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GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG)

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    Institutional ownership is at the highest levels I have ever seen it and Iv been in sense 2018. Sitting just shy of 61%. Don’t let the big money fake you out. They will be profitable this year, the cash flow is good, balance sheet is good and their is a long run way. 400 mill revenue in 13 states before federal legalizing and international expansion? Decades of growth potential in many markets
  • D
    Grwg debut a complete line of liquid fertilizers to be sold commercially.
    I really don't care what others say but this company is aggressive and is a leader in their field.
    I'm in for the long haul because of the need for future hydroponics and vertical farming.
  • S
    cramer just said do not buy. Its time to load up
  • R
    We’re all waiting on financial reform for the sector to gain anything more than a bounce. I’m glad to see this 16% bump today and if I’d just got in I’d think wow. However... I’m still down 60%. That’s after averaging down over and over for more than a year.
    There’s some real numbers people on here. What will it take to climb back to $30? Are these expansions hurting us? I used to think it was a great thing but , like this board, I wouldn’t know how to run a public company either
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    Let’s see perhaps entire cannabis sector over sold and dirt cheap- Yet your going to have to be patient for big returns which come with FairBanking More Act ect.
    Some amazing buys if you have any money left
  • T
    back over 5 that's good but where are all the others that were in back with this price before the up trend to 67
  • j
    $VRNOF conversation
    From today’s edition of BNN Bloomberg
    “U.S. pot operators’ quarterly results suggest slower sales growth
    Several major American cannabis operators reported first quarter results last week that showed sales growth may be slowing. Curaleaf, the United States' largest cannabis chain, and Ascend Wellness both reported quarter-over-quarter sales declines, while TerrAscend was relatively flat and missed analyst expectations. Trulieve stood out from the rest of the pack, demonstrating a four per cent quarterly sales increase to US$318.3 million in the face of declining markets and margin contraction from its main competitors. Several analysts pointed out that Trulieve’s cash position at US$267 million puts it in an advantageous spot to pursue potential M&A deals and enter new markets. Still, the U.S. pot sector's first-quarter performance failed to inspire confidence among investors, with the Horizons US Marijuana Index ETF ending the week relatively flat.

    Public safety concerns may help push passage of U.S. SAFE Banking Act
    A rise in cannabis-related crime might be the catalyst needed to advance legalization legislation on Capitol Hill, according to a report in Politico. Passing a bill that ensures cannabis companies can legally engage with banks and other financial institutions is gaining momentum amid a rash of robberies and deaths across several U.S. states. Politico notes public safety concerns have been highlighted by national banking lobbyists and other groups as a key reason to pass or include some measures of the SAFE Banking Act into law. Analysts widely believe SAFE has a chance of finally crossing the legislative finish line this year, with some industry leaders like Curaleaf's Boris Jordan stating its passage would allow companies like his to uplist to major exchanges like the Toronto Stock Exchange”
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    I don't think people understand how important a strong balance sheet is. Growgen got 66 millions cash with 0 debt, still investing in new stores and some acquisitions here and there. With a market cap of 250million, Growgen is one of the cheapest stocks I have seen in my life, they are doing +80mil a Q and are profitable, with 66million cash, 0 debt and 100+mil of inventory. Growgen is still the largest hydroponics retailer. Darren alao said in the call yesterday that the hydroponics market have seen downcycles before, but he is convinced tides will turn around 2023. I admit, I am a bagholder, but once tha macro economic enbironment changes, combined with some good quarterly earnings, this can be back at 30+ in no time!
  • L
    The company needs better IT staff.I I typed LED grow lights and hydroponic systems into yahoo's search engine and Grow Generation was nowhere to be seen. Hard to get business off the Internet if people can not find your web site.
  • T
    high and positive volume is good . the recent ER was continuing being one of the worse quarters . kinda hard to build or expand in the snow .more will be built in this quarter
  • S
    Next week is going to be critical.. Thumbs up if you think we finish on Friday above $5.00, thumbs down if you think we will be lower.
  • E
    All the cannabis stocks are down big time. They will recover in time in my opinion.
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    seems everyone is on a wait and see. not many postings from the ones that went along with me from 3-4s to 67 . sold a lot on the way down . no longer have 5 digit shares but quite a few 4 digit shares .just to sit and watch .most good analyst have double digit targets and quite a few company investors are holdings .
    I remember the bad times in the past 2008 and before - always tried to forget and will add this covid time to the list . check the bad times in the past and the president at those stock downer times . same as now !!
  • B
    It's trading at $100 million under revenues, with $66 cash, $113 million inventory and other assets, with no debt. Projected to break even at worst while growing rapidly. Accumulate here.
  • p
    Bit of a rebound today. Hope it holds and heads back closer to $10.

    The share price was beaten way too far down before the report. Bad report, but the share price punishment was already in -- and then some.
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    Solar, EVs, pot ... by entire non-retirement trading account is getting wiped.
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    no doubt the leaks are out. positives with high volumes maybe a good sign. I expect a lot of positives about more stores in east - NJ NY perhaps one at the right spot to include Pa as well. as NJ NY . Potential for growth if Grwg remains on the table
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    The 'insider transactions' on yahoo finance are telling. Looks like they started hustling shares early and haven't stopped. Kinda like the Fed (borrowing from SS) the day after it was invented....only difference is the Fed doesn't have to disclose their insider transactions.
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    Relax. I'm still accumulating for the next year. Once Marijuana is legalized federally (which WILL happen), this is an industry leader, not to mention it's exposure to various other agricultural industries.
  • M
    Ok GRWG no news and up 15%. Very happy for you. But, no idea why it is up so much.