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    Google and Facebook CEOs colluded in online-ad sales scheme, unredacted antitrust lawsuit alleges

    Google hoodwinked advertisers and publishers for years on pricing of its ad auctions, then pocketed the difference and used the resulting pool of money to manipulate future auctions to expand its digital monopoly, according to newly unredacted details Friday from a suit from state attorneys general led by Texas AG Ken Paxton.

    Search company charged advertisers more than they told publishers, states claim in antitrust suit, pocketing the difference of more than $200 million a year

    Chief executives of the parent companies of Google and Facebook colluded to manipulate online advertising sales under a 2018 scheme nicknamed Jedi Blue and signed off on it, state attorneys general allege in newly unredacted filings.

    The filings are part of a lawsuit filed in December 2020 by 14 state attorneys general led by Texas AG Ken Paxton, which charges Google parent Alphabet Inc. with “anticompetitive conduct.” Sections of the complaint that focused on interactions with Facebook parent Meta Inc. along with other details, had been redacted previously, but most redactions were removed Friday after an earlier ruling in the case and showed top leaders of the two companies agreeing to work together.

    “Google understood the severity of the threat to its position if Facebook were to enter the market and support header bidding,” the complaint reads. “To diffuse this threat, Google made overtures to Facebook.”

    The Jedi Blue program had previously been exposed in court filings, but the involvement of top officials was previously unknown. While the names of Meta Platforms Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg are still redacted, their titles are visible.

    “Facebook CEO [REDACTED] wanted to meet with COO [REDACTED] and his other executives before making a decision,” says the complaint. Upon agreement, “the team sent an email addressed directly to CEO,” the lawsuit says.

    Sandberg and a Google senior vice president signed the agreement, the lawsuit says. “Google CEO Sundar Pichai also personally signed off on the terms of the deal,” the suit adds.
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    The top executives at Google and Facebook are being accused of conspiring together by approving a secret deal that gave Facebook an advantage in online advertising auctions. The deal would give Facbook and Google the ability to dominate the ad market.
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    AD Monroe
    What do you mean Google is a trustworthy company? I guess they aren't at all and have never been.
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    When i got in a little over 2800 i thought what a deal.
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    Oil prices, inflation, and the 10-year are destroying high-tech growth stocks.
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    Another day of price decline with no end in sight. When will it start going up.
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    Does anyone thinks that Google's share price can reach $4000 by Jan 21. Just wondering.
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    Let the earnings run begin!!
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    I am a long tech retail investor. I've been investing regularly in $AAPL and $MSFT since June 2020 - just buying and never sold any shares. Although I am familiar with google, I spent couple of days to determine whether I'll add it in my portfolio. So today, I started a small position in google, took the opportunity to buy while in dip. Good luck to all longs!!!
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    This is your current democrat party folks. smh
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    Robinhood. A revolutionary way for investors from any background to get in on the stock market and all of its potential fruits. Penny stocks in particular of...
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    Is anyone using ( I have been following them for around a month and it has been amazing. Way better than GOOG
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    Dylan P
    Sadly, I think yesterday's drop will trigger technicals for at least another 3-day, 70-point drop. GOOGL historically tends to recover about 3-5 trading days after dramatic, one-day drops like this.

    In the meantime, I'm hoping that Pichai and the Board are meeting today to outline some sort of strategy to put out positive press releases regarding the recent headaches regarding Sonos, Netlist, and Germany and France's watchdog concerns about Google, as well as molding a really solid ER + conference call in a few weeks. If not, I fear silence from them will turn this 4.5% drop into a technical rock-slide which could last months, and drag the stock down 200 or more points.

    The first step I'd recommend, is that Alphabet announces that it will be eliminating all of its debt with a single payment, ASAP. Make it a very public press conference; that alone might make the stock price recover. It would be very timely, what with the media all buzzing about rising interest rates.

    Action must be taken NOW to reverse the Jan 5 drop, and prevent manipulators to further press down the stock price on low, mid-day volume, which encourages algos to create a feedback loop.
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    This might sound laughable in the end but lets analyze it. "Money Managers" aka "smart money" have been selling companies like GOOG and buying T and VZ for two weeks now. They call it on CNBC and "great rotation to value". For some reason, these "smart money" people believe that high rates will be good for companies like T and VZ and not for Google.

    Looking some basic statistics you see. T and VZ debt to equity over 110% (170 and 200 billion $) while google has not even 5% debt to equity and over 100 billon $ is cash. T and VZ have net margins of barely 2% while Google is at 30%. How on earth inflation and high rates are good for companies that already pay half their income in interests and not for companies that have tremendous balance sheets, no debt and margins that can promise clear profits regardless the economic conditions? This is the "great rotation" due to manipulation from mainstream media and funds, nothing else. They just try to shake retail out
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    i gotta seem some tech eaenings when theh headwindsa re fojng tontank it if it too is showing cost rises
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    It keeps going down. It has been trending down from Nov 1 . I have completely lost faith and hope that it will go up. Never before, the time it has traded sideways or went down was this long about 3 months. It is as if Devil has planned to fleece Google investors money. I hope share price goes up on Tuesday by $300.
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    Another down day across the board...if it's not fundamentals, it must be the fed and the govt economic advisers failing in their roles to take the necessary steps to correct this slide.