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Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD)

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14.10-0.09 (-0.63%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
14.05 -0.05 (-0.35%)
Pre-market: 04:00AM EDT

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  • P
    14,000,000 ounces sold this morning.
  • e
    $NEM conversation
    Peter Schiff says buy #GOLD now
  • C
    $NAK conversation
    Alaska’s Pebble Mine project, one of the world’s largest #copper and #gold deposits.

    The mine would, if brought online, produce 70 million tons of gold, molybdenum and copper ore a year. says rueters
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    $NEM conversation
    Lehman moment is coming. Something is going to break. Pain is being inflicted. They will reveal themselves. #GOLD
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    The 3rd Temple will be built in the time of sorrow
  • F
    I cannot wait to open my email each day! I know it has some of the best stock picks out there. Their watchlists are a HUGE help!
  • T
    The Lone Ranger
    10 million ounces of paper Gold dumped again yesterday. Another 3 years production wiped out every single day ...This is nothing more than modern day slavery .
  • O
    Officer Trudy
    I’ll be in the streets soon at this rate
  • P
    14,000,000 ounces sold again. Same as yesterday. Barrick needs over 3 years to product that much real gold. But paper contracts require a few second to print up.
  • B
    'Golden opportunity':

    "Biden won't acknowledge is that his free-spending policies will contribute importantly to ever-increasing deficits. The CBO projects that federal deficits over the period 2022-2052 will average 7.3% of GDP. That's double the average of the past 50 years. The CBO explains that interest payments on the federal deficit are the most significant factor in out-of-control spending. The math is straightforward now that the deficit is effectively 100% of GDP and rising. As the deficit moves above 100% of GDP, interest outlays rise proportionately. Each 1% rise in borrowing costs increases the federal deficit by 1% of GDP.
    Unfortunately for the country, the end of July projections by the CBO are too optimistic. The CBO expected that short-term interest rates would climb from 0.5% at the end of 2021 and rise to 2.6% by the end of 2025. Today, the yield at the short end is around 4%, and the Federal Reserve tells us that short Treasury maturities are going to 4.5% or higher. Put simply, the CBO did not anticipate the Fed’s aggressive fight against inflation. Equally important, the CBO did not assume that a recession was just around the corner. That matters because, in a recession, tax revenues fall and federal government expenditures rise. Those expenditures are explained by increased unemployment benefits and more food stamps, for example.
    The country thus faces a three-headed hydra: increasing spending, rising interest outlays, and falling revenues. When the dust settles, the federal balance sheet will be a sea of red ink. Soon, interest outlays as a percentage of GDP will exceed federal government spending on research and development, education, and infrastructure. It's a pathetic failure of both government and patriotism. The nation is borrowing more and more and leaving its children and grandchildren with nothing but debt".
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    Just because younger people can't imagine a crash doesn't mean it can't happen. Gold is a safe haven in the long term.
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    $NEM conversation
    The dollar is strong against other currencies but against other activities of daily living it fails to protect you. Your food,shelter,insurance,transportation etcetc have all gone up! The dollar is weak buy #GOLD
  • P
    12,000,000 ounces sold prior to market open. 3 full years of global production for Barrick. I guess the guy who bought 24M paper ounces yesterday has buyers remorse and selling back to original owner at a loss this morning.
  • D
    There is no replacement.
  • J
    Lowering my PT
    Spot PT $1200
    Barrick PT $4
    Target Date 2024

    I added back to my short.
  • Y
    There must be a good reason why $GOLD is going down

    Are there any bad news coming down?

    I thought that gold is safe...

    Based on the charts, it seems that the trajectory will take us down to $12 and $10 by the end of year...

  • j
    gold is dead money in 2022
  • y
    yang k
    A high probability of war, and a really high inflation should be the best time for gold. And Fed aiming for 4.5% interest rate would NOT kill an 8.5% inflation. Gold is definitely the most undervalued asset at this moment.
  • D
    Today's rate hike added Two Trillion to the deficit.
  • N
    will bUy some today, will see, in 2000 shares, it is good price now.