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GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG)

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15.17-0.45 (-2.88%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
15.40 +0.23 (+1.52%)
After hours: 07:57PM EST
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  • T
    getting concerned since buying 3-4 sold some coming down from 67 . seemed the main reason from last ER was delay of supply. but now 50 percent discount . seems sales dropped and out west the MJ supply has excess amounts vs demand .
    but a bright future remains with federal changes and license approvals in NY and NJ
    hydrofoam price dipping as well
    still holding 5 digit shares after selling 5 digit shares bought back in some at 4O when going timber.
    feel free to email ceo and ask if the major stock release to directors and employees will still take place Feb 2022. email them about anything ,they due respond . post that here, it's better than posts of hope
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    The problem is that there doesn't appear to be an immediate catalyst to buy, and there is a significant motivation to sell for tax loss harvesting purposes. I suspect that things will stabilize next month, in the new calendar year. In the meantime, how low this will go is anyone's guess. I suspect that once the dust settles -- IF the stock goes back up (I believe it will) -- it will go back up very quickly. If you're thinking of loss harvesting, makes sure you understand how the wash sale rules apply if you're going to repurchase later.
  • C
    If you aren't a buyer at this price, then why are you even here? It's not likely to go up next week but on the other hand: smart management, clever strategy for long-term market domination, and getting closer to more state and ultimately federal legalization. I just used my entire Christmas bonus on this and couldn't be happier!
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    GRWG went up as the Democrats took power. It’s been coming down since then and will stay down till cannabis is legal on a Federal level. We have zero quarters of increasing fund ownership. Definitely a buy down here. This is a good 5 to 10 year hold. When cannabis becomes legal on a federal GRWG will soar. But the big money will be for those who can hold it 5, 10, 20 years. My humble opinion.
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    450 million revenue and 1 billion market cap
  • B
    I read all kinds of great things about this company yet it looks like a lawn dart.... I'm long from way back, still have a profit, Not selling for another 10 to 15 years , I'll check back in a couple months , good luck to all
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    Wow. Cannot believe this share price. Was $60 earlier this year. This is definitely a buy. I am slowly adding shares. Good luck.
  • S
    When will this stock finally stop hemorrhaging…. Just keeps diving lower.
  • J
    I don't have the pro expertise that a few of you do. I do, however, know this company, do business with this company, and have been buying this stock since just over $2/share. Let the naysayers go elsewhere and spread their poison. Grow is led by a great leadership team, know exactly what/where they want to go and be once legalization/decrim becomes the law of the land. When that happens, and it's going to, those that have believed in and increased their position will be rewarded generously. I'm bullish and buy monthly now. Share price is irrelevant, though now is like going into a candy store and filling bags full at a huge discount. My kids/grandkids will look back on this holding and laugh for joy one day.
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    Got my first shares at 56 and averaged down to 39. It would be certainly easier to hold if it would be green, but there's literally no other catalyst than all the cannabis stocks getting beaten down. Stay strong my friends!
  • A
    Is the stock price getting punished due to entire sector being down or company’s performance or both?
  • h
    Pressing the trigger 16.60 be greedy when others are fearful. Pot and hydroponics going no where in the long term only up
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    Sometimes your right and sometimes your wrong. I bought at 16.60 to average down and so far it looks like it hasn’t paid off but I’m not a trader but an investor so I’ll keep pound / dollar cost averaging because long term I believe this particular investment will reap big rewards.
  • S
    Problem is profit margin, even if they double stores but barely making money stock will not go up
  • B
    Why did it went from $3 to 60 at all? I see the $3 now. So many shares issued.
  • H
    If Senior Management isn't buying, why on earth would you? If this was such a bargain (which it's not) they would be loading up (which they're not) They sold a boat load of shares in May with millions in the bank. Two months ago I predicted mid-teens, my next prediction - below 10. There's ZERO catalyst to move this stock up. Next earnings will be much of the same.
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    Everyone that is concerned about this stock should really look into the financial health of this company. I use a variety of sources, but I really like Simply WallStreet for the health section. I am continually perplexed by the decrease in share price. I am in for the long haul, I just wish I had some extra cash to buy more and average down. Seriously people, this one is a bargain right now! I bought more at $28 thinking that was a great deal! 2022 will be the year! I just know it! And when I do go to sell, I won’t have to pay an outrageous tax on my earnings because I’ll be long by then!
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    I really don't understand the investors that are selling now.
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    85% drop from its all time high of $67.75 to its low in todays session of $14.64... Not one comment from management regarding the share price... Crickets..
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    It’s down. Weird. Ya almost never see that every single day.