.
    Seems they're trying to duplicate the success of Cohen's tweet of a McDonalds ice cream cone on Feb 24 and the 'rumors' and theories about its true meaning that followed.
    In short, what a 3 ring circus it's all become.
    What a joke
  • T
    With nearly $1.75B in cash now on the books (as data shows the 5 Million share offering is already complete), any purchase of GameStop (GME) shares below $300 is at an unprecedented discount. GameStop is now being labeled the "Amazon of Gaming," and it's NFT the "Picasso" of Crypto Assets.
  • H
    He Says Dump It
    Ryan Cohen quote: "We are trying to do something that nobody in the retail space has ever done,” Cohen said at the gathering, held in GameStop’s hometown of Grapevine, Texas. “But we believe we’re putting the right pieces in place and we have clear goals: delighting customers and driving shareholder value for the long term."
  • C
    $AMC conversation
    When the gamma squeeze happens its always unexpected and sweet!!!!!
    These are incredible buying levels I added more shares and now I am sitting pretty to hold for as long as I need to here on amc. The short squeeze potential here in addition to the overall company boosted earnings as the world reopens is looking strong for long term and the same goes for the other original memes. $GME $BB $BBBY
  • B
    Barren Wuffett
    Good morning fellow longs! Yesterday we had to witness the expected (and illegal) short- & shill-attack. The hedgefunds shorted millions of shares while they had their paid shills spread FUD on every popular chat-board. MSM managed to twist the current GameStop-SEC-collaboration into something bad, i.e. they tried to convince people that GameStop was being investigated, which of course isn't the case. Keep in mind that all this happened right after a good report where GameStop crushed the estimates. On top of this, GameStop sold millions of their 5M offering, collecting more money for the upcoming transformation. All this is very bullish, just buy and HOLD, the hedgefunds will have to cover their shorts sooner or later, the floor is $25,000,000/share! 💎✋💎✋💎✋🚀🚀🚀🚀😊
  • C
    Might be down today but that makes the rebound so much stronger. The shady tactics being used to manipulate stocks are being exposed daily and it is only a matter of time before these are launching to the moon. $AMC $BB $BBBY $KOSS and of course GME are stronger than ever and will go back up. I am deep in the red on a few but some are still green but the point is soon they will all be big green when those shorts are forced to cover. Yes amc and gme offered shares but it was not to hurt us it will make them profitable which will help the companies that we invest.

    Remember to check the reddit boards for support if your also in the red. It makes me feel better knowing we are all making a difference and are apart of history. Red today means green in the future. To all fellow longs holding meme stocks we are all here with you stay strong it will work out with faith and patience and even mine is tested at times #Diamond Hands 4 life#
  • Y
    Hello amazing gains Monday morning. when ya'll bash this stock, I buy more.
  • S
    GME stock trading will be halted by SEC…. I have good info that by the end of this week. This will be done to protect new investors from being harmed. Buyer beware.
  • K
    GME testing the waters with them share offerings.
    CEO couldn't contain his greed. offering shares is easy money and I can't blame the person. GME leaders know the extremely high share price is unjustified. This is a $10 stock or less. CEO knows this but his sheeps don't want to believe it.
    price level now unjustifiable but more share offering to drive price lower to true value is justified.
  • K
    So in 1 hour the price has dropped nearly $50? Earnings up 20%? New CEO and CFO announced from Amazon Executives? 700 million cash on hand? Am I missing something? Probably not. Just coordinated short and FUD attacked. Launch is imminent
  • T
    "GME stock trading will be halted by SEC…. I have good info that by the end of this week. This will be done to protect new investors from being harmed. Buyer beware."
  • C
    Cohen Kitty Ape Crimes
    LATEST NEWS: GME is under investigation, RUN away!!! SELL before it is too late. going down fast.....
  • J
    Jerome R
    So, in 4 days from tomorrow, GME will have a full share count, and find out how many synthetic fake shares are has to be in the tens or hundreds of millions....and when that news is released, heavily shorted stocks are going to absolutely soar higher.....SEC has a serious problem they let happen by not controlling these hedge funds and their illegal shorting operations....
  • B
    A wild theory of 2000% short (obviously 1900% out of the 2000% would be naked short, despite being illegal for years now !) was used by the Apes for over 6 months now.

    Using this theory, they pushed a $1 Billion mkt cap to over $20 Billion.
    They ran a relentless campaign to "Buy, HODL, Vote" for 2 months+.

    So the $19 Billion (mkt cap) question now is : "HOW MANY naked shorted shares were discovered by the proxy vote..

    And when you ask that question, there is a silence of the graveyard now..