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GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG)

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8.08+0.33 (+4.26%)
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8.09 +0.01 (+0.12%)
After hours: 07:59PM EST
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  • p
    Gotta figure there's a point where HD ($150b mkt cap) or Lowes ($350b cap) swoops in and just buys GRWG ($0.5b cap with no net debt) . At 1x sales (a bit over 1x at the moment), that'd be a bargain for companies which operate at 2x/3x sales and have strong internal operating systems.
  • L
    Marijuana is the elephant in the room for all hydroponics companies such as GRWG and HYFM.

    Although CEA is a promising industry, it is the hydroponic growing of marijuana that will fuel the future growth of these companies.

    While there is a glut of marijuana in many markets, especially California, when this is burned off (pun intended), more marijuana will be grown, and much more hydroponics equipment and supplies will be needed to grow it hydroponically.

    As a very large purveyor of hydroponics equipment and supplies, the sales of GRWG and Hydrofarm should increase dramatically in the coming quarters and years that make today's fire sale prices a bargain, in my opinion.

  • R
    Check NASDAQ website - look up GRWG’s Analyst ratings -100% Strong Buy, ( an easy prediction at $8) - note Cramer not on this list - there are however several legitimate financial institutions giving a big thumbs up.
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    Slim Chin
    got in at 7.14 today. Finally got this company at around market cap i wanted it at.
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    GRWG was a gem when the pandemic began. I bought in between $8-10 back in summer 2020 as the sentiment around the cannabis industry was really buzzing at that point. It ran up over $40 and to my surprise, Management issued more shares. That was the first red flag. Then when it ran up over $60 briefly and insiders started selling, it caused some concern, but I also figured hey, why wouldnt they take advantage of the run up like any other investor. Then came the rapid expansions.. It seemed like everyday there was news of another acquisition by GRWG and that stopped me dead in my tracks. issuing new shares to cover a rapid expansion was a huge risk. The worst possible outcome became reality as sentiment around the cannabis sector went cold. By July of last year GRWG fell down to the $40's and thats when I said its time to pull the plug. I also began posting this very message on this very board warning everyone that I saw the low 20's / high teens coming for the exact reasons I stated here.

    Why do I rehash this? Because even in that predictive scenario, I would have never envisioned this returning to single digits.
  • h
    Not going to lie I’m feeling the pinch here big time but I’ve decided I can view this as a total disaster or an amazing opportunity depends on your risk appetite and if ur a glass half full or half empty type of guy
  • h
    Comparing the carnage out there today this holding up better than I thought
  • C
    The picks and shovels cannabis industry has a long-standing history of start stops through boomtimes. The market was too pollyanna when the stock was at 60. Now it's overcorrected, trading at less than 1x forward revenue multiples. It will take probably 6-9 months for the industry to absorb all the equipment purchased while things correct to the perpetual boom / bust cycle the industry goes through. It could 1/2 from here but over the next 24 months is much more likely to double. This is a good entry point or DCA point for investors to take a long term approach to any of the names in the industry, HYFM, et cetera.
  • B
    Ouch I lost 40k here!
  • J
    82 percent decline in 12 months so do we think they are going out? I mean you would think at this point they would reinvest in there own shares if they believed in the future thoughts? I was thinking of buying a truck load just for nostalgia sake at this point
  • S
    Just look at the 2 year chart on this stock. If this isn’t a poster child for stock manipulation, I don’t know what is! Why doesn’t the SEC investigate these types of situations and do something about it??
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    I’ve made some bad investments in my day, but this one has to be the worst.
  • J
    If it makes you feel any better, any board you go to will all be saying the same. I've picked the worst stock of all time, what is happening? Going bankrupt etc. This is not a one off, most small medium caps are down 50, 60, 70% from early November. We are all getting flushed down the toilet. The question we should be asking is why did the DOW double from March 2020 lol and the Nas was up almost the same. Market doubled in value during a pandemic, high unemployment, manufacturing shut down etc. That is the biggest mystery, not the drop.
  • E
    A lot of times when a stock goes down so much the company put out a pr statement reassuring investors that there is no reason for the large drop.
  • l
    Anyone ever use ( Their picks are so much better than the ones shared on this message board!
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    $GRWG & $HITI ... 2 beautiful gems .. grab this opportunity
  • K
    Just in! Strong support has been adjusted to 7.58…..wait it changed again to 7.56ish ishy….follow for more tips…
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    Guidance today. Young industry. Ebb and flow as more and more states legalize and Feds will finally catch up. Too much short term focus.

    I have a positions in MSOs and GRWG. Will hold for 5-10 years. Expect volatility. Interesting sector with its ups and downs but not paying much attention to it.

    Major focus is bi-partisan and public support, increasing state legalization, eventual federal legalization and global growth in general that are all tailwinds to continue riding.

    Of course their will be bumps along the road. Transcend them.
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    I don't know if $11.50 is the absolute bottom But I bought a large block at that level. This is a $30 to $40 stock on fire sale. It would be okay if they were losing money but they are not . The acquisition of the vertical farming equipment company is a positive and the fact that the new store in Medley Florida finally opened last December 21
  • L
    Cramer just said “the company is gone “