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GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG)

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    Lake Street analyst Mark Smith reiterates a Buy rating and $77 price target on GrowGeneration after the company announced the acquisition of Aqua Serene, a hydroponic garden center with two stores in southern Oregon. Smith tells investors in a research note that GrowGeneration continues to execute on its growth strategy and has a long runway of growth ahead as the company expands its geographic footprint and as states continue to issue more growing licenses.
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    GRWG is ‘psychologically’ grouped in with the wildly volatile cannabis sector by new and mostly novice cannabis traders- still have pump and dumps and some real Winner companies- but Big up down price swings .Lets look at where GRWG stock traded just one year ago- and look at its physical, economic and PROFIT growth.over that 12 months .
    The pot sector gets beat up by option/gamers/ shorts and day trade amateurs/ they can be destructive to the budding pot & MSOS sector, yet majority of GRWG ownership are stable institutions, plus GRWG recent index listing!. Conclude that is a young growth co that in 12-24 months it’s stock should at least double, understandable it will be a highly volatile ride. If the feds ever get it together in 5 year the company’s growth and stock price can be..way .beyond my back of the envelope projection. GRWG is still an Extraordinary investment opportunity at a good entry point!
    Don’t fight it, sit back and watch it grow.
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    If their net income from from operations increases this quarter like it did last quarter the stock should jump. The increase from Dec to Mar was 306.82%. The increase from Sept to Mar was 84.21%. Both figures are impressive. I hope they have another tremendous quarter.
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    Very frustrating on a day when all the indexes are solid green. It's difficult to stay Bullish on this one. Trying to stay positive, we're up $2 for the week ... unless this drops further in the last 1/2 of trading.

    One thing that bothers me ... they're buying up all these small operations. In the internet world, is it wise to be loading up on all the bricks and mortar? Maybe there's a more strategic way to market, store, and sell the product?
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    As a potential investor, I have now read the last 3 acquisition press releases as they have been released. None give any transparency as to the financial aspects - what are they paying for each acquisition, how much money, how many shares? No transparency. No details are a big red flag to me, but good luck to those taking a leap of faith.
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    wow although I still hold a lot of shares from 3-4 I added more yesterday morning .
    no brainier from here to earnings call. a lot of expansion before earnings of last quarter are to be in this quarter . just like the most recent Oregon purchase - next quarter results . not in this coming report .
    zoom zoom zoom .
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    it's all about the options. This stock has weekly options. Until they are no longer in play expect this volatility and on even $5 numbers for the most part there are options between the $5 increments
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    Good to see another Acquisition. If they continue this growth rate the stock price will take care of itself. Last quarter they increased revenue by 50% in one quarter and grew profit past all of last year’s. Hard to maintain but several quarters like that and this price will look cheap
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    The weekly chart looks incredibly bullish bounced almost to the penny off the 50 week moving average
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    Wow, that was a horse race to the close. The puts ever-so-briefly pulled GRWG to $37.99 but could not win the final 523 contracts at $38. Still, the shorts pulled off an impressive and sustained attack this week to tell us longs that they still have the muscle to dictate GRWG's share price, at least when they are motivated to do so. The AH price uptick tells you the rest of the story, indicating that this pullback was more about options than about the economy, Schumer's kabuki theater, or anything remotely connected to GRWG's fundamentals or outlook.

    Still, you gotta hand it to the hedgers. Barring a unified front from the likes of WSB, Manhattan fund managers will always cut to the front of the line to feed their greedy faces before lowly retailers like you and me trying to build out our retirement portfolios.

    So I expect that, barring some universal market earthquake, we should see GRWG recover well into the 40s over the next few weeks leading up to Q4 earnings. Between now and then, we should also see some news releases, among which will be the closure of the 3000 sq ft GrowGen store in Pembroke Pines, FL and the opening of a 70,000 sq ft superstore in Medley, FL at the end of July.

    The next significant short attack may or may not occur the week of August 20, given that there are some serious caches of options to be contested that week. The question is whether GRWG's Q4 results will stunt the puts/shorts ability to execute.

    Stay tuned to find out.
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    That’s 22mil in annual rev added in a week...
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    Bullish Sentiment Pumps Up Cannabis Stocks: Tilray, Sundial, Aurora & GrowGen Among Top Cannabis Movers For July 20, 2021
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    Yesterday we saw total Market capitulation. The same thing has been happening to the Russell 2000 stocks for the last 10 days. with yesterday's major sell-off I hope that's the final straw and we can turn the market around now. grow generation will defy the market
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    u would think reporting positive growth news would add to buying , not selling .
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    I finally broke down and bought more shares. This is already grown to be my largest position so I really haven’t added any shares recently but these prices are just way too cheap to not add.
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    The fact that GRWG held at $38 during today’s bloodbath is a very good sign in my opinion. Now let’s see some solid earnings in a few weeks!
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    We should get the announcement on Tuesday about the move to the new store in medley period from 2000- 3000 square feet stack to the roof they are going to a 70000 square foot store the size of a Home Depot. Within the store they will have displays on how to do it commercially and also teaching people how to do it on top of selling even more supplies to the tight-knit seed to Market stores in the south Florida area for #$%$ if and when it goes recreational The increase in sales should be exponential
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    I’m amped about all the acquisitions and especially about the latest one in Mendocino California. This area is part of the Emerald triangle and behind the curtain. These areas are huge growing areas and I haven’t lived up there for a few years now, but there aren’t big box stores like Home Depot and people don’t like big box stores around there, so getting that small foot into the door in a huge market there is great. Love to Laytonville and Willits! Go GRWG!
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    Added more shares. Couldn't resist at this price for a long term holder.
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    I think we will see more than 60 stores by end of the year. At 58 already with 5 months to go.