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Generac Holdings Inc. (GNRC)

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259.64+15.44 (+6.32%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
259.80 +0.16 (+0.06%)
After hours: 07:29PM EDT

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  • A
    JP Morgan has updated their projections, post Inflation Reduction Act:

    Our FY24[GNRC] EBITDA goes to $1,515mm and revenue to $6,264mm, from our prior
    estimates of $1,493mm and $6,167mm, respectively. Our updated Dec 2023 price
    target is $421, from $415.
  • A
    yesterday two analysts came out and raised their Target price, one was 421 and the other was $345. so what you do, is add the two together and divided by two for a medium Target price of 383. at this moment, the stock is $246. it looks like it still has running room. decide for yourself what you want to do.
  • J
    What's not to like about the earnings? Another home run. 50 day avg is $238 so time will tell. But either way, this is a long term winner. Their international business is growing +40%, so very well diversified.
  • p
    Called last week (Costco) for GNRC generator evaluation. 6 Weeks before they come out. Installation: Sometime in 2023 ! ! I see adds everyday on TV.
    Yes the p/e is somewhat high, but growth pretty much guaranteed for years. AND - the grid will be becoming more unstable for years.

    So bought my first 1000 shares this week. Would like another 1000 cheaper before next qtr announcement.
  • M
    this will be up 20% today
  • D
    I was right but I was wrong. Bet big on good earnings and a beat to Wall Street expectations. Earnings did indeed come in very strong, record setting. The run up to the CC was very good.

    Was totally wrong on PPS action. Although PPS up 8% just after ER, it tanked after the market opened and is in free fall as panic selling occurring.

    Jagdfeld and the BOD continue to disappoint. Nothing said about potential of distributions. Nothing said about a buyback despite 52 week lows. Wall Street disappointed again as GNRC again shows they care little about shareholders. The funds are now exiting and that selling is accelerating.

    Shorts have huge leverage at nearly 10%. They too are flexing their muscles.

    The “perfect” storm for shorting.

    I didn’t see that coming.

    Will hope for a dead-cat-bounce and then begin to leverage down.

    Until Jagdfeld is gone, I see little hope.
  • R
    It’s bc of the SEDG earnings, which is a very wrong take by the market. Buying opp.
  • n
    Can't imagine what this stock would do with BAD earnings.
  • J
    What am I missing in the Q3 report … must be more to this 5% drop than just shorts
  • D
    This happened last x …big drop then liftoff ! Don’t sweat it or over think it just know it’s all GOOD
  • m
    I don't see a lot of institutional shorting, just a whole lot of small trades going through. Some of those are profit taking, and a few stop losses. If you get excited about a move down that erases one week of gains, then you are getting worried for no reason. The power grid in the U.S. is so fragile that any event imaginable could happen. More and more people are beginning to realize how important preparedness is. Generac will continue growing for many years to come. The factors that are contributing to this growth (the growth of disaster triggers) will not dissipate. Generac has the best reputation in the business. The "Spruce Gooses are worried and they should be after another great of "those events" may happen any day and Generac could be at $500.00 again in a heartbeat. I'm very long with 1K shares.
  • S
    We had a nice run up starting in mid July.
    This is just a temporary reset for now.
    We should begin the ratchet up any day now.
  • C
    Carol Baskins
    GNRC and ENPH are huge winners this decade
  • A
    I don't think generac could stand any more good news.
  • P
    Generac press release (NYSE:GNRC): Q2 Non-GAAP EPS of $2.99 beats by $0.36.
    Revenue of $1.29B (+40.2% Y/Y) beats by $30M.
    Adjusted EBITDA was a record $271M, or 21.0% of net sales, as compared to $218M, or 23.7% of net sales, in the prior year.
    The Company is maintaining its full-year 2022 net sales growth guidance of approximately 36-40% compared to the prior year on an as-reported basis vs. estimated growth of 38.35% Y/Y. Adjusted EBITDA margin, before deducting for non-controlling interests, is still expected to be approximately 21.5-22.5%.
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    Patience will pay off. The fundamentals are very good and there will be blackouts/brownouts most likely this year. The market, overall, is skiddish....and the selling may be related to that. It's frustrating to predict.
  • A
    the average Target price is around $374. good luck to all!
  • P
    Let them sell. I'm buying !! Hand over fist.
    Decade end we talk !!
  • n
    PYPL blows away earnings and is up 9%. GNCR blows away earnings and is down 8%. If I live to be normal,
    I will never understand the stock market.
  • T
    Sold the pump and doubled down on the dump. I'm ready for run to 300