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  • m
    Dang some good info coming from Kurt and Richard in the post! Supporting the narrative for big Short squeeze with substance and logic!!! Basically we hold they fold.. more bullish we are in GME, more passive short cover we will see every day until the big one pops! No guarantees in stock market, but the fact we have major shareholders like Burry, Cohen, and Senvest holding tight on those millions of shares are sure assurance and extra comfort in knowing our patience will be rewarded greatly! Let’s go GME!! Let’s get it to $40s!!!!
  • c
    I just want to say as of right now I am so glad that I am not on the short end of this stick. "Pun Intended"

    Next I am so glad that I am not Tim who knows retails and is short from mid 4 dollar range. OUCHIE

    Last i would like to thank all the other longs that are holding strong as we go full steam ahead and prepare to collect MAD Money in the coming months.
  • m
    GME short interest latest figures show they actually INCREASED by 2,000,000 to a whopping total of 68,000,000. The shorts are committing Hara Kiri. Rest in Peace, shorts. GME to the Moon!
  • m
    LOL!! Some of the sell orders this morning consist on lot of 200-300 shares, and nothing wrong with taking profits, but why can’t people be patient when you know people who owned millions of shares like Michael Burry and Cohen Hasn’t sold a single share yet!!!!
  • p
    Currently I receive 15% on my borrowed shares. My broker calculates on a daily basis and pays MONTHLY to the various accounts holding GME. SO, my money compounds 12X/YEAR! This results in 18%+ interest!!

    I was asked why I don't stop this and take those shares away from shorts????

    The REAL question is why the MULTIPLE LARGE owners don't currently do this??? Answer: They can and they WILL, but not now obviously because they have not! WHEN THEN?? Just by announcements, and improved store performance I see the stock at $40 to $50 in maybe 4 to 6 months. THEN they will cause an epic squeeze on a stock shorted to a historic level.

    Why don't shorts cover now & during the next few months???????? Because they CAN'T!! That number of shares DON'T EXIST.
    RECAP: I get 18%+/year borrowed shares get shorted and ADD to the number of short shares which is OVER 100% AND I can end at the BIG holders.
  • G
    GME drops every time I buy some shares. Sorry guys, it's my fault.
  • C
    It's the most wonderful time of the year and GameStop is lending a helping hand to assist gift-givers as they begin their holiday shopping with the release of its 'Ready. Set. Gift.' 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. The 60-page gift guide is filled with the hottest video game and pop culture collectibles merchandise that are sure to be on the wish list of all gamers and collectors.
  • C
    Once this goes past 15 to new highs the short squeeze will be on. It's going right to 20. Could even go wild to 25-30 but that could be hoping for too much. 20 is easy by next week.
  • V
    volume is super high today! Jeez...
  • T
    Looks like another 850k shorts at open this morning could have driven the steep drop.
  • R
    Market Maker hunting shares by picking off stops. Not picking up much though.
  • p
    SA - Just announced deal with SONY likely already in place for 10%+!!! Have not read yet. MORE announcements will come!
  • R
    Shares are drying up here. Market Maker allows it to run a little to pick up shares to cover shorts but can’t find enough sellers here to do much. We need some news to light this up.
  • t
    Yippppy! I only lost a little today!

    No worries. I'll just keep telling jokes about trousers ex wives and remind everyone how I am winning with my short position. After all, I know retail better than Burry.
  • m
    Now which inexperienced and overconfident short told us GME would "never touch $10, ever"
  • M
    need some big volume today to see any form of a bump. considering it's hovered around this range for awhile hoping some shorts close out their positions today - need a boost to 15 to start seeing some fireworks, and if it cracks 18 get ready for a show.
  • A
    Microsoft revenue sharing is is minimal and obviously not a company maker. It is however more than what they got before and more than they get from Sony as others pointed out. Considering digital subscription IS happening, they have not lost anything only gained. Basically it will cover the cost of the Microsoft back office system upgrade. So in the end a better system means SG&A efficiencies, a streamlined/upgraded slick online system and better customer service. Sounds like wins across the board to me.
  • b
    I think gamestop is eventually going to get bought out by microsoft down the road and it wont be gamestop anymore its going to be a microsoft store where you go in and have someone there you can talk to about all xbox games and microsoft games etc along with microsoft software and etc. i think thats the whole scheme of microsoft dealing with gamestop. Gamestops current market cap is about the same as its quarter revenue. Based on this fact i think its quite possible a trillion dollar market cap company is merely grooming this undervalued company for future acquisition. Im neither bullish short term or bearish short term but long term im bullish on this company.