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Grupo Resilient International Inc. (GRUI)

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  • J
    Just got an email alert saying this stock was the next big thing. Is it the next big scam? Do we short here and watch it fall for the next few weeks?
  • G
    To put things in perspective, the company has a market cap of roughly $30K and the daily volume on a busy day is about $2K, ( K, meaning thousand), first of all, be very careful of how much you put in and could recuperate and understand that it's a consulting firm with no equity, never produced any earnings and even lost about $30K since last year, also they apparently never showed any revenues either. Be very, VERY CAREFUL , don't forget that this is OTC stock (over the counter) and could be worth 0 instantly. Hope this explains what you are getting into.
  • C
    Yeah I looked into this POWERHOUSE after getting an email from Monstastocks about how fantastic the company is.

    They call it a potential MONSTER. And I'm sure it will be a MONSTER taking away potential buyers $ on Thurs and after.

    These guys already had the run up of 70% on Weds . So all the the people that bought on the hokey NEWS are in already and ready to take your dough because they got shares a day ahead of you.

    This "Monsta" company makes NO money and has 2 employees.

    caveat emptor guys and girls
  • T
    You might want to start buying again they say it will more than likely have 23,500% gains in the future
  • A
    A J
    Al says it is a good investment. Al to say it is a good investment without giving a reason makes one think it could be a scam. I am not saying you are scamming, but I am asking why you think it is a good investment.
  • N
    Why did this move 26%
  • B
    Nice move tody
  • R
    Is this stock a good investment, on it's own merits??... Or just because of their
    Recently Announced, and VERY-BIG - 3 For 1, Forward-Split??... Looks Very Tempting!!!
  • L
    Litecoin Ben
    Gained 23.64%
  • z
    Anyone see this going higher??
  • c
    Is this like Drys???
  • L
    Litecoin Ben
    You mean, another GREEN day, right?
  • M
    Mr A
    I mention I would not touch this stock, and the next day some said that it was up 17.5 %
    well some one pushed it up for the scammers who made a nice profit. For them to make a profit some one had to take the loss!. Always remember let the buyer beware!
  • z
    Changed and slump into a nickel and maybe lower!!!! Knew it will happen!! It'll take 2 to 3 years to be 9 pennies!! Unless it's at least 4 consecutive quarters of positive Qs otherwise it'll be like CMPD dropped dead!!!!
  • p
    ybe big mouth ZACK will have something to say like he has been his famous words going to a penny what a jerk think that's the only words he can spell ? So it goes to a penny big deal is \big mouth short?? I bet he's not even short? If he is he made his scam poster so st in his ways to try a kill the stk and seem he must get a great joy out of seeing people get hurt Wonder what makes him tick??
  • A
    Smart Money buys now!!
  • f
    looks like the owners are bailing out. big scam here
  • S
    Anyone know the date of the forward split. My alerts were going crazy until the record date now nothing!!
  • H
    There is only one way to make money out of this pump and dump scheme: Short